domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2009

Neon Green Blues

Holy Crap! I had no idea the Seahawks were going to wear a third jersey this year, nor could i ever have imagined it would be so ugly! If you want to go throwback, go back to the royal blue and kelly green, and the less angry Seahawk emblem when he was still on prozac. How can it be a throwback if they never wore it? And they were not an AFL team. Actually, even though they spent two decades in the AFC, they were actually an NFC team in their inaugural year.

These look like they are wearing vests and should be cleaning the side of the highway in Oz .

At least they are up 7-0. And San Fran lost at the last minute!

3rd Quarter and the Hawks are down 14-13. Mare missed a field goal. He used to miss them when he was a young guy, and now he's a relic. Son of a beach! Mare just missed a 37 yarder. He's a Shankapotamus! Damn these green jerseys to hell!

The band had practice on Friday and it sounded pretty good. I think we have our lead guitarist now. We still don't have a bassist, but we can do it 2 guitars and drums for now. We go through bassists the way Spinal Tap used to go through drummers.

It's about 63 F and really nice as cool as some rain is moving in. Back to drying clothes indoors. That's a pain in the ass. But the weather has been nice, except we had a couple days of 85 F this week. It's been the warmest summer here in 20 years.

Fresca just threw an interception and the Bears have it on the 14. They are self destructing before my eyeballs. Bears get a FG. 17 -13.

Julius Jones has had a very good day. He looks like when he was a horse with Dallas.

San Francisco is a good team this year. Mike Singletary has them clicking.

FG Seattle. 17-16. Joder!!!

And the Seahawks lose and have to plan Indy next week. Not good.

All else is fine.

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