martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

Midnight at The Vag Cafe

Pic by Tamara
She has a sick sense of humor

Okay, so i am moving my stuff Jueves Evening at 20:00. That gives me two full days to dismantle everything. Give some clothes to charity. I started going through clothes. So much to go through! What happened to holidays? There is no rest for people like me. I hate the holidays. I'm always sick or there's some drama. This year - both. Here's to 2011; something's gotta give.

You can tell the mood i'm in is dark cuz all i'm listening to is King Crimson;
Starless and Bible Black

Paloma is in Argentina on holiday, but i saw her on Xmas before she left. She came to Laura's for dinner and then we went out for a drink just the two of us. She's cool, energetic, crazy and surprisingly age appropriate -40. Ooo la la!



So much to do. Help me Jebus!

We recorded one new song last night; Forbidden. Pete played acoustic. Ashley sang. Then i'll put some percussion and backing vocals, and there you have it.

So much to do!

Okay, more King Crimson. Move Jay. Venga!


Ate lunch out. She has packed all the forks and plates. Stupid bitch. Some dirty clothes are packed. Trying desperately to dry what i washed today.

Hang'em High! -Van Halen

Listening to;
A Young Person's Guide to King Crimson
Discipline - King Crimson
The Power to Believe - King Crimson
Live in Central Park 1974 - King Crimson

I really don't want to anything. I don't want to move a step. But MOVE is the word. Then class from 19:00 - 21:00. Then a beer with Pete as he is leaving for good. Good-bye band!

Frame by frame
Death by drowning
-King Crimson

I am the "last man standing," as the Seester likes to say. I have seen many come and go.

we'll know for the first time
if we're evil or divine
we're the last in line
-Ronnie James Dio

See you at the Vag Cafe!

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