sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

The Window Thru The Window

View from my flat

The Window Thru the Window


Where the hell am i? It looks like home but it's not. The sunlight looks the same. Im looking through the window. The buildings are all wrong - too old. I've been here before. For a long time maybe. Familiar yet foreign. Terrifying really. It looks real but somehow, it's not. At least i don't think it is. There's something about the shadows and light that's untrue. It's like looking at something's reflection in a large calm pool of water. It's accurate but not real. I close my eyes for a moment and open them, but it's still there. I see it but not clearly. Not actually. And it feels like the blood in my veins has stopped. Like my lungs are taking in air but I'm not getting any oxygen. I open the window and I immediately know something's wrong. There's a bright light and a whirring in my ears. I suddenly feel like someone's punched me in the ribs. I can't breathe. The pain is brutal. The tears run down my eyes. I can't get a breath. It's like the calle below is breaking into tiny particles and then it dissolves before my eyes. My ribs are broken and the pain is excruciating, electric and pulsing. Everything goes white. All sound has evaporated. Where the hell am I? Things go red, and then black.

This is a new experiment which i call a 'blog novel,' which will come out like a serial in pieces. I just thought i'd try to spice the blog up a bit. Stay well!

jueves, 28 de enero de 2010


More classes! Whew! Ready for this week to be over. Only one class manana. Let the weekend begin! It was so cold yesterday i thought i was going to die! All else is copacetic. Also, the cover image from this book is the best novel i have ever read about the Spanish Civil War.

lunes, 25 de enero de 2010


I've got sunshine in my stomach
like i just rocked my baby to sleep

4 Viking turnovers! Wow. 6 fumbles and 2 INT's in the game. A too many men in the huddle penalty and then Favre throws a pick when he could have run to set up a winning FG. It was an awful play. It might cost him his last trip to the Super Bowl. It's 4:15. Must ... go ...to ...sleep. Saints are in field goal range. Just kick the damn ball and win so i can go to bed. But i don't work til 13:00. 40 yarder. It's good. Ha! I wish i was there to lick Brett Favre's tears. He cost them a Super Bowl appearance! Atleti lost to Getafe and the Jets lost to Indy, but Minnesota lost, and that's good enough for me.

My new class was cancelled because a student was sick, but i still got paid half for a late cancellation. So it goes. Last lunes in Enero, which means that it soon will Febrero. My sister will celebrate a milestone birthday and the Mum will not believe she could be this old. I miss all that fun family stuff.

domingo, 24 de enero de 2010

Euthanize Favre

Okay. So i was wrong about the Jets. Peyton Manning has hoof and mouth disease.

Go Saints! We can't let that red neck, serial retiree, numb nut, charlatan, Brett Favre go to another Super Bowl.

Oh when saints go marching in
Oh when saints go marching in
Oh how i want to be in that Rumba
When the Saints go over there
Oh over there!
-Homer Simpson

Championship Weekend

The best week of football because sometimes the Super Bowl sucks.

My picks; Jets over Colts
Saints over Vikings

Crazy? Maybe. But no crazier than governments ignoring global warming and the fact that Cher still has a job.

But first, Atletico vs. Getafe at 19:00. Then Jets/Colts at 21:00 and Farve/Saints at 00:30! Yee Hoo!

sábado, 23 de enero de 2010

Back to normal?

Train set and match spied under the blind

Shiny and contoured the railway winds
And I've heard the sound from my cousin's bed
The hiss of the train at the railway head

Always the summers are slipping away
-Porcupine Tree

Lunes (as in lunatic)

Rough day. A few classes canceled. Not for good, but still a pain in the balls The telephone and the Internet won't work. Just one of those days. But warmer. It was mid 50's F today. Life is just exhausting sometimes.

This is the end

My only friend....the end
Can you picture what will be
so limitless and free?
Desperately in need

of some stranger's hand

in a desperate land

-The Doors

Martes (as in Mars; the Bringer of War)

There was no hot water to shower this morning as they were putting the new water heater in. Bollocks!

Another class canceled. We'll make it up on Thurs.

At least the damned know one thing - they're damned
-El Dude


A new class today. Sisters, mid and late 20's. One's an accountant and the other is a doctor. They were referred to me by Elena, another private student. Nice gals. Very bright. I've done this 50 times already. New students - always interesting. It was really fun.

Internet came back last night. Orange turned it off even though we hadn't received a bill in 2 months, and Don had called. It's like the blind leading the stupid here. Everywhere maybe.

Time for sleepiness. Make up class manana at 8:15. Ugh! But that's alright. I love class with Monica. She's been a student for over a year now. I know so many people here. I teach, therefore i am. It's only 4C and wet. It will be 9C tomorrow and sunny. It should be a nice day.

Big game for Atleti tomorrow. It's the quarter finals of the Copa del Rey. They are playing Celta Vigo, from the north and a second division team. They had a thrilling 5-1, 2nd leg win against Recreativo Huelva last week to advance on aggregate, 5-4. Huelva is also a second division team.


Never trust Massachusetts. The election of Scott Brown is a stiletto to the kidney of the health reform bill. I don't know how much it would have changed things, but it would have been better than nothing. Hearings to discuss booting Massachusetts out of the Union begin next Tuesday, led by myself.

The case against Massachusetts

  • They replace Ted Kennedy with a newbie Republican that spells the end of Health care Reform
  • They started all of the problems with the British in the 17oo's; See Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party,
  • Pat Smith resided there for many years
  • David E. Kelley, who unleashed such plagues upon us as The Practice, Boston Public, Ally McBeal
  • They don't sell beer on Sunday
  • The Red Sox
  • They are just a bunch of Massholes


Caught up on some much needed sleep. Woo hoo!

The humidifier i bought two years ago has saved my life. Our heat is electric and dryer than the Mojave Desert. My face was so dry i was like a mummy. But the humidifier and moisturizer has saved me. The weather has been warmer, like 50 during the day, which isn't bad at all.

Tonight i had pizza with American Laura and we watched The Invention of Lying. It was funny. Tomorrow i'll see Cara.


Trying to clean up my Mac's hardrive. 210 GB of space used! WTF. I must have a lot of MP3 duplicates.

My work schedule changes yet again on Monday. Now i have to go to Tres Cantos (up north by bus, 4 days a week). But, it's work.

Time to publish this lengthy missive

domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

The weekend fades....

Plaza Castilla en la noche


It's no concern of theirs
The world outside
Corrupts my child
So trust these eyes
-Porcupine Tree

Well, I had my meeting with PLT. The HR person at Liberty is bonkers and they cancelled, through no fault of Jason's nor mine own, Celia told us. The good news is that there is another class way up at Tres Cantos which is 20E and 3 hours a week, except that it screws up the time for my later classes. The juggling act never ends. Joder!!!!!

Don is screaming at Orange (Telephone / Internet provider) because the Internet is slower than tortoise covered in honey and because they are not sending us our bills. They said they can't send us our bills until we pay the bill. WTF? Madness i say. Madness!

I'll figure it out. I always do. Somehow. I like Celia. She's the only one i work for these days. Otherwise i work for myself, 14 hours a week, 7 with her.


The vices and the doubt
We resist
All this shit
So kneel, submit
-Porcupine Tree

I think we have a new guitarist - Fernando. And we recorded low quality versions so i can memorize the breaks. We should be gigging in a few weeks. This would mean we would be a regular UN band with members from the USA, Scotland, England, Germany and Spain. Whew!

Last night was Rob's Bday at J&J's. We dressed like it was a wake because he was turning 41 (not funny). I wore a tie for the 1st time in i don't know when. But actually it was hilarious. Pics to come.

Go Jets! Go Dallas! I hate the Cowboys but i hate Brett "i retire more often than Sugar Ray Leonard" Favre more.

jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

On the Road....Again


Back to work. My schedule is still kind of wacky, but it's only the first week back. I am finally starting to feel better. I got a script of Amoxicillina yesterday. Nasal infection. I was sick for a week before i was sure. So again, like in Oct., i start back to work sick. Bummer, but i will live. But i can't sleep tonight. Not sure what's wrong with me. Either it's being sick or the Amoxicillian. At least i don't work early. Everybody i know has been sick. Tis the season. Cold and wet. It's been No more than 3 C for the past few days.


Feeling better. Ahh...sometimes you just need an antibiotic. The snot leaves my body and that icky taste in my mouth is gone. I added 2 more hours of classes, so this is good. Very, very good.

I rearranged my room AGAIN to get my head away from the window, and finally was able to get the humidifier open ( i hadn't used it in a year and a half) so that i can put agua in it and get some moisture in here. The heat is SO dry. My skin is drier than the Sahara, even with moisturizer. So things are falling together. I have a meeting for PLT at noon, the only academy i work for. I assure you it will be an utter waste of time. Then I jam tonite with the regular band, tomorrow with Carl, and then a gig with Carl on Sunday night at 22:00. Whew! Busy, busy.

Maybe it sounds mean
But I really don't think so

-Sinead O'Connor

lunes, 11 de enero de 2010



Can you name the 8 Head Coaches of the Seattle Seahawks? Anyone who can get 7 is an expert, as far as i'm concerned. I only got 7, because 1 was an interim coach after their 1st head coach got fired because they found out he was an alcoholic, thus explaining why the they often did fake punts on 4th and 10.

I had lunch today with Cara, which was great. All of Those Who Have Been Scattered have returned, which was basically just American Laura and Cara.
I have mixed emotions about leaving. I will miss it here. Yet, my time has come. I am ready to go. There's something else for me out there. I just know it.

I met a really awesome gal over Christmas. She's the first woman that has really interested me in a while. She's from Canada, from the New Foundland region. She's hip, cool, hot. So what's the problem?

Wait for it....wait for it..... She's 23. D'oh! One friend have told me not to worry about it. One told me, "Tap that ass once and then run like hell," and it was a woman!

I'm so confused

-Vinny Barbarino, Welcome Back Kotter

As if there was any doubt, Joe Theisman is a wanker. He called Rex Ryan, Buddy Ryan twice during the Jets / Bengals game. He's a moron. I am watching adds for Pepsi Throwback, made with REAL SUGAR. What the hell else would you make it with if it's not a diet drink. Honey? Panda dung? Crystal meth?

Confusion will be my epitaph

-King Crimson

J - E - T - S, Jets, Jets, Jets! I've never said that before. It didn't feel good. But i hope they win, for Mike. And i picked them. Someone shut Theisman up.

1. "Having timeouts is important."

2. "I don't qualify Sanchez a rookie. He's already played 17 games." Actually, this is his 17th game, you idiot. There are 17 weeks in the season but you only play 16. Didn't you play in the league? And it's his first season, which makes him a rookie. Am i wrong?

3. "The Jets not having their punter will really affect their field position."
It's a curse to be smarter than everyone else. A curse i say. It must be Mum's fault because my father never struck me as a genius.

Here's all 8 Seahawks head coaches. I forgot about Mike McCormack, although i do remember Patera being sacked. And i remember the excitement over hiring "Ground Chuck" Knoll.

Jack Patera

Mike McCormack
Chuck Knoll

Tom Flores
Scott Erickson
Mike Homegrown
Jim Mora

Pete Carroll

Will Carroll finally be successful in the NFL? I don't know. But its better than what we had. 9 wins in two seasons? Are you joking me? Playoffs??!!!
That never gets old.

NBC is already shilling the Olympics. With the exception of hockey, who cares? Oh yeah, i can't wait to watch biathlon! Shooting and skiing! Now that's a sport!
14-7 Jets. Sweet. Almost halftime. Streaming media is one of the greatest inventions of the last century. 17-7. Wait. Penalty. And another Jets penalty! WTF? That was ugly. Still 14-7. Uh oh.

The Bagels are starting to come back. Looks like pass interference on Ochocinco. That moron. It should be Ochenta Cinco. That's how you say 85. His name is "eight - five." It's like he's on Star Trek or something.
HA! The Bengals kicker just missed a FG. Jets are driving. 21-7.

24 - 14. Jets win. Nice. i am 1 - 0 in my prognostication.


Practiced with Carl today fro the upcoming concert. I'm starting to learn the songs. He bought his acoustic over the house.


Back to work. Por fin! (Finally!)

sábado, 9 de enero de 2010

News of the day

Good evening. And now we bring you the news. Jim Mora is still fired as the Seahawks head coach. WOOOOO HOOOOOO! Pete Carroll may or may not be their next head coach, but i would pick one of the Keebler elves over Jim Mora. I'm just sayin'.

January 8th. Does that mean anything to you? It must mean someone to somebody. To me it means 48 hours before i start earning Euros again. Certainly someone was born, or died, got married, fell in love, found an unopened Snickers bar lying on the ground, etc.

Playoffs?!!!! You're talking to me about playoffs? You kiddin' me? I just hope we can win a game. Playoffs???!!!!
-Jim Mora Sr.

viernes, 8 de enero de 2010

Gracias a Dios!

Jim Mora was fired today! I spoke to the Mum on the phone and she told me. I'm so happy i could poop my pants. I hate Jim Mora more than gonorrhea. And Pete Carrol is the lead candidate for the job. I like Pete Carrol, a lot.

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
-The Beatles


Yesterday was my 3rd Spaniversary. On January 7, 2007, I landed in Barajas airport after about 24 hours without sleep. Within a few hours i was wondering if i had made a gi-normous mistake by coming here. And then i remembered having the same feeling in Jamaica 17 years earlier.

Just keep swimming. Keep swimming!

-Dory the blue fish, Finding Nemo

miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

King Me

It's good to be king,
if just for a while

To be there in velvet,
yeah, to give 'em a smile

-Tom Petty


Wild Card Week Picks

NY over Cincinnati
Dallas over Philadelphia
New England over Baltimore
Arizona over Greenbay

And i'll say it now, i think SD wins the Super Bowl, despite having Stormin' Norman Turner as a head coach. And i think they'll beat..... Hell, i don't know. The NFC is as wide open Glen Beck's mouth. Not the Vikings (thank you Universe!). Please not Dallas, although they are the sexy pick. I'm going to regret this, but i will say New Orleans. I'd actually rather see them win the Super Bowl, but i don't think it'll happen.

Jim Zorn is out as the Redskins' head coach. Amen. Now i can start to root for him again.

Listening to;

Who's Next - The Who
Live in Gdansk - David Gilmour

Aja - Steely Dan

Insurgentes - Steven Wilson

Machina - Smashing Pumpkins


Today is the festival of Las Reyes Magico (The Magic Kings). This was traditional the morning kids got presents.I went out with American Laura last night, which was fun. She was in Florida for the holidays. I am watching Copa del Rey football; Atletico vs. Recreativo Huelva on TV. Huelva is in the 2nd division and leading Atletico 2-0. And Atleti is down to 10 men because of a red card. They are just ugly this year.

It's good to be king 
and have your own world
It helps to make friends,
it's good to meet girls
-Tom Petty

lunes, 4 de enero de 2010


Sharing a dream on an island, it felt right

-David Gilmour

Not sure what to say. Snot pours out of me in buckets. A flu? Allergies? I see no sign of nasal infection yet.
Yo no se (I don't know). One class tonight at 19:00. One more holiday to get past. I am so burnt out on holidays (you know, it's considered correct to use both burned or burnt, stupid English language). It's 48F but so wet and rainy it cuts through you, like a hacksaw. Damp and raw. And the forecast for tomorrow; more rain. Snow for the weekend they say, but the temperature would really have to drop.

2010. Wow. When i was a kid, i thought cars would fly by now. And that we'd all be a lot more intelligent - W. Bush winning TWO presidential elections has set the human race back 100 years. It's 100 years we might not get back.

I have watched a lot of sci-fi lately; the remake and the original of ON THE BEACH. EQUILIBRIUM and ABSOLON which were very Orwellian. And classics like BLADE RUNNER.

I am thinking that the next novel may be science fiction. It's an old idea that i think i could tweak and polish into something relevant. A tentative title is TERRA NOVUS (New Earth, from Latin), about a race of people 200 years after they have relocated to a new planet after a cataclysm struck their original world. We'll see. My goal this week is to start marketing the last one. And be less snotty. Stay dry everybody!

domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

days that are hallowed


Some people have a tough time at the holidays. I have seen this. We have the 'Magic Kings' on Wed (The Wise Men) and then the holidays are over. Hallelujah! Enough is enough. Time to get back to work. They've been great, but i need some normalcy.

I skyped with Sue, Annie and Fripp yesterday. It was great. Frippy hears my voice and sits and Sue's feet and listens. Then he runs off and cries. "Frippy is screaming!" Annie says. "He misses Jay," Sue told her. I told her happy New Year, and she said, "Happy New Year to you, Jay." That's a pretty full sentence for a 2.5 year old. She said Santa was very good to her.

it's about 46F and rainy. It's been that way for a long time now.

It's the last week of the NFL Season. But the Seahawks and the Giants are out, so who really gives a damn.

Let the hockey season begin in earnest!

House is cleaner. The heavy floor washing follows tomorrow. I am meeting the nutty La Profesora at 19:30 in Sol. I really don't know what my attraction is with her. I must be insane.
She has been very sick with Vertigo. I have another friend who may be breaking up with her live-in boyfriend so she crashed over here last night. For those involved, it gets tiring, all the drama. But my Mama was a math teacher and she taught me; L + P = K, or (Life + People = Kaos).

And so it goes
-Kurt Vonnegut

viernes, 1 de enero de 2010


but nothing changes on New Year's day

Feliz Ano Nuevo! Had a great night. Curry over at Mike's House. Then Bars. Then Lee and Zowie's place. I got home a 14:00! Oy! Then sleeping. Much sleeping. It was a great night. Good friends. Happy New Year!