lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

Arsenic and fat ass

I am at a loss. Chema just told me he is moving, so i need to get a room mate or move. At least i'll be rid of his dirty, lazy, fat ass, and i'll never have to see his brown eye again as his pants are always falling down. But i didn't want to move, and work starts next week. He could have told me earlier, but didn't. I hope somebody likes arsenic, cuz he's going to be eating a lot of it this next month. I have to be out by Nov 1, or have a new room mate by Oct 15.

It's very depressing, but i can't wait to be rid of him. I need a break. I'm waiting. ......waiting.

......still waiting.

This too shall pass.

If wasn't for bad luck
i wouldn't have no luck at all

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