lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011


My Mac needs a new battery so i am internetless til manana at least. But i am alive and uninjured!

jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011


We have been 65F the last few days.

Global warming is a myth preached by the Communist Left!

V, the new series is pretty good. Elizabeth Mitchell is hot. Laura Vandervoot is hot. Morena Baccarin is hotter than Texas asphalt! And it's about alien lizard people! What more could one want?

Black Swan was amazing. It made you think, was erotic and scary. I had to burn my boxers after the movie because i had soiled them two ways. D'oh! Mila Kunis is hotter than a pre-lawsuit McDonald's cup of coffee.

BANG BANG Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon her head!

-The Beatles

Crazy work hours. My students are overwhelmed by the amount of work thrown at them by their employers. But all is well.


It's a different world here.

Anyhoo, hope all is well with all of ye. See you soon!

Me voy. Tired. Sleep.........................

sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011

ebb and flow


Stayed over Carolyn's. Then got a cafe con leche y pan con tomate. Now shower. Then teach! What else is new?

I saw Jim Gray got booted from the Golf Channel. From his inappropriate questions to Pete Rose at the World Series to being in bed with Lebron James for all that crap last summer, he's unprofessional. Always was, always will be. Next up for Jimmy; interview Sarah Palin?

Last night's class at Uni was about the power of the Internet; changes in Tunisia and Egypt; how Obama won the primary and the Election by using it to get lots of small donations. The viral effect it had on so many supporters and how it got the youth to go out and vote. I showed three clips of Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin, which they loved. I even mentioned (since they are all under 30) how we used to wait in the cold for concert tickets or in huge lines to register for classes at Fairfield. Alack, me be old matey.

Rainy. Cold. It's rained all week long.

Shower - teach - then rest.

viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Pictures from Home

Valentine pic from Little Awesome Annie, 2011
Look at that crazy hair! I love it. Looks like mine :)

Annie will be 4 years old on April 11th. I have lived in Madrid as long as she has been alive.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Work spilling out my ears! I need to make time to stop and smell the fading Madrid pollution.
  • 15:30 - go to Transfer Academy to prepare the midterm exam at the Univ
  • 18:30 - 22:30 - teach the little bastards
  • 23:30 Meet up with Carolyn
  • SABADO - class from 16:00 - 18:00
  • Then no work til LUNES!
All else is fine. Marcha! Marcha! Marcha! (to march, or to keep moving)

And your life knows no answer
-Fleetwood Mac

But that's okay. The picture above says it all.

miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

the White and the Green

The rain is lashing against the window. We are only on the third floor. We have had three days of rain and are back to much cooler temps. But the unusual heat at this time of year always drive the pollution levels very high. But i wasn't affected. The clothes i hung still smelled clean. Except where some bird bastard pooped on my clean bath towel. I was drying off and i was like, "Aw dude." It was white and green. But all else is just fine.

I freak out when i think about going back to the USA. It's going to be an awfully big change. Jah have mercy on this middle-aged white boy. But all will be revealed..., sooner or later. I 'll let you know when i 've had a revelation.

So tired. Constant motion. Never ending. Never ceasing. Like everyone i guess. Friday will be 9C and sunny. That's like 48F. Things really warm up with the sun and the altitude, The altitude is another reason why we have pollution problems every Feb when we have a week or ten days of warm weather. We are 4/1o of a mile above sea level, the are highest in all Europe. 655m.

Okay, so hope all is well with all of ye! Let's do this again soon. Without the bird shit.

lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011


Happy VD! Carolyn and i met for beers last night and then tonight i cooked my famous angel hair ali olia con anchoas y ajo. She dug it. Later we watched Bob's Burgers. It was just a great night. Sometimes things are so simple. She's a lovely woman.

Other times in one's life, things are fucked with a direct dumbwaiter to the Devil's Outhouse.

But this is not one such time.

Happy VD! May it stay with you always!

Too long have i lived alone
not knowing which way to turn

domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Sign Off

All is well. I have nothing significant to contribute in this post, except to say that i am alive. Nice weekend. Taught a lot. Saw Carolyn. Went to J&J's. Slept. Sweet merciful sleep. This is sign off... 3....2....1.....

viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Message to Hosni

Stop your messing around,
Better think of your future.
Time you straighten right out,
Creating problems in town.
Hosni, a message to you Hosni.
A message to you
-The Specials (adapted to current events) Message to Rudy, The Specials

11:27 GMT+1


WTF? Give it up and broker a deal to get out of Egypt rich and alive while you still can. Otherwise you are going to face a firing squad. Remember what they did to Sadat? You were there! That'll look like a Mosque bake sale compared to what they'll do to you. Not to mention that the entire world is on a meat hook, praying that radical Islamists don't seize control. Or that there's not a military coup. As if that wasn't enough, Egypt's peace with Israel in the lynch pin for building peace in the Middle East. SO make like Nike and just do it.


- Jota

PS - We have discussed the situation in my classes a lot, and all the students think you're a douche bag

- - - - - - -

Viernes. Praise Jah.

Teach 7 hours, then meet up with Carolyn. 2 hours more tomorrow too with new students. It never ends. No complaints, though. It puts food on the table. But i am tired. So very tired.

It'll Pass.

miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011

SB Flashback


My Pick is GB 24, Pitt 17


FEB 7, 2011, 0:37 GMT +1

Pitt Ball

Violence in SB ads - lots of people getting hit in head with beverages. Is that funny? What the hell is wrong with our culture?

2 for pepsi WTF?

Luckily Carolyn and i took a siesta and slept over two hours.

TD For the Heebie GBs. Rodgers to Nelson. And a 42 yard return by PITT call backed.

If GB wins then Favre becomes just another good QB.

Pick! TD GB!!!!!! MeisterBurger Roethlisberger, ha ha, charade you are!

The Steel Crouton will need to play very well to save this game for PITT. It's difficult to come back from a big hole in a Stuper Bowl. The Berger just ran 18 yds for a first down.

John Madden sitting next to W. Bush at the SB. What in the name of hell?

Berger may be hurt on that slip. Yikes. GB Defense is dominant.

if i stop blogging will i see to exist? i blog, therefore i am? "O' Brave New World...."

GB finally stops PITT On 3rd Down. Nice drive by PITT.

Motorola Tablet. I've heard it's nice by one of my students. BMW with two nice ads. Bowie's Changes is overused, but so be it .


Already prepped my book bag for manana. Got the articles, etc. Talking a lot about the changes in Egypt.

Nice Darth Passat ad. Shittsburg on the march again, Big Ben is a tough MF. He's a large one.

Another Pick on the Berger. BG marching! Brett Favre who?! Brett Favre who?! TD Jennings!

21 -3 Baby!

Mike Homegrown who?! Mike Homegrown who?!

No more free cheese and beer for you fat man!
-Wisconsin Cheese, Beer and Bratwurst Council

i had no idea how many ex-Packers i reviled. Just when Pitt looks done, a big pass play to Randle El.

First and Goal PITT. TD to Ward. PITT Staying alive.

21 - 10. GB over PITT.

Joe Buck sucks. He's moron. He's the first person i've ever wanted to beat with a shoehorn. But i want to. I really do.

Black Eyed Pees. Guns and Roses plus I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE. Are you kidding me? And did they finish with a Miley Cyrus song? And why did the male singer look like Wesley Snipes / Tron / a Welder all in one. Fergie just yelled half the time.

Tablet mania takes the USA.

2nd half starting. But first, sing along with me

Fuck you, Brett Favre, Eat me Homegrown!
Fuck you, Brett Favre, Eat me Homegrown!

Car Warriors- the Reality Show. Really?

Rodgers in the lead for MVP. Favre doesn't have one of those. Woodson OUT for GB. That's a big blow.

Jones drops a TD.

This is PITT's chance.

Seeing ads for AMERICAN IDOLATRY with Steven Tyler and J Lo make me what to commit random violence. Idiots.

Mendenhall runs for a TD. 21 -17. PITT comes out slugging. Well done, assholes.

Rodgers. Loud Steeler fans. Sacked. Man! What a fucking momentum shift. Steelers have good field position.

Lotsa laughs with Carolyn this weekend. We had a great time. We went to Alcala Fusion. Unfortunately there was a drunk guy and the waiter i know had to call the police. Then they had to take him down and had him immobilized. I think they had refused to serve him any more. It was bad. I've never seen anything remotely like that at this place. It's a family place, Neighborhood joint.

Berger sacked! Suisham missed a 52 yarder by 52 yards. It was so far to the left it almost left the stadium.

18 yds to Nelson!


TRIVIA: Who were the 3 other Packers to win the Super Bowl MVP?

FIrst and ten, from the Pitt ten. PITT's got to punt.

TRIVIA: Bart Starr (2) and Desmond Howard.

If GB gets one more FG and the score holds, my prediction will be right. Personal foul on GB. They are backed up.

Who will win the Yellow Pants Bowl? 4th Q coming up -

FUMBLE! Matthews with the hit, Bishop picks it up. I love the Package!

Nelson drops another pass! Rodgers looks for him again. Nelson to the 1! Sack. TD Jennings! Wide open.28 - 17. That could be it for the Pittsbergers. 3 Turnovers for PITT and 3 TDs for GB. 2 INTs and a Fumble.

PITTs chestnuts are in the fire. Roasting. Bush sacks the Burger! PITT to the GB 25yd line. Madre de dios! What a catch by Wallace. And a tricky play for the 2 pt CV

Sack. Off Sides. Ugh! 3rd and 10.

To jennings! 1st down. Four minutes left. Pass to Jones! 1st and goal. INC pass. Crosby FG. 31 - 25. Down to the wire. Great game. PITT's mistakes have been costly.

4:01 Ugh, i am still a slave to US/EST. It's 22:00 by you all.

GB wins! Rodgers is the MVP!

Brett who? Brett who?


Change is here. Losing classes, gaining classes. It'll all work out. Lotta classes today, worked til 22:00.

Went to J&J's as i usually do on Tues. It's always fun to see everyone. Tues is a chill night.

Tired. Not sure i have recovered from the Stupor Bowl. Was up til 6am and had a class at 11:00. I'm getting too old for such silliness.

domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

The Vanishing Weekend


Weekend done. Will watch the Stupor Bowl online as long as i last. Then sleep. Watched Atleti lose to Barca last night. American Laura and Tim and i went to a rugby match; Spain vs. Russia. Spain got killed but it was fun. 65F! Crazy. It was warm and sunny. I saw Carolyn, Friday eve, last night and today. We had fun. Lazy. We hung out all day. Then i ate a leg of lamb. Back to work manana. Oi! The weekend is so lazy. The work week is so busy.

Hang laundry. Shower. Stupor Bowl!

Come on GB! I hate Pitt.

jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

a chance to breathe

So tired. 7 hours manana of work and then done. I saw Maria tonight. She is well. Paloma and i were worried about her. She's been through quite a rough patch. Unemployed. Things bad with boy friend. She's okay. Doing well under the circumstances.

It's actually nice to be me. Things are almost normal.

How many lives i've had or how long i've been trodding this rock / planet seems incosequential. The questions i ask are; Am i happy? Unhappy? In between? Am i doing to damage to anyone? It which areas am i fulfilled?

And i'm quite lucky to have many of the good slots filled in someway or another.

When my life is quiet it can be so refreshing.

But then exciting is great too.

I am a fickle bastard. And old. At least my family has good hearts. Helps get the blood to where you need it.

So it's 1:17 on Friday morn. Over and out.

Packers over Squeelers; 27-24. Screw you Brett Favre! Oh the sweet karma justice! It would be delightful.

Listening to the song, Jenny the Sasquatch - Wayward Platypus

miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

All Tomorrow's Parties

And the meek shall inherit the earth
- Rush / The Bible

All is well. Lots of classes. Lots of good times with students. This is what i do; teaching. It's just a great feeling. A great job. I think of what some extraordinary teachers have meant to me. And if i could be half that to a few people, well...., it's a very satisfying thought.

Got my crown this morn! Feels good so far. Nice to have a full set of teeth again. I tore into some chicken at Acala Fusion (my fave local restaurant) while watching the Real Madrid game. It will be Real Madrid/Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey Final. In April i think.

Sleep Awaits.
Rock on my dear ones

And what costume shall the poor girl wear
To all tomorrow's parties
For Thursday's child is Sunday's clown

For whom none will go mourning
a-The Velvet Underground

martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

38 ½ Hours

i still recovering fromm the weekend, but alas, tomorrow should be the day i am fine again. It all started like this;


Ashly had the semaforo party. A semaforo is a traffic light. You wear green, red, or if u are unsure, yellow. Carolyn has been a friend for a few years. She 'd been seeing this guy, Jesus (she doesn't say Hey -Zeus, she says Jesus), on and off for quite sometime. And i always thought she was cool, but i'm no home wrecker.

Nobody fucks with the Jesus!
-The Big Lebowski

She told me she was bummed because they had broken up in Dec. I really don't remember how, nor does she, but we ending up kissing right at the bar. She came back to my place and we just kissed, snuggled and then slept. The next morning was a bit odd for both of us but it was all so innocent. I had a smile on my face all day. And she's cool. She can hang.


My student canceled our Tues evening class so i swung by J&J's since i usually work every night. Friends walked in all night, and then Carolyn. I walked her home around twelve and she invited me up. We spent the night together. It was a good bit less innocent.


Then i met her after class on Friday night at about 23:30. Went went back to my place around 2:30. She left 38.5 hours later at 16:00 on Sunday. It was really great. In between we drank beer and watched the the Simpsons, Team America, South Park and Bob's Burgers. I did actually leave the house for about 5 minutes to get more beer. I cooked pasta. We just hung out in bed the whole time.

What about Paloma, you ask?

Well, after dinner Thursday night i was beginning to think she MIGHT be just as crazy as Maria. We'll see what happens, but i'm not very invested either way. Life rarely plays out the way you think it is.

So i'm not sure if Carolyn and i will continue or if we are Friends with Benefits. No idea. But i don't expect it to be weird, whatever we decide.

I do know that i have been horribly sore since then. Abs killing me. I got a charlie horse in the middle of class last night. But i'll live, oh yes.... i will certainly live. With a smile.

She's from Long Island. How weird is that? And she's 35, so she's surprisingly age appropriate.

So there you have it. All pretty cool. We listened to Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd (Echoes and Atom Heart Mother- now that's hard core!, Creedance, Adrian Belew.) And any woman who likes to spend the whole weekend in bed with me, drinking beer and watching cartoons in between, is just alright by me.

Jesus is just alright with me, Jesus is just alright, oh yeah
-The Doobie Brothers