sábado, 30 de abril de 2011


a thousand systems


home. quiet. i am alone. how lovely! listening to Trey Gunn's music for pictures. first time. it's great so far.

i'm also, for reasons that escape me now, not using capital letters. wow. talking about lazy.

vancouver 0 nashville 0

why in the name of baby jar jar binks does tennesse have a hockey team? it's counterintuitive.

wow. this is an extraordinary album. way diverse. he's a monster.

new ideas. or thoughts followed by ideas. i smell like flowers.

21st century schizoid man
-king crimson

i slept so late today. i was exhausted. must be why i am still awake.

it's may 1st. wow. may.

vancouver 1 nashville 0

nashville! ha!

wow. canadian commercials are even worse than american ones.

once there was a way to get back home
-the beatles

it's nice outside. madrid is a city to be outside. i can see the whole north and west from the patio.

good night dear friends.

people they're the man thing
-king crimson

i go sleeping ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()^^^^^^^^^^^___ ---____ - - _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Big Wheel Spins

The way the big wheel spins
Well, I was only a kid, on a holy crusade
I placed no trust in a faith that was ready-made
Take no chances on paradise delayed
So I do a slow fade

i finally dragged my ass out of bed and to the market. That was productive. This flat is really nice. And i'm still in a hood i have really come to love. i feel quite at home here, having lived in 5 flats in this neighborhood.

It's like i'm 60's KGB spy.

I got a steak and barbecued it on an electric grill and ate it with a martian (martini.) Home. Always less than 7 Peruvians. Home.

It's about 55F now. Nice and cool. (13C ) Little humid cuz it's been rainy. But lovely really. Madrid is a place to be outside.

The Caps lost. The Mets lost. WTF? Is this 2008?

Hang on. Yes, the Mac has a calendar. It's 2011.

No screw that. That's not correct. That would mean that Colin is ..... 11!

That can't be.

That would make me.......!!!!!!!!!

Fuck this. I'm going to bed.

Wheel goes round, landing on a twist of faith
Taking your chances you'll have the right answers
When the final judgment begins
Wheel goes round, landing on a leap of fate
Life redirected in ways unexpected
Sometimes the odd number wins
The way the big wheel spins

It was a new day yesterday

Well I wanna see you soon,
But I wonder how yeah.
It’s a new day yesterday,

But it’s an old day now.
-Joe Bonamassa


i am moved in. Well, my stuff if here at the very least. And a long weekend cuz Monday is "Dohs!" de Mayo. Viva la Republica de Espana. I guess it's a Kingdon (Kingdom) as well. Kings are stupid. Speaking of which- no i did not watch the Royal wedding. We threw off King George. That's what the VA state flag depicts.
"Thus always to tyrants." King George's crown is on the ground and he's got a foot on his chest. Take that Moth Fluffer!

Listening to the smooth sounds of The California Guitar Trio with Pat Mastelotto and Tony Levin. Great stuff. I slept til 15:00! I was out til like six with Amanda. We met at JJ's for the quiz with Carla and Asun. It was fun. We wound up at her place playing guitar hero. Fucking impossible game. Nothing like actually playing music. Frankly, i don't see the appeal.

I had slept maybe six hours , in 3 hour shifts the night before. The movers cam late. I was moved in by 16:00. Danny showed me the essentials before he boogied off to Barca for the weekend. I showered, ran to Alcala Fusion for lunch and then went to class! There were only three of them and i was exhausted so i let them go at 20:30. You can only do so much when there's three people. I taught this article; the gals loved it. It has a lot of important things to say about a woman's ability to control her body and the number of children she has, as well as getting a proper education.

Jane says "have you seen my wig around?
I feel naked without it
-Jane's Addiction


I have to go buy so food. And then eat it. It's the first day of the rest of my life.

viernes, 29 de abril de 2011


Verbal: Who is Keyser Soze? He is supposed to be Turkish. Some say his father was German. Nobody believed he was real. Nobody ever saw him or knew anybody that ever worked directly for him, but to hear Kobayashi tell it, anybody could have worked for Soze. You never knew. That was his power. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, poof. He's gone.

Waiting for the movers. 20 minutes. I am out of here. Praise Jah!

I confirmed it with Barry- Nukes to launch at 15:00.



Looks like i'll be ready in time. I slept from 7:00 to 10:00 and now i'm back at it. Shame i got to work tonight. But i am so happy to go. I feel a strangely pleasant feeling. Relief.


jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

Hella Cool

What's the upside of having to wake up at 4am to keep packing? Because of time zone weirdness, there's NHL hockey to listen to in Vancouver. Okay, i can sleep a bit then final pack and clean, then good bye PRC! I have one last album to listen to from the play list and then we are over the five hour mark. It was inevitable.

Like a rolling stone

-Bob Dylan


2 minutes left in the game. I sit in bed in the half light.

Vancouver 1, Nashville 0 - Final. I like the Canucks. I'm thinking it could be a Canucks - Caps Stanley cup final. That would be awesome. Hell of a lot of travel for the teams, though.


Last night in hell. Goodnight Satan.
That's 2 hells in two sentences. Three times a charm.


miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Adios Infierno! / Dohs! de Mayo

Game 7 - Habs and Bruins. If Montreal wins, they play the Caps.

Then game 7 of Tampa and Pitt. If Boston wins then the winner plays Washington.

Just got home an hour ago. Worked til 22:00. So i'll watch this, fall asleep and then work manana por la manana (tomorrow in the morning).

I teach 8.5 hours manana ( a new record). Then pack and move Fri Morning. Then teach that night.

I kind of never stop. Like most all of us, i guess. Life moves at a quick step. With alacrity.

So another thing i've taught this week is an article;
Man Thanks Dog for Eating His Toe. Last August this guy woke up with four toes. His dog had chewed it off. It was infected and his dog chomped it off. He was drunk as a lemur when he went to bed. The dog amputated it for him. I think i saw an episode like that on M*A*S*H*. I think Hawkeye chewed off Frank's gangrene toe after a bender. Or that's how i remember it. But the doctors at emergency also discovered he had diabetes. So he thanks his dog.

I give up. I'm going back to my home plant. This planet sucks. I miss Tralfamadore.

Monday is a holiday, so i can rest up and settle in. It's Dos De Mayo (when Madrid celebrates the begging of the uprising against Napoleon rule in 1808.

I have the flat to myself so i may have a "D'ohs!" de Mayo Party.

2-1 Boston.


Boston won. So did Tampa, so the Caps play The Tampa Bay Lightning. They are a team i would have rather avoided.

you can't always get what you want
-Rolling Stones

Don't i fucking know it! Stabile's two teams are the Rangers and the Lightning (proximity). SO this is round 2 for us.

It's 22:53. The movers will be here in 14 glorious hours. I couldn't sleep last night, worked late and then stress maybe, but now i have all this packing to do. At least the Peruvian refugees will be in bed soon and i can throw shit in the living room. They have no idea i am going. I'll be like Keyser Söze and just poof, disappear. Black ops. No trace. No name. No number. Just an echo in the wind. So, i am probably in for a long night. I just got home after a record 8.5 hours of class. I am a machine.

I just wrote an impassioned letter to the Ayudiamiento of Madrid (government) stating that because of the way they multiply uncontrollably, that you should be able to hunt Peruvians 'in season' to thin out their numbers. Like deer or kangaroos. It seems the environmentally responsible thing to do. Guns are hard to come by in Spain but i have a very sharp knife.

Music to say goodbye to hell by
Permanent Waves - Rush
Fair Warning - Van Haleny
Soup - Stickmen
Greatest Hits - Tom Petty
Anesthetize - Porcupine Tree
Animals - Pink Floyd

That's 5 hours of music. I hope it doesn't take longer than that. I hate long good-byes.

Get Cracking, Get Packing!


Some minor headway made. Lots to do. I could use an indentured servant. Why can't i find one? WHY?

I am tired. I only slept 3 hours last night. I had a load of stress nightmares the night before. Bleak.

Fuck you! Is that all you got? Bring it bitch!

Ah, mood swings. I love being a Gemini! Both of me. There's nothing like it.

Now i can't feel my toes. That means i am exhausted.

You must have heard the cautionary tales
The dangers hidden on the cul-de-sac trails
From wiser men who have been through it all
And the ghosts of failures spray-canned up on the wall
We've got to judge the judge
Got to find the finds
We've got to scheme the schemes
Have to line the lines

-Pete Townshend

left foot

right foot


left pack

right pack

The Earth is Flat

Or at least i found one! I am staying my hood and moving into a very nice flat with a ginormous patio (Barbecue!). The guy's name in Danny, he's Spanish and American. I move in on Friday. Praise Jah! Good bye PRC! Rot in hell you uneducated maggots. There are never less than 6 people in the living room. And none of them work. I have to almost break the door down to get into the shower before work. I have been late to work the past two days because of the Peruvian Refugees. But it's all over in 36 hours! My parting gift will be vodka on the floor and a match (temporary insanity!).

Hands, show me your hands
Show me the singular shape that your fingers make
when they are held out to be kissed
or curled in a fist
-Stick Men

I've been teaching the lyrics to Stick Men's Soup this week. A progressive rock masterpiece about how a supercollider (particle accelerator) could conceivably turn us all into a cup of primordial soup. I love geek music! The students all laugh.

Barca beat Real Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League Finals. I hate them both but hate Barca more.

lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

Easter from your side of the Atlantic

Little Awesome Annie in her Easter Finery.

each small candle lights a corner of the dark
-Roger waters

Back to teaching. Yeah! See a promising flat tomorrow. Yeah! Hardly slept. Maybe i am a touch stressed. That's an understatement i guess. Fuck it. It is what it is.

Stanley, see this? This is this. This ain't something else. This is this. From now on, you're on your own
-Michael (De Niro) The Deer Hunter

I think i'm too exhausted to be amusing. So just check out the pic of my little friend and enjoy!

Look at those shoes!

domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Rivers of Light


I thought I saw a vision

written bold across the sky
Saw the holy human history
was the truth of it and not the lie, not the lie

-Tony Levin

Happy Easter! SPRING TIME! Rebirth! We survived the winter (this was a big thing back in the 1800's!) At the heart of it, i'm just a pagan.

The Mets have won three in a row. The Apocalypse is near. You've been warned.

The Caps are moving on! Game four was the knife in the heart to the Rangers. Hello second round! i think they will have to play Buffalo, who i expect to win their series vs. Philly. I hate ALL Philly sports teams. Even the AHL team!

escuchando a;
Axis Bold as Love - Jimi Hendrix
Scratch my Back - Peter Gabriel

Soup - Stick Men Stick Man -
Tony Levin
Situation Dangerous, Black Light Syndrome - Bozzio, Levins, Stevens
Double Expresso - Tony Levin

Voyage 34: the Complete Trip - Porcupine Tree

Waters of Eden - Tony Levin
The live anthology - Tom Petty

Sketches of Spain - Miles Davis

When the Keyboard Breaks - Liquid Trio Experiment

Motivate! Clean! You are moving....somewhere. I should be stressed by it translates as exhaustion. I can look tonight online. No one is in town though. I have a place to see manana.

Our future too came blazing through
could blind my squinted eye
Only a poet or a prophet reads
those stars and knows the way to cry, way to cry

-Tony Levin

Motivate! Clean! You are moving....somewhere. I should be stressed by it translates as exhaustion. I can look tonight online. No one is in town though. I have a place to see manana.


Called the fambly, in car heading towards Pennsylvania, to say happy Easter. I spoke with Mum. She's always so happy to hear from me. I'm lucky to have a great mom. Look at how i turned out! Imagine if i didn't have a great mom! I'd be in prison. The English would have sent me to Australia. That's even worse than Pennsylvania!

The Mets are getting crushed. No wait. They're winning 8-4. Sorry. So used to the opposite.

Sabres up 2-0 on Flyers. Bye Bye Philly. Too bad the Sabres will be rested if that happens.

I can't wait to move. If the GOP (Gay obsessive Peruvian) plays TikTok by Kesha or Katy Perry's California Gurls, i am going to toss him out the window. It's only three stories. He won't die, but he'll wish he had.

I told my student Teresa about the music he plays. "He is very gay," was her response.

I can picture Kevin emailing me tomorrow. "Don't say things like that on the blog - just in case you kill him. It could be used against you."

I disagree. I am building a temporary insanity alibi by documenting this all.

Deja What?
The NY Cosmos want to come back and play in MLS. Seriously? I remember the first go round. The NASL collapsing. People running from teams like lemmings. Mexico gets awarded the '86 World Cup and the league is toast. They want to forge a rivalry with the Red Bulls. They would play in the city somewhere. Can NY support 2 soccer teams? In a recession? Seems kind of half-baked.


I survived another semana santa. Praise Jah. Back to work manana! 30 hours! Pay them bills.

I will find a flat. I will find a flat. I am not too fat. I miss my cat. I will find a flat.

Time to cease and desist. This is when my brain turns to a pale gray mush.


then get your pagan on!

And sing with me now to this thundering sea
we're out too deep to fight

Do you hear the voices joining us
we are rivers of light, rivers of light
-Tony Levin

sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

If 6 was 9

If the sun refused to shine, I don't mind, I don't mind. If the mountains fell in the sea, Let it be, it ain't me. Got my own world to live through And I ain't gonna copy you.
-Jimi Hendrix

Colder. Rainy. Semana Santa. Always. Always.

Looked at another flat (a friend of American Laura's) but they failed to tell me 6 people lived there. Screw that. Back to drawing board. Was my life ever boring? if so, that must have been nice. Not to worry. I'll figure it out. I always do - somehow. I actually kind of perplexed at how it eventually all works out.

Now, if 6 turned up to be 9,
I don't mind, I don't mind.

Today is Pat O'Neill's birthday. I always think warmly of my old friend.

I had dinner last night with Amanda and i finally got to meet her girlfriend Alesandra. She's from Italy, near Venezia. Amanda's from Sweden. It was fun. It ended with us drinking beer with Sambucca in it and then this yellow Swedish liquor Plonch. Amanda was singing the drinking songs that accompany it's being drunk. It was all in Swedish. It was awesome.

Everyone is out of the city, so i'm not sure if i'll be able to see any flats today. I've called about 15 people and heard from 2. Plus, they are Spanish, so they wait until the LAST minute. Or they don't include photos in the ads or even the price.

i got on a plane 4 years ago and when i woke up i was in the Land of the Half-Assed

In the land of the half-assed, the whole-assed man is king.

jueves, 21 de abril de 2011

Pigeons are Nuts

Yesterday a paloma (pigeon, see also rat with wings) flew into my bedroom window. He smashed into it, fluttered backwards and then flew off. I almost pooped my pants. It scared the hell out of me. One window was open but he missed it and planted his face into the closed one.

Birds hate me. Like that seagull bastard that stole my hotdog right out of the bun on Elllis Island in 2007.

The other day i saw a girl with a shirt that said I eat love, in English. WTF? I tried to figure out what it meant but all of the images that came to mind were pornographic.


On Wednesday night, Real Madrid defeated Barcelona 1-0 in extra time to win their first Copa Del Rey title in 18 years. And later that night, around 3:30am, Sergio Ramos dropped the Cup from the top of the bus and the Cup was hit by the front right wheel causing extensive damage. Brilliant! You can watch it below.

miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

Questions of a Lifetime

We are the roses in the garden,
beauty with thorns among our leaves.
To pick a rose you ask your hands to bleed.
What is the reason for having roses
when your blood is shed carelessly?
It must be for something more than vanity.
-10,000 Maniacs

Why does it always rain on Semana Santa?

Because if you really believe that Jesus died for your sins and you celebrated it by taking the week off, going to the beach and getting drunk while at the same time commemorating Jesus dying in a most horrific way - if i was God, - then i'd piss on your parade too. Literally. I'm just sayin'.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Q Why i am i always searching for a flat?

A Because i have a disagreeable nature and people don't like me

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Q If God has always existed, then who created God?

A No really knows for sure, Billy, but most likely GE or Unilever
= = = = = = = = = =

Q Nothing changes but everything stays the same. How can both be true?
A Everything is


Q Why are we here?

A What the hell else would you be doing?

lunes, 18 de abril de 2011



This Met's losing streak has been endless. And hopeless looking. They need help. All over. And luckless.

Me too. My fantasy team, Madrid Dead Bulls is getting crushed this week. By an 11 year old with the initials CHT.

Well, tomorrow is another day. I'll hit the ground flat searching


Looked for flats. Nothing very promising. The Caps lost to the Rangers but it was a great game. And Los Mets finally won with a guy named Glee pitching. Or Gee. I forget.

4 hours tomorrow. It's Semana Santa so everything flees Madrid. I'll work a very light sched til Mirecoles. Maybe 11 hours in all.


I laid low all weekend. That was nice.

Only two hours today. 5 tomorrow. 2 Miercoles. Then that's it for the week and a FULL timetable staring next Lunes. The flat i saw today was horrible. Back to the drawing board. I'll have time after tomorrow.

Time goes by. Everything changes. Nothing changes.

sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

Death of a Fucking Salesman

Lady Hoo-Ha falls onstage in Texas
  • Barry Bonds is a convicted felon. That's funny. And a horse's ass, but the later is not breaking news.
  • Next on the felon-to-be-list; Roger Clemens. How i hate that guy.
  • The Red Sox suck and chances of them winning the World Series get worse as they dig deeper into a hole at 2 - 10. Team that start off that poorly rarely make the playoffs.
  • I am still looking for a flat. I go to see one on Monday. I have been looking but not much is appealing.
  • It's Semana Santa again. Luckily i'll have a few private classes lunes, martes, y miercoles. Maybe 10 or 11 hours that will pay in cash.
  • I showed the MBA students Glengarry Glenross, the best movie about sales ever. They loved it. It also features the best 15 minutes of Alec Baldwin's life ( before 30 Rock) as Blake, the foul mouth consultant sent to wake up the sales force. The actors called it "Death of a fucking salesman" (do to the copious swearing.) Hey, they wanna learn English, i'm gonna F%^king teach them English. Jersey style. Boo yeah! The seemed a little shell-shocked afterward. It's a brutal movie about people who lie, cheat and don't care who they destroy to survive.
  • i was sick this week, battling a vicious stomach bug. It didn't hurt but my butt was like a grifo (tap or faucet.) So i took some med and that helped. It didn't slow me down to much. Nothing does usually.
  • Best album you've never heard? Stick Men - SOUP. Tony Levin (King Crimson) and Michael Bernier on Stick and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson) on drums and electronic percussion. A put a link for the song SOUP a few days ago. They are like NOTHING i have ever heard. And i listen to a lot of weird shit.
  • I am too tired to go out. I went out last night after work. Carla and i almost won the quiz at J&J's. We came in 2nd with 27 out of 38 points. But we did win tickets to an English speaking comedy club (the Giggling Guiri) because i knew the answer to the boner question; what was the population of the Madrid Metro area as of the 2009 census. I guessed 5.5 mil and the answer was approx. 5.8m. Carla was like, "how the hell did you know that?" Useless knowledge. My head is full of useless knowledge.
  • More flat hunting manana.
  • Double dip for the Mets. The first one is starting but it's on Fox. Blehh! Tim McCarver is trite, banal, hackneyed, etc. The Mets are playing their 2nd double-header in 3 days. Pitcher Chris Young was placed on the disabled list and NY is in the throes of a 5 game losing skid. Ugh!
  • Tornadoes through Oklahoma and Arkansas with 9 dead. Lots of damage. Terrible.
  • Japan's nuclear crisis is now rated a 7, the worst possible designation. Those poor people. An earthquake, a tsunami, a blizzard and a nuclear meltdown all in one week. One bad bad week. 30,000 dead. 400,000 homeless.
  • Wow, i need to cheer up. I'm like a barbiturate with arms! I'll watch some baseball. But will that really cheer me up? I mean it's the Mets in Atlanta, which has always been a House of Horrors.

viernes, 15 de abril de 2011


(left) The new Statue of Liberty stamp that the US Post Office is releasing. But after they began printing, they realized it was from the replica at New York, New York in Las Vegas. Morons! I could have told you that with one look.

Whatever happened to all this season's
Losers of the year?
Every time I got to thinking
Here'd they disappear?
But when I woke up, Mom and Dad
Are rolling on the couch
Rolling numbers, rock and rollin'
Got my KISS records out

Your Mommy's all right
Your Daddy's all right
They just seem a little weird
But don't give yourself away
-Cheap Trick

Has everyone and everything lost their/its mind?

The Republicans want to cut Planned Parenthood, which would cause MORE abortions. NO federal money goes towards paying for abortions. But family planning and birth control are important.

First of all, 6.8 billion people may well be too many already. Cornell University professor David Pimentel's research shows that about 2 billion people is the number the planet can sustainably support, if everyone consumes the same amount of resources as the average European (which is less than the average American). Secondly, U.N. experts predict that world population will increase for at least the next 50 years, with a "most likely" prediction of 9 billion people by the year 2050. There probably will be additional growth beyond that. - http://www.worldpopulationbalance.org/faq

And i have one more point to make; ROWE vs. WADE 1973! The Supreme Court decided abortion was legal. Live with it.

The problem with politicians is politics. A politician's only concern is to win the next election. We need our politicians to think much more long term than that.

Good news? Annie still loves me. And the Caps have a two game lead against the NY Rangers. This is the year the Caps get back to the Cup Final. I don't know if they can beat Vancouver if they are still standing (and expect them to be). But this is a much more defensive team, built for the playoffs and peaking at the right time.

We just got shut down because Connecticut's being a douche bag! They won't give us a tax break unless the movie promotes tourism.

-Jenna, 30 Rock

jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

Lost in Frustration (Sophia Coppola)


Watching the Mets play (and lose) 4 games against Colorado has been excruciating. Painful beyond compare. Colorado could well win the World Series, they are so good, but the Mets also gave them 5 outs in certain innings. These have been dark dark years to be a Met fan.

But, i still like catching the games.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnwOzeWX3E8 - Stewie and the Mets

I think i teach 5 hours manana.

I am beat. Over and out.

miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

3 good things

See i've been tried and convicted it's winner take all
i wanna run for my money,
that's all

-Van Halen

1. I walked into J&J's at 22:15 to a bar PACKED with women. Woo hoo! Sometimes life rocks. We had a great time. Bender Tuesday has become a phenom of sorts. Shame i can't seem to invent anything that makes me a lot of money. Oh well. I am what i am.

2. Bayside was there. She is back with Jesus

Nobody fucks with the Jesus!
-The Big Lebowski

I told her i was glad. "Really, i'm surprised," she said.

Now I never said anything to her but everyone's general opinion is that Jesus is a little douche. Instead i said, "Hey, sometimes you just love who you love." I told her that our time together was great but that we really weren't a match. But it was a really fun five weeks. She gave me a big hug.

So, Praise Jah, that drama is put to rest.

3. Sue sent me an email saying that Annie loves the CCR disc i sent her (Chronicle Vol. 1). And she loves Romeo and Juliet off of Making Movies. I knew she'd dig the CCR. What 4 year old doesn't love some good foot stompin' swamp rock? Then Sue said her exact words were "Jay's so sweet. I really love him." She is awesome. I love Little Annikins (Skywalker.)

lunes, 11 de abril de 2011


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE! 4 years old. Wow! And 4 years since the passing of Kurt Vonnegut. Same day; April 11, 2007.

7.5 hours today. left house at 10:30, got home at 00:00. Long day. But it's good to get 1/4 of my hours out of the way on Lunes. And tomorrow i work from 14:00 til 21:00 or 22:00. Only 4.5 hours. And then it's Bender Tuesday.

domingo, 10 de abril de 2011



18:33 Ugh - too warm in this room in the afternoon. Glad i'm moving. Not sure where, but glad just the same. Out to watch Atletico and eat a chicken. I love Domingos! 20:14 Half chicken eaten. Too much food. Atleti winning 2-0. Now to watch the Mets and see how Chris Young is doing. Mets 2-1 in the 4th.

I want a supercollider for my birthday
I've got a big basement I could fit it in.
I'll have you all come over for a party,
we can go downstairs and take that sucker for a spin

I don't know how to drive a supercollider
and I don't think they want to have me in the loop
but I know they better keep it to the speed limit
or we could all meet up in a cup of primordeal soup.


It's cooler now. Praise Jah. It will be in the mid 70's all week and sunny. Woo hoo! I have put my jeans away and switched to khakis. Sneakers have given way to my moccasin brown shoes. See you in hell socks! I fucking hate matching you anyway, which is why i don't.

Hearing Gary, Keith and Ron call a game makes me feel at home. Baseball is a glorious sport.

Tomorrow is Lunes. How many hours this week? I can't remember. Where's my planner? Okay - About 28.

Young pitched 7 innings and gave up 1 run on one hit. All of the contact outs were to the outfield except for one. Awesome.

The big question mark is Pelfrey. He pitches tomorrow, is the number one starter and has looked abysmal. Johan Santana! Come back!

viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

Amateur Night


Warm 82F / 27C. Strangely warm for April.

i just finished THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD by Margaret Atwood. Phenomenal. It was the sequel to ORYX AND CRAKE. Chilling. Can't wait for the third one.


Warm. 66F. Must call for flats today. Every ad i've responded to so far has already rented it or there's no answer.

Amateurs. I am surrounded by amateurs. Both in my current flat and out.

I see a US gov. shut down was averted. That whole thing was ridiculous. The Republicans got the country trillions in debt and now all they do is blame it on Obama and insist on budget cuts. And the Tea Baggers vote for them. The USA is insane.

God. Why is everyone so fucking stupid? Why can't they be more intelligent, like me?
-Kim Jong Il - Team America

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011


Will the Rangers win 162 games?

Will the Red Sox lose 162?

Yes,” I said. “Isn’t it pretty to think so?”
The Sun Also Rises - Ernest Hemingway

I'm not even sure how many classes i teach tomorrow. 6 i think. i'll just look at my planner. It's my external hard drive.

The Mets are 3-1, which is a nice start. They won last night and are tied for first. They are losing to the Phils 9 - 7 in the top of the 6th.

It was 77 F today. Tomorrow 80. It will be in the 80's he next 4 days. I didn't take a jacket. Even at 23:00 it was still warm.

Bender Tuesday VI

I had to work at the Uni last night - we sometimes have class twice a week now. Is not even Bender Tuesday sacred? Only three students showed up (and late) so we just had a 2 hour class. Then it was off to Bender Tuesday. Real Madrid was playing in the Champions League so it was mostly just Goran, Karla and i. It was great. Relaxed and fun. Then Amanda came by. Then we went til Vicente's bar, where he is always trying to event new drinks. He's like a mad scientist bartender. Then home and sleep. And now a full slate of classes starting at 14:00.

So, UConn has won another championship! It'll be interesting to see how the sanctions the NCAA leveled against them for recruiting violations will affect them in the future. And the Mets handed the Phillies their first loss of the season. Boo Yeah!

Time to do scour myself and then off to work.



domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

weekend's end

Thank you American Laura!
1) For giving me that sweet HP printer when you moved in with Tim. Being able to print from home instead of waiting a half hour to make copies at locutorio has changed my life.
2) For bringing me back some Axe deodorant (deodorant is only roll-on here, like it's the 70's) after your conference in Washington DC. Now i don't have to wallow in my own stink.

Surprising: Certifiable, The live Police album from Buenos Aires from their recent reunion tour is surprisingly good. I saw that at the AMNESTY show in 1986 and were not very good and looked like they wanted to murder each other. I also have never considered them a very good live band. But this concert has them clicking on all cylinders.

UCONN won! That was a crazy game. I don't think i'll be able to watch the final. It starts at 3:30AM.

If i'm sane then how scary is crazy?


Going to watch the Mets. Hooray! Dickey on the mound. Baseball is so sweet.

oo:45 RA Dickey mowed down the Marlins. Awesome.

I just saw The Wrestler, also an Aronofsky film. It was awesome. Mickey Rourke was great. The camera angles were fantastic too.

Lessons are prepped and printed. Cooked pasta.

sábado, 2 de abril de 2011



Notre Dame? Neo - Dickhead? Not Dead? Nouveau Douche?

No. It's so much worse. North Dakota.

Yahoo, that most credible of sources, claims that the best place to live in the USA is North Dakota because they have a budget surplus. To this i can only say; suck my balls.

they got supercollider in Geneva

so big that it reaches into France
you know a supercollider shoots particles

so scientists can watch them dance

Ashley called me and asked me to go to her Mad Hatter party - you had to where a hat. So i went. i saw Katrina and Bayside as well. It was fun. Bayside is a Whack-a-Mole. As sure as eggs is eggs.

Now to watch UConn Cornelius and see if they can beat Kentucky. Kentucky is a very good team. I guess Butler is this year too. Kentucky dismantled Ohio State. It's 2:36 here in Madrid. Show the game already! Stupid CBS.

Butler is in Indiana? I hate that fucking state too. John Cougar MellenSuck.

Such a pale light Such a long night Pick up that key Don't drop your gaze in your coffee Is it me? Do I look beautiful in the half light? -Porcupine Tree

The album Soup by Stick Men (Tony Levin: stick, Michael Bernier: stick, Pat Mastelotto:drums) is outrageous. Listen to this madness;


Vamos UConn! I've already seen the NY Football Giants win their third Super Bowl from Madrid. Why not National Championship number 3 for UConn? They were turning the ball over a lot but now they are on a 8-0 run.

21-14 UConn

Send in the Clones

4,001- A Blog Odyssey

Well, This site has only been up since Sept 2009 and it's gotten to over 4,000 page views. Thanks to all of you bloggees, all of you folks who take time out of you busy days to follow my crazy adventures. Between this site and the one i used for '07. '08 and most of '09, this will be the 886 post. Closing in on 1,000. Damn. That's a whole lot of blogging.

Whole lotta working

The Transfer academy offered me more hours. I work til 22:00 or 22:30 every night except Bender Tuesday, so I don't see how i could get up and teach class from 8-9:30 in the North of Madrid. As it is i teach almost 30 hours a week. Alicia was like, "but you're the only one whose qualified. I can have a sub do it next week and you can start the next. Please think about it."
Isn't it rich?
Isn't it queer?
Losing my timing this late
In my career?
And where are the clones?
Quick, send in the clones.
-Stephen Sondheim / Dr. Victor Frankenstein

So, unless Transfer has a secret cloning facility, they are boned.
I can't get home from work at 23:00 or 23:30 and be to work at 8:00
next morning. And 36 hours a week is an awful lot with all of the
traveling. But it's nice to have work coming out my ears.

i am at a crossroads. "Will i be pretty? Will i be rich?"

At least it's Sabado. Looking for a flat. 68F and sunny. Go out.
Buy some food. Ashley's having a party tonight. Not sure if i feel like
going or not. Bayside will be there so I may just skip it. That chick is insane.

UConn plays at 3:00AM. Yikes. You would think the winner of UConn
would be the favorite over Butler/VCU.

i went down to the crossroads, tried to flag a ride
i went down to the crossroads, tried to flag a ride
nobody seemed to know me, everybody passed me by
-Robert Johnson

Living in the PRC

Well, without even telling me, Douchey Smurf moved in his sister, her boyfriend and
a little kid about 5 years old.
I hate my life. There's furniture up to the ceiling in the living
room. Welcome to the Peruvian Refugee Camp. Carina moved out over night, still owing me 20E that she said she
would pay me on wed. Oh well. Refugees will be refugees. These are the most abominable people i've ever met. I
am never going to Peru. Someone walked in on me as i was coming out of the shower. Probably the little
girl. At least my ass was to her. And i have a sweet ass. It's like living in a Peruvian YMCA. There's shit piled in the kitchen.
Shit everywhere. Well, i have to call a friend of my friend Pablo who has a room for rent. It's to the south east of the city, but Pablo
lived with him for six years, said he is laid back and never home. Sounds perfect.

Cuz you don't have to live like a refugee
-Tom Petty

Was my life ever really normal or was that just a crazy dream?

....to be continued