viernes, 30 de abril de 2010


Back home. Por fin (finally). It was a great intensive. My students were all executives. They had a good time and gave me some very nice compliments.

i teach therefore i am

And Atleti beat Liverpool and advanced to the Final of the Euro Liga on May 12.

My students couldn't believe i liked football and supported Atletico Madrid. One guy, Victor, saw the picture of Annie (above) as the background for my computer and laughed his ass off.

Sleep. Time to sleep.

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010


i had to leave my house at 6am! Bitches brew that hurt. The students are fine. The teacher i work with, Melody, from Surrey is cool. SHe has a BBC type of accent. No Internet in our rooms os i am at the computer center. The Fripp show was amazing last night! Him and a wind instrument guy named Theo Travis. Very trippy, techo, ambient stuff. They also played Moonchild of of In the Court of the Crimson King.

i got 35 minutes before class starts again. Time to scour myself.

It´s beautiful up here. We are in the country. Mountains.

Hello from Avila!

martes, 27 de abril de 2010

The Fripp show was awesome.

Might be out of radio contact thru fri for this intensive as it's in the ass end of the world's bunghole. And the owners of the hacienda seem like fascists. They will pay for their insolence.

Some of you are going to die
martyrs, of course
for the freedom
i shall provide!

domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

The butterfly effect

We can only go the way the wind blows

Jam. Errands. Cook setas (mushrooms) in the wok and eat them. A mercifully slow weekend comes to an end. Talked with da Mum today. She is cheery and well. The Seester is in LA watching the Yankees play the Los Angeles A-holes of Asinine.

Warm today. It hit 81F. I am wearing shorts. Hello summer. Spring is very short here. It just goes from winter to summer pretty quickly.

what would you do if i sang out a tune
would you stand up and walk out on me?

-The Beatles

Everything changes but i still feel the same. Nothing changes but i am different.

It's all very confusing.

Does it make a difference? Everything does. A butterfly flaps it's wings in Brazil and causes a tsunami in Malaysia.

sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

So look away, look away
-Big Country

I've just stayed in all weekend. Been so busy, with a really big week coming up.

Too bad the Caps couldn't close out the Habs. Not good. But Halak was unreal in goal for Montreal.

Jam tomorrow. Then 2 days of a lot of classes. Robert Fripp in concert on Tues. Then the 3 day intensive near Avilla.

Busy, busy busy.

But it's all good.

I stink therefore i am.

miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

and so say we all

Well, they say that santa fe is less than ninety miles away,
And I got time to roll a number and rent a car.
Oh, Albuquerque.

-Neil Young

Tomorrow is the first leg of UEFA Euro Liga semi-final, Atletico vs. Liverpool, very possibly the last game i will see at Vicente Calderon. Certainly it is the biggest. Atleti have not won a thing since i arrived here three years ago. They have a chance to win both the Euro League and the Copa del Rey. They are already in the cup final vs. Sevilla, May 19 at Camp Nou in Barcelona. I actually saw Atleti play Liverpool last year in the Champion's League. My mate, Dave, is a big Liverpool fan.

The days go bye and i am in a continual state of exhaustion from starting all these new classes and getting to new places for the first time. I went all the way down to Arganda del Rey, outside of Madrid to the south. Joder! I may have well been in Africa it was so far south. Man, i fucking hate Africa.

My 18:00 class was cancelled. The Internet is slower than shit. I now dislike living in Spain just as much as i ever did living in the USA (lol!). Everything seems worn and gray. So, i guess it's time to hit the road.

Got a two hour class from 20:30 to 22:30.

Then a 3 day intensive next week in Avila. It never ends but it never flows. But i'm thankful for the work.

So I'll stop when I can, find some fried eggs and country ham.
I'll find somewhere where they don't care who I am.
Oh, albuquerque,
-Neil Young

martes, 20 de abril de 2010

Setting Suns

The only problem with the morning is that it comes so early
-El Dude, on having an 8:15 class

I walk through the valley of whatever the hell. But nobody messes with me. Things come and go. The sun rises. The sun sets.

the sun sets

the sun sets

we all forget

i'll take a baguette


Bobba Fett

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

The extraction, part I


Movement of Jay People
-Bob Marley (abridged)

Doing laundry and cleaning room in prep for the big extraction, somewhere around the 15th of July (In time to see Rush at Jone's Beach or in Philly!). At least i have my priorities straight.

The road splays out before me, uncertain as to where or what it holds.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing all my peeps in the US. The McFaddens, The Tietjens, The Smither-ises, The Sheridans, The Cornwells, Bryan, Mel and Mum. And heaps of others.

The Caps won in OT! I saw it till i fell asleep and woke up ti hear they had won! Varlamov back in net! I like him much better than Jose Theodore (Three or more, as in goals!).

I feel like there's something that has been forgotten and must be realized again.

Sorry. Too much Science fiction this weekend. I really didn't go out at all. I was too damn tired. I was supposed to go to Tangiers, but that did not happen. That's okay. I f*@king hate Africa. I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins. I hate those Oreos that are white on the outside and black on the inside. I mean, what the hell is up with that?!!!!

My skin is so dry! This flat is drier than the Sahara. I have been putting real aloe on my face the past two days. I feel like a 41 tear old Aborigine. At least it's kind of clear. But sticky! I can't move my face cuz it's all hard and sticky. I feel like Joan Rivers!


Yanks / Rangers. Mets play at 8pm eastern. That's okay- that 20 inning affair was enough Mets for me for one weekend and i only saw bits and pieces.

My laundry is landing.

More cleaning. Ooh, i'll put on What have we Sown, by the Pineapple Thief. 27 min, 32 secs of pure bliss.

- - -


Oh yeah. That was good. I need a cigarette. And my desk is totally clean. Is there anything progressive rock can't do?

i am finding all sorts of stuff under my bed. No bodies though. i left that life behind in Hasbrouck Heights 19 years ago.

Way out of here
way out of here
-Porcupine Tree

However, when i decided to cash in some life insurance (i had 3 policies! maybe She was going to kill me...) my Mom said (on the phone), "Well keep one of them. It'll cost 10 grand just to bury you."

what i said; "Don't worry Mum, i'll keep one."

what i wanted to say; "Thanks for the cheery thoughts."


"Mum! We're from New Jersey. Just have Mel bury me in her backyard with a few gallons of lye (aka.- New Jersey Vanishing Liquid: See Roger Lococo; Wise Guy, Season 1) and i'll be gone by Thanksgiving! Just take the cash and have some fun.

but i behaved myself, for once.., and said nothing.

the wind in heart
the wind in heart
the dust in my hair
the dust in my hair
-Talking Heads

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

last one out get the lights

Don't hate me
cuz i'm not special like you
-Porcupine Tree

I'm leaving Madrid in July. Where to go? Not sure.

I picked up more hours, but i didn't trust a single academy i spoke with. The economy is a disaster here. We still have 18% unemployment. The streets smell of impending doom. So....some 1,225 days into The Spanish Exile, we can see the finish line. I need more stability and less jamon. I need a change. I need a lover that won't drive me crazy. I need a pedicure.

Very wet and rainy the past few days. That's April in Madrid.

The Caps really need to win game 2 tonight, which starts in an hour.

Can I call you on the telephone, now and then?

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Time to Play B-Sides

Time is the essence
Time is the season
Time ain't no reason
Got no time to slow

Time everlasting
Time to play B-sides
Time ain't on my side
Time I'll never know
-Blue Oyster Cult

I sent Kid A a mixed CD. One of the songs was the above. It would be a shame, her growing up not knowing BOC. I mean, they're a Long Island band. Someday i'm sure she'll live in the NYC area.

I Skyped with her yesterday and said, "Happy Birthday Annie!"

She answered, "Happy Easter to you Jay!"

Close enough.

I also put BB King's "Hummingbird" on the CD because it has the lyric, "....oh she's little and she loves me!"

Sometimes that's all you need.

And would that we all have time to play B-sides throughout our lives now and then.

domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

The Song is Over

The song is over
It's all behind me
I should have known it
She tried to find me

Our love is over
They're all ahead now
I've got to learn it
I've got to sing out
-the Who

Sometimes life is like one of those trick paintings with all the dots. You can't see the hidden image for a while...and then suddenly you can. And so, my time in Madrid is coming to an end. I need a change.

The Internet is so slow i can't even watch baseball. And work, well..., work has been a nightmare. So i'm out of here, just as soon as i can manage it. Goodbye Madrid.

I have applied for jobs in Greece, Istanbul, S. Korea, Belize, Czech Republic, Poland, Panama and Uranus.

viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Apocalypse In 9/8

666 is no longer alone,
He's getting out the marrow in your back bone,
And the seven trumpets blowing sweet rock and roll,
Gonna blow right down inside your soul.
Pythagoras with the looking glass reflects the full moon,
In blood, he's writing the lyrics of a HIP brand new tune.

Long week. Longer than most. I found out on Monday that Merck was canceling classes. I had gotten nothing but good feedback, Celia told me. Then on Wednesday i lost 2 more - well paying private classes. It was apocalyptic, the loss of 480E a month. So, i got my CV out and luckily, got six hours to replace them, maybe as many as nine. And i still have to hear from other academies. I'll have to travel like crazy, but it is what it is. At least i have work again.

The economy is just crippled here.

Time move on
time to get going
what lies ahead
i have no way of knowing
-Tom Petty

Barcelona defeated Real Madrid last night in the Classico, and it was here in Madrid. The whole country stops when they play. We watched it at Peor, a bar. It was fun. Today, i'll skype with Annie and Sue at 3. It's Kid A's 3rd birthday! Wow. Time goes by. Then off to Triskel's with Pete to watch Tottenham play Portsmouth in the FA Cup Semi-final. Then back home to chill.

And it's hey babe, with your guardian eyes so blue,
Hey my baby, don't you know our love is true,
I've been so far from here,
Far from your loving arms,
Now I'm back again, and babe it's gonna work out fine

martes, 6 de abril de 2010

Green is not the colour

    What have we sown?
    what have we sown?
    -The Pineapple Thief

  • The Washington Capitals have won the Presidents Cup for the Best Regular Season record. They will have home ice advantage through out the playoffs, all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals if they get that far. Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

  • The Mets are undefeated and the Yankees are winless.

  • The world seems upside down

  • But it never really was right-side up

  • Steady....steady....

  • Mean Girls is a hysterical movie. Tina Fey is a great writer.

  • Anti-Christ by Lars von Triers was disturbing as hell. Great, but deep and dark. Terrifying really.

  • Warm today. 19C. Sunny. Spring has sprung. Finally.

  • Something is pulling me towards something. Where? What? I'll be damned if I know.

  • Did you know that the colour green, which is on most environmental-friendly packaging, is one of the most toxic colors there is? You can't recycle it because it's made with chlorine and some other nasty toxic crap. Oh, the irony!
  • Is that really how i'm going to end this entrada? Yeah, screw it. Recycle! (and don't get lipo! - i hear they bury the fat in NJ Landfills.)

sábado, 3 de abril de 2010



Went with Caitriona (Irish: sounds like Katrina) to Mosteles, south past Getafe, to see a Sonic Youth exhibit. It had their music and their art. They sometimes sound a lot like King Crimson. It was awesome. Lots of crazy music, lights and art. Tomorrow night it will be roast lamb with Caitriona, Brian, etc for Easter. It was 62F today. Sunny and really nice.

Singing, oh! The Hazards of love!
-The Decemberists


I am drinking all natural fruit juice. Good stuff. Anti-ox stuff is very popular here now. I understand why the Spanish love pigs - you can buy pig faces, ears, feet - they eat the whole damn thing. Buy why are they all so anti Oxes? They don't have oxes and beef because there is no grazing land in this entire country! Is that the Oxes fault? Racist bastards.

Started applications for S. Korea. Thailand and Prague too.It also looks like Belize is alive again. That's my first choice. I miss the water and the Caribbean. It's April! Holy crap! Time goes so quickly. And i am just a planet being pulled in its orbit around the sun.

To make matters worse, the only person at ESPN who picked the Mets to make the playoffs was Joe Morgan! My cheap Samsung mobile phone is smarter than Joe Morgan! Ugh! The Mets are doomed!