lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Fin de Abril

Books read in April;

The Dogs of War - Frederick Forsythe
The Genesis Secret - Tom Knox
Wild Fire - Nelson Demille
Sandman Slim - Richard Kadrey
The Marks of Cain - Tom Knox
Sandman Slim was my first venture into cyber punk or steam punk, a genre that is becoming more and more popular. It was about a magician who was sent to hell when he was betrayed by his friends. He thus became then only living person to ever go to 
hell. He fought in the Arena against a variety of demons and one was never killed. 11 years later he escapes and returns to earth to hunt down the people who killed his girlfriend and sent him to hell. And then it starts to get weird. 


NJ 2 PHI 2. This AC hotel lounge is nice. I feel like i'm on vacation. 

NJ 2 PHI 3 Power play goal. 15:33   3rd 

PHI has looked very good this postseason. 

3 - 3


NJ 3 PHI 4  F OT

I started reading A World Undone: The Story of the Great War 1914 to 1918 by G J Meyer. It's very accessible and very good so far. The miscomunication between nations was incredible. Everyone felt threatened. Everyone wanted more colonies. Britain was worried about losing India. The Ottoman Empire was in steady decline. The Austro-Hungarian Empire as well. The Balkans were a powder keg. And nations had suffered bitter defeats; Russia to the Japanese (Russo - Japanese War 1905) and France vs. Prussia (Franco Prussian War.)  Every country had signed treaties pledging to defend other countries. Franz Ferdinand is killed (after someone had previously tried to throw a bomb at him earlier in the day, he was finally shot.) Austria pushes the Serbs to the brink with an ultimatum. Russia is sworn to help the Serbs but not ready for war. Germany has given Austria - Hungary a blank check that they will support them. Austria declares war on Serbia two weeks before they can possibly attack. The Russians mobilize. Germany is peeing themselves they are so scared. Germany starts to mobilize. France has a treaty with Russia. Britain fears Germany controlling Europe (which has happened in the 21st century - economically) so they support the French. Kaboom! It was madness. 

20th century weapons + 19th century tactics = bloodbath. 

But it was bound to happen. All of the important countries were very militant at the time. It had been 100 years of constant war. It had to boil over at some point. It was  just so tragic. 

Anyway, when the Internet is out i read history books. 


Internet is back. No body ever came from Jazztel. They must have just turned it off cause Eduardo must not have paid the bill. If it happens again i'll just take it off the rent next time. They are like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dummer.

More cancelations. They have the next two days of so why not start early. Torre Picasso was empty. I had lunch with my editor (the Welsh Witch.) We went over the first three chapters. She had already done it and gave me the changes. It was both interesting and emmotional, but fun. 

domingo, 29 de abril de 2012


I stepped upon the platform 
the man gave me the news
he said "you must be joking son
where did you get those shoes?
Where did you get those shoes?

Well i've seen 'em on the TV
the movie show
they say that time's are changing
but i just don't don't know
these things are gone forever
over a long time ago
oh yeah
-Steely Dan

Life is surreal. We are without Internet and it is the end if the month. And i need to look for jobs this weekend. They will fix it on Monday. They provide the router and because it is a piece of shit, it broke.

This fucking country is killing me loudly.


All i ask of you 
is make my wildest dreams come true
-Steely Dan

CAPS vs. RANGERS tonite! Bring it on baby! Bring it on!

Prediction: WASH  over NY in 7
NJ over PHI in 7
LA over STL in  7
NASH vs. PHX - who fucking cares?

Unemployment is 23.6%, equal to the USA during the depths of Great Depression. The cost of Metro has risen. Taxes have increased. More austerity means less consumer confidence. I think it could grow as high as 28% by year end. It's like Germany after WWI. 

All of us get lost in the darkness
Dreamers learn to steer by the stars
All of us spend time in the gutter
Dreamers learn to look at the cars

So i am getting on a big boat and sailing to the New World. Just like my great grandfather and great Nana before me, a hundred years ago. Damn, that's freaky. My projected Repatriation is 9th. I don't suppose i should be surprised that my family has to flee Europe once every hundred years. See you again in 2112!

He's a rebel and a runner
he's signal that's turning green
he's restless young romantic
wants to run a big machine

He's got a problem with his poisons
But you know he'll find a cure
He's cleaning up the system
to keep his nature pure

Trying to match the beat of the old world man
Trying to the catch the heat of the third world man

And then they'll be a new blog; OUT OF EXILE: Tales of Repatriation Games 

We don't even have a dial tone on the land line (fiajdo.) Maybe they didn't pay the bill. It's happened before. And know they both have lied to my face before. We'll see what happens on Monday, because then Tues. and Wed. are holidays. When are there ever not holidays in Spain? 25% employment and they've had 7 - 10 paid days off in the past Calendar Month! And there's another one on the 15th. It's crazy. I fell like Charlton Heston

It's a madhouse! A madhouse!
-Planet of the Apes (1968) 

 What a freak show that movie is. brilliant. Way ahead of it's time. Gripping and terrifying. Rod Serling wrote part of the script. 

Mum liked the new novel, Buying New Soul. She said it was 'heavy," which it certainly is. The story takes you on a crazy trip, sometimes a bit surreal, like the original Planet of the Apes. It's dark but for all of you who know me, that can't possibly come as a surprise. But considering that 68 year old, law abiding,well educated, suburban women are not my niche market segment, just that she liked it is a good sign.

She said it was difficult to not think of me while she was reading it. I get that, especially the first five chapters. Then it just goes completely bat shit. 

But that's a recurring theme through out most of my fiction. Somehow it became a theme in my life. Maybe it is everyone's at some point or another. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Since i don't have Internet i watched the Hunger Games again this week. Loved it! And last night Pink Floyd at Pompeii, what a classic film.

I've been looking through old pictures on the computer. Annie as a wee child. Friends and family on both sides of the Atlantic. About 13 different apartments. All the kids growing up before my eyeballs. Amazing stuff. 

Okay - shower, go to place with Internet, meet Vicky and co. for dinner at a Russian place in La Latina. 

I don't know how warm it is out without the Internet i guess i could stick my head out the fucking window. How quaint. It's like 1912 all over again.


Ashes to ashes
fun to funky
we know Major Tom's
A junkie
-David Bowie


All is well. The Russian place was great and i really enjoyed meeting the Welsh Witch's friend Jen. She said we would get along, and we did. She was very cool. 

Carlos' kids were over today (our new housemate.) They are fun. Very cute. I really love kids. I mean, they are so innocent. I like kids. A girl maybe six. A boy about three.

When i get settled in the US i'm going to get another Burmese cat and name him after another great guitarist; Hackett, Gilmour, Page, Lifeson. Or maybe make it a bassist this time and call him Geddy. 

Ok -  i go sleeping.

It's not the kill 
It's the thrill of the chase
-Deep Purple


I love sleeping. Time to shower and go to the Internet cafe and Skype with Sue and Annie. Let me see if i can figure out how to make my auxiliary camera work so they can see me. Got to take the old Mac Book in for a tune up when i get to the New World.

Vicky read the novel and is going to give me her initial feedback. I should a much better version of the text in about 2 weeks for those of you who haven't read it yet. 

you just draw your own conclusions
-Procol Harum

I am at the hotel bar across the street from my flat. Tengo Internet, por fin! (i finally have Internet!)

The Caps dropped game one to NY. No surprise. Game 2 on Monday at 1:30 CET + 1, but Tues is a holiday!

miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

Game Seven


Real Madrid lost to Bayern on penalties to miss the Champions League Final. The bar i saw it in by my house was mental. Oh well. That opens the door for Atleti to be the only Madrid team with a chance to win a European Cup, as long as they take care of Valencia  Manana is the 2nd leg of the Europa League semis. 

And in 2 hours, it's game 7 WAS and BOS. If they win, they will play NY, NJ or FLA. NY/OTT and NJ/FLA play game 7 manana. 3 game sevens in the 1st road. Awesome. 



I talked to Mel. She sounds good. She's not in a lot of pain and she's started physical therapy. I spoke to her on Saturday too. 

Game time in 5 minutes! I am psyched to see the game. Although the last three game 7 they played were all loses. Hockey can be a cruel mistress.

Well, at least it's MSNBC instead of the CBC. I can't take any more of PJ Stock and the theatre of the absurd. 

Manana is the NFL draft. We'll see who the Seahawks wind up with. 

There's a lot of talk that Albert Pujols isn't the player he used to be, since he's in a slump. "Duh. It's called the American League. The National League hitters see more fastballs. That's why all the 'roid heads who broke the home run record recently played in the NL. A hitter sees too many breaking balls in the AL. Pujols is 32. The Angels gave him $240m for ten years, which will make him 42! The Angels are idiots. But we already knew that. Texas is going to thrash them this year. He should have stayed in the NL. Who the hell wants to live in LA anyway?

1st 16:36

The Caps have had the only chances so far

11:09 Holtby has to save a flurry of shots. B's have the last 6 shots. 

I am tired. Wonder if i'm going to last 3 periods. Maybe i can nap between periods. 

Carlson, wrist shot, scores!

1 -1

Fucking hell! We're going to OT for 4th time. 

Ward scores! Caps win! Caps win! 

Washington is moving on to play NJ, NY or Fla. And i can go to sleep.

martes, 24 de abril de 2012

April 23

Monday. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever is. Saw Cara tonite. She is well. She cooked chicken and broccoli with rice. It was very good. I can walk to her place in ten minutes. I hadn't seen her in a while. 

Ottawa 1 NY 0. It's do or die for the Rangers. If the Rangers and Caps advance, they will play each other. That would be awesome. They could play NJ too. Also sweet. 

But they have to win in Boston first. That was a heartbreaking loss yesterday. It's the first time in history that all of the first six games have been decided by one goal. And three games have gone into overtime, one of them double OT. It's been such a close series. 

And, it's Pat O'Neill's birthday. Happy birthday, old sport! 

lunes, 23 de abril de 2012



Swansea castle

And my ashes find a way beyond the fog
And return to save the child that I forgot

And my ashes fade among the things unseen
And a dream plays in reverse on piano keys

And my ashes drop upon a park in Wales
Never-ending clouds of rain, and distant sails... distant sails

Well, it looks like now i have 2 weddings to go to.  Vicky's sister. Philipa, is getting married in July in Swansea, Wales and she asked me to go with her. So i guess i am going to Wales. I think it's on a Wednesday, which is odd. Her sister and this guy have been together for 7 years, already live together, and suddenly are in a big rush to get hitched. "Is she preggers?" i asked. If she is, she hasn't told the Welsh Witch yet. Not that it would be a big scandal. I mean, they do live together. It'd be weird if they weren't having sex.

So anyway, i will go to Wales in July. One last country to check off my list since i got here. She always said i had to see Swansea. It doesn't sound dissimilar from Jersey. Lucky me! I was surprised she asked me to go. We're like a non-couple.

Czech Republic

Damn. I really get around. 


We all went over to Laura and Tim's to watch Real Madrid all bt clinch the League title by beating Barcelona 2 - 1. It was a fun night. They have a little dog, Starbuck (after Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace in Battlestar Galactica.) She looks like a little white ewok. Very cute. 

They live to the east by the river. It's beautiful down there. My last class on Friday ends at 19:00. So then i walk 20 minutes along the river to the Metro, and then i'm in Malasana in 3 stops. 

Time goes by. Plans are made. Things fall together.

Tears in Boston
I am watching the Flyers trying to eliminate the Pens. How i hope they do! Then it's an enormous Game 6 at 21:00 when the Caps attempt to finish off the Bruins. As a former Whaler fan, i loathe the Bruins, defending Stanley Cup Champs. I've listened to a few games but this will be the 1st one i get to watch. The Caps have been playing great defense and like a team which is something they often forget to do at playoff time. Vancouver #1, Boston #2, #4 Pittsburgh and Rangers #1 are high seeds that are all on the brink of elimination. The Stanley Cup playoffs are the best. 

Imagine the tears in bean town if The Bruins get eliminated and the Red Sox get swept by NY in the same day? I want to be there. Speaking of which - does anyone think Bobby V lasts til July 4th? Ha! The Red Sox are 4 - 10. The Mets are 8 - 6. I say again, HA!

Who should the Colts draft? I think they'd be better with RG III. I like him. I don't want him to play for the Redskins. I hate the Redskins. 

The Seahawks said they will draft draft QB Tannehill but don't expect him to still be on the board at #12. Most people have them picking up a DE. 


3 - 0 Philly. Bye bye Penguinos

20:17  4 -1 Philly.

I just got an email from Democrats Abroad asking me to vote in the Democratic Primary. What the hell is the point? We have the incumbent. Who i am i going to vote for?

But i will be home for the election. I will be home for the World Series. I will be home for Thanksgiving. And Christmas. Holy Crap! It's been 5 years since i've done all these things. 

The Washington Nationals are off to a hot start. Woo hoo! The Mets are playing well but they really don't have the talent to keep it up. 

Stick a fork in the Penguins. They're done.

Listening to:
Electric Dirt - Levon Helm
OK Computer, Kid A - Radiohead
Live in Nuremberg - Rainbow
Deadwing - Porcupine Tree

Nice! The Caps feed is from Hockey Night in Canada. I have a Hockey Night in Canada fleece. That thing is awesome.

BOS 2 WAS 1 - 2nd Period 7:09

The Caps were not finishing their checks in the 1st period. That's just lazy hockey. I always finish my checks. 

What's ominous is that every time Washington is up 3-2 and they lose game six, the are 0-4 in game seven. 

C'mon you wankers! Start hitting and scoring!

Chimera scores! 2 -2. 00.53 left in the 2nd. Verizon center is rocking! How many games have i seen there? Certainly over 100. But back in the day that i lived in the area, they still wore the blue uniforms. These red ones are closer to the original ones. 

3rd period. Do or die. I have suffered as a Caps fan for 15 years. I remember buying all those playoff packages and never seeing more than 3 games. Life's a bitch. 

Caps kill off a 4 on 3 power play. 

It will be nice to be back in the USA and watch the NHL again. When i saw the Vienna Capitals it was awesome. 

i wet myself when Boston went up up 3-2 and i dried myself when Ovechkin scored with under 5 minutes left! 3 - 3. 62 seconds. We could be going to OT.

NHL playoff overtime. The Bruins are battered and have the long change on the road. NHL playoff OT is the chariot race of sports overtime. 

Is this the longest blog entry ever? Who am i, Stephen King?

It's 00:02 in Madrid and we're heading to OT. It's funny how much i love hockey, considering i really haven't watched except a bit of playoffs since i've been here.

PJ Stock is a commentator for the CBC. He's a fucking moron. He can't speak. The lead commentator had to bail him out while showing a replay. The lead guy just called him "genius." And they want to show another highlight but they must have told the main guy that they don't have it cued up! I love Canada! It's like an amateur United States. And they play hockey, make Molson and have Rush.

Oh man, make it stop! Now they just showed a commercial of PJ Stock and a figure skating star skating with Depends on, the incontinence adult diapers, saying they didn't even notice. Lol! I just wet myself again. I could used one of those fucking things. It's Theatre of the Absurd.


WAS takes a fatigue time out. 18:01 OT. 

Backstrom tries a long pass. It's turned over and Boston scores.

Hijo de puta.  

Eek. Game 7 on Wed. in Boston. 

This is one of the 27 people in Madrid who follow hockey, signing off.

Soon to be 26 bitches!

I'm a national treasure.

Follow me down, to the valley below
You know
Moonlight is bleeding
From out of your soul

Come to us
It's time for you to go

-Porcupine Tree

sábado, 21 de abril de 2012


Unquestionably, the best Ribert Fripp solo album is A Blessing of Tears. It's extraordinary. It's all Frippertronics (which is playing a riff into a loop, then creating new ones with the ability to play over each loop.) Most of his Frippertronics albums are too meandering or atonal for me to like. But even Sue loved this one! And you know how she generally felt about Robert Fripp and King Crimson - she did not find it pleasing.

It's Saturday and i feel lazy as hell. Spoke with Mum and Mel is recovering from her ACL surgery on Thursday morning. She tore it skiing in Feb. Now she's looking at 4-6 months of Physical therapy. Yikes. Get better soon Seester! Rush is playing in Newark, NJ on Oct. 20th, so you have exactly six months to recover!

One more class at 13:00 today and then i am done. 

And the phone just rang and it's canceled until manana. Hooray! That was easy. I start two new classes next week to replace the ones that canceled. I need some routine and security in my life. I saw Carolyn last night. She is a suffering from UFO (unlimited freak out) as she leaves in 6 weeks to return to Long Island and say Adios to Madrid. I have already gone thru periods of UFO myself. I'm sure there is more to come.

Now i am watching a documentary on the last 24 hours of Keith Moon's life (the Who drummer who died of a prescription drug overdose on Sept. 7, 1978.) It makes me feel less crazy, but anyone would feel sane compared with Moon the Loon. Great drummer. 

viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

(To be continued...)

And my ashes find a way beyond the fog
And return to save the child that I forgot

And my ashes fade among the things unseen
And a dream plays in reverse on piano keys

And my ashes drop upon a park in Wales
Never-ending clouds of rain, and distant sails... distant sails
-Porcupine Tree

Atletico crushed Valenica, 4-2, here in Madrid in the semis of the Europa League. As long as they don't screw the pooch next week, they will play for the Cup on May 9 in Bucharest. 

Telling students i am leaving in tough. I told the first one, Menchu, tonight. Private student. I have taught both sister and both of their future husbands. After a bit she teared up. I said "Don't cry Menchu, i'll cry!" She laughed and the tears stopped but it was very emmotional. I've taught here for three years. I know her Mom and Dad too.

It's nice to know i'll be missed. It's nice to have made an impact. 

But i am at peace with the idea of going home. It's the right move. The idea still seems surreal but that's just normal cuz it's a big change. 

Changing. Life is always changing. Cool. Keep it interesting. 

I just pooped my pants. Nerves are a bitch. 

I will survive
-Gloria Gayner

(to be continued...)

jueves, 19 de abril de 2012



i was young once. I forget when. It was a long time ago.

But i have my family. Sue and Annie are family too. And all of you, my dear friends,  i have  known some of you for 25 or more. You are also family. 

i am Old. 

But that's cool. Way better than the alternative.

i am excited about returning to CT. It's been home for the last 5 years. 

Mum, Mel and i grew up in Jersey. And then i went to Fairfield U and Mom met Leo in Jamaica.  And now i go to live with Mum in Ansonia.

Life is stranger than fiction. 

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Curriculum Vitae


Doing my CV.  It's better than VD, but not by much. Listening to Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd, discs 1 and 2. It's so depressing!

More class cancellations. Depressing. And now i have no excuse not to do my CV.


If it was a real CV it would read as such;

  • Do not not insult Seahawks, NY Mets, Washington Capitals or NJ in front of.
  • To appease; add progressive rock, serrano ham and beer.
  • Likes; Reading, writing, drums.
  • Dislikes: stupid people, people devoid of manners, Bible-thumpers, top 40 and pop music

Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air
And deep beneath the rolling waves in labyrinths of coral caves
The echo of a distant tide
Comes willowing across the sand
And everything is green and submarine
And no one showed us to the land
And no one knows the where's or why's
But something stirs and something tries
And starts to climb towards the light
-Pink Floyd

The Caps went down 2 games to 1 in their series with Boston. Depressing. Thurs is a must win. 

Maybe if i knock out someone's tooth and put it under my pillow the Job Fairy will bring me a US job. Well, it can't hurt to try. I'll feel better even if she never shows.


Done with the 1st draft of my CV. Next up manana - cover letter!


They flutter behind you your possible pasts, 
Some bright-eyed and crazy, some frightened and lost. 
A warning to anyone still in command 
Of their possible future, to take care.

-Pink Floyd


I taught class and then went out with the Welsh Witch. I feel so much better. She is like chicken soup for the soul. 

Cheers to Pat Summitt, stepping down after 38 years as a head coach and all the things she did for the Lady Vols, after her diagnosis with the onset of dementia/alzheimers. Women's basketball is better for having had you. 

And here's a wee prayer for my little sister, who is undergoing surgery on her ACL manana, after a skiing injury. Besos baby!

Somewhere out of a Memory


Memory 1

Drawn like moths we drift into the city 
The timeless old attraction 
Cruising for the action 
Lit up like a firefly 
Just to feel the living night 

Some will sell their dreams for small desires 
Or lose the race to rats 
Get caught in ticking traps 
And start to dream of somewhere 
To relax their restless flight 

Somewhere out of a memory of lighted streets on quiet nights...


Here is the track listing for Rush's Clockwork Angels, due out
Tuesday,  Jun 12.

Trivia: This will be the 3rd Rush studio release that has happened while i am abroad. Can you name the other 2? (Kevin and Mel, i'm talking to you.)

  • 1.    Caravan
  • 2.    BU2B
  • 3.    Clockwork Angels
  • 4.    The Anarchist
  • 5.    Carnies
  • 6.    Halo Effect
  • 7.    Seven Cities Of Gold
  • 8.    The Wreckers
  • 9.    Headlong Flight
  • 10.    BU2B2
  • 11.    Wish Them Well
  • 12.    The Garden

Winter is coming
-Motto of House Stark, A Song of Ice and Fire.

So many cancelations. The economic recession gets worse on a daily basis. Winter is coming. And it's going to be a long ass cold one. 

Memory 2

Oh how i loathe doing my CV. I have one but it's all European  with some whacky formatting and my picture on it, so i need to change it. Plus, i have to update it.  So i am Americanizing and reformatting it. 

Memory 3

I walk through the streets of Madrid and think of how long i've been here. So many memories. 

Memory 4

My 1st Repatriation from Jamaica in 1992. Ugh! That was awful. I shouldn't think of that, so I won't. I felt like a fish with feet. Like a rowboat lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Like an alien life form on a far away planet. Like a Born Again Christian at a pagan festival. 

But that's how it goes. It all gets better eventually.