sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

Iowa and Other Useless Things

Jack Ass Awards of the Week: Carlos Zambrano for cleaning out his locker after he was ejected for throwing at a batter and saying that he is retiring. He has $2.6m left on his contract between the rest of this and next year.

Bachmann Voter Turnout Override: She basically said nothing at the Iowa straw poll. While all of the other official candidates gave full speeches, she spoke for all of 2:22 (this is the new Number of the Beast, i suppose.) “This is where Barack Obama got his start,” she said. “This is where he is going to come to his end, in Iowa!” WTF? Does she hope to assassinate him? In Iowa? Why would the President go to Iowa? He already has his party's nomination. Is she an idiot?

Yes. Yes she is.

As she ran off to her next campaign stop, several people in the crowd made their displeasure known.

Hot and humid but we finally got some proper rain last night!

What to do tonight? 90F hot and humid. Yuck! Brutal. Summer is ending. Yeah! No more heat!

On another note; Iowa stole little New Hampshire's thunder by moving their primary up so that they would be the first one in a Presidential Election. Assholes! If it wasn't for grazing beef and the Creative Writing Program at the University of Iowa, what other purpose could it possibly serve?

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