domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

Sunday Skinny

i was half right. BAL lost but GB won. I hope i am half right again today and that SEA wins and NE loses.

Against all probability, if the Seahawks defeat Da Bears, they will have a home game for the NFC Championship as a 9-9 team.

Nuts. Maybe it's their year. Maybe it isn't. It's already been enough of a wild ride to viewed as a successful 1st season for Pete Carrol, holding the team together with glue and spit. Carrol says he wants Hass back next year. This surprises me. It'll all be worked out in the off season, which is hopefully still a few weeks away.

The days itinerary:
Shower. Teach Miguel Angel for 1.5 hours. Get paid. Come home. Watch Game. If you're watching the game today, wear some green and blue. You bet i will be. The same jersey i wore for the Rams and the Saints games. It's the old blue throwback. 81. Robinson. Going for 3 in a row.

54F That's 12C. That's warm.

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