sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

A Nightmare


i just want this all to end. I give up. I just want peace

Everyday is a war with this crazy Ecuadorian woman. She's evil. And crazy.

But i am hard to kill. I'm extremely difficult to battle with, probably because i've been at war most of my life (see: Father, Authority, Crazy Right Wing Conservatives.)

And i have my limits. Every time i poke my head out of my room this bitch yells at me for something. "Don't keep glasses and plates in your room!" I had one glass and one tiny plate that i brought into my room for a snack when i got in at 2:00AM. "I only brought it in this morning," i said. That shut her trap.


So, on Thursday, the crazy puta called the police! I am fine. All is well. But she's insane. Truly.

Long story short - I went to put my laundry in the washer. She was on the couch, on the phone, and started pointing at me and screaming "No! NO! NO!" I just looked away from her and saw Pelayo in the kitchen. He said she was using the watcher. So.... i brought the clothes back in my room. Later i saw they were almost done and started cooking pasta. I was reading A STORM OF SWORDS (awesome!) and her laundry stopped. She eventually took it out of the washer. I went to go get my laundry (as i knew she'd try to do another load before i did.) 1 minute later, i came back and she had stuffed the washer full. I explained that i had no boxers for tomorrow. She started screaming that she had been in Salamanca and had to do laundry. I explained that she already had some clean clothes and i needed to wash them before i left to go see flats at 19:00. She told me to get out of her house, pack my things and leave. I switched to English. "Fuck you!" DO you understand that word in English?" "It's not YOUR house because i pay you." She actually took a swing at me and hit me in the arm. Then she stepped back in fear. Luckily for her, i don't hit women under any circumstances. I opened the washer, threw her clothes on the floor, put mine in, and started the washer. She screamed that she was calling the police. I laughed in her face. "Vamos, tu puta loca (Go ahead you crazy whoor!) Smoke came out of her ears. "Te conoces que significa puta? (do you know what the word PUTA means?)" I responded, "Si, eres tu. (Yes, you.) Game set and match to me.

She actually called the police. They showed up about 15 minutes later. I had my driver's license and my passport. One cop looked at the stamps but not too carefully. He asked when i had come to Spain. I chose the answer, 6 months ago. Now before the cops came i caught her poking at her eyes so that tears were streaming down her face. I just stayed calm. I explained that she had lied to me about the flat, that i had wanted it til July but she told me to leave because her daughters were making a visit after just two weeks. That's illegal. It's also fraud. And that now i had to move again and that she was crazy. They tried to reason with her but she just kept crying and blabbering. "He's makes a mess of the house (not true). He doesn't speak Spanish" The cops had been talking to me for ten minutes. The cops didn't care and they left. At least there is a police record of it now, that she's nuts. They couldn't believe she called the cops over the washing machine.

I keep looking and haven't found a thing. People don't show up when they tell me to meet them to see a place. I saw one flat on Thurs. that was Hobbit-sized! I'll go look at the ads at the locutorios (Internet places.) i am so tired, so stressed out. i need a vacation. This has been a horrible year.

But i shall rise again. I always do. And over the next year i shall plot my return to the USA next summer. Stick a fork in me cuz i'm done.

So please keep me in your thoughts, as you are all in mine with Hurricane Irene.

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