martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Tres Elenas

the album covers of Pink Floyd

I've found a place to live with a woman named Elena. She's probably late 40's. She's was a journalist but now does translations. She seems very hip and fun. The flat is okay. A bit small but my room is big. Big enough for drums. Woo hoo! She had the above poster in her living room.It was the tipping point. I asked her about it and she said, "Me encanta Pink Floyd (i love Pink Floyd)." Sold. And the price is right, all utilities and Internet included. And there's a part Siamese cat, Martin. In Spanish it has an accent over the i and it's pronounced MAR -TEEN.

Welcome my son
Welcome to the Machine

-Pink Floyd

So now there are three, count'em, THREE Elenas in my life.

One is my landlady, one is my long time student, the Doctor, Elena Montanes and the third is a once student of mine who is now a student again, Elena De Los Santos. There's some kind of nexus of Elena's in my life. More on Elena of the Saints at another time.

I am listening to the new Platypus album, Like Brunch with the River Man. I'll try and create a MySpace page. It's got 8 new tunes, some of them Adults songs in incubation, some of them jams, and one of them that was also a jam, but Jim started singing some discarded lyrics from the last album. The result is a very interesting Katamari. It's also got 3 tunes from 'the vault.' How did we get enough music to have a Vault?! Life amazes me often enough to make me want to keep living it.

The art work is almost done. And actually, next year will be the ten year anniversary of Wayward Platypus. Now we are, as everyone calls us (tens of you!!!!), The Platypus.

Give the people what they freaking want.

Thanks to any of you who have ever listened to a single minute of our stuff. Truly thou art hearty folk.

Adios Getafe! I'm going back to Madrid.

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