miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

I am the Platypus


Forward you bitch! Clean! Listening to a ginormous mix of Primus and Les Claypool. Odd and rocking, just like my life. 29 songs. 2 hours and 32 one minutes worth. Will it be enough? Only Les Claypool knows.

Grab yourself a can of pork soda
You'll be feeling just fine 
Ain't nothin' quite like sittin' 'round the house 
Swillin' down them Cans of swine 

18:08 Making headway. Bit by bit. Blow by agonizing blow. I am the walrus. I am the Platypus. Hey
that could be an autobiography title. Why the hell not? i've always seen myself as an odd hybrid. I can do
Some cool things. Original things. But i always seem to deviate from the norm. 

18:44 A dent has been made. Desk clean. I must admit, i lost all interest in cleaning when i found out 
on the 16th i had to leave.  How i'd love to set this place on fire! That's just how i roll.

How do we humans acquire so much shit? And i have been thinning things out for a year.

18:54  KEEP MOVING FAT ASS!!!!!!  
with your head down in the pig mire 
singing, keep on digging. 
-Pink Floyd


Time change - Sorin said they can only come at 14:00. Whoor Face will bitch but fuck her. The room is clean.
Swept, packed - done. Okay. Shower- meet Carolyn at J&J at 21:00 for the end of Bender August. have not seen
her in a month. I am out of here like a seven cereal bars thru a goose. 

there's a gun in my mouth syndrome

Beelzebot - Futurama

So lazy - must get moving 14:24. Time for "there's a gun in my mouth syndrome" to get me moving. Up against the clock.

Time move on
time to get going
what lies ahead i have no way of knowing
under my feet babe
the grass is growing
time to move on
time to get going
-Tom Petty


I'm throwing away this fucking pillow. I bought it when i moved last October. It busted a seam and has been leaking stuffing for a year. Every morning i wake up in a cloud of fuzz next to my head. The first time i woke up i thought i was dead and in Heaven. Then i realized i didn't believe in heaven. Then i was hung over. Life's a bitch sometimes.

Be gone faulty pillow. i cast you out!

I really miss you all. Sorry to hear that Newtown is still powerless and waterless. Frig. What a drag.

I am the laziest person i ever met. But do have a new short story planned on my experience here; Agosto in el Infierno - August in Hell. Carrie, who's cat i watched for 10 days, my only solace this month, said she will right a foreward. So... i don't know....., maybe in a month. It'll be good to have a side project while i do a final edit of buying new soul.

Clean Jay! Clean! Then i'll reward you with one last meal at Acala Fusion. i've know these dudes a year. I know the waiters, the owners, everyone. I won't have much need to come back this way. I'll have to come for lunch sometime on the weekend. I'll bring a friend. Make an event of it. Good-bye barrio! Including a month in Getafe, i have lived in 5 different places since Sept. 1. 4 different places in this barrio, on both sides of Calle Alcala, the main drag. It's time for a change. I may even cut my hair. Or the land lady's throat. The second one makes a way more convincing argument.

end transmisson

martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

LIfe in Hell

i think i would have preferred the Suicide Booth.

This woman is still causing fights. Still a total bitch. She is the most miserable evil thing i've ever met, which is saying something! I told her i wanted my deposit tomorrow. She said when you give me the keys and leave tomorrow. I said, "i told you i leave on the first." She said, no - you said the 31st. She was lying.... again. I went crazy. I knocked over a chair. She told me to pick it up. I told her to fuck herself. But she had been scared after she hit me 2x last week. She was scared i would hit her. I don't hit women, even if they are stupid, evil, diseased whoors. I just glared at her. I made it well known i was at my limit. She said okay, "Thursday morning."

Hell. It never ends with this woman. But considering all she does is work once or twice a week and watch TV CONSTANTLY, or play video games with bad music that makes and irritating cat and baby noise every minute, i suppose her life is already hell.

And my venue changes in 48 hours.

Bender in Robot Hell:

lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Nightmare's End

Bender and Fry in the Suicide Booth

Everybody's got someone they call home -Roger Waters

Well, praise Jah, i found a place in Atoche. It's nice. Nice room. The two guys, Eduardo and Marconedes seem very nice. They are a couple. Fine by me. I actually talked to them for about 45 minutes yesterday when i dropped off the fianza (deposit.) It's nice to have people treat you like a human being and not a meat bag that's pays the rent on the 5th of every month. So Jueves i get to leave this hell hole.

It's close to the Atocha train station, so i have both the Metro and the Cercanias, which is a high speed train as well. Lots of markets and all. I'm in the south now and much more central. So, the nightmare is over. Sept. 1st is a new start. A new day. A new month. A new school year.

sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

All's Quiet....

The Space Jockey from Aliens (1979)

At least on the Internet. I guess i get most of my email traffic from the East Coast. So it's been quiet since 13:00. No spam. Nothing. Just quiet as Irene rattles the Coast. Sue and Annie were supposed to go to the Outer Banks, NC today. I am sure they did not go as that's where Irene made landfall. A big scary storm. I saw 3 people have already died in NC. I never saw the appeal of living in either of the Carolina's as they seem to get hammered by storms at least twice a decade. And then that asshole Karmanos buys the Whalers, uproots them to Raleigh and names the team; The Hurricanes. It was right after Hurricane Fran hit in 1996, causing $2.5b of damage and causing 14 deaths, the worst NC disaster ever. Moron!

On the count of three you will wake up feeling refreshed, as if Futurama had never been canceled by idiots, and then brought back by bigger idiots. One..., two....
-Bender, Futurama

Looking at a flat at 10 tonight. My fingers are crossed. As are my toes. And my wang.


Not my fault God hates me. But he doesn't really exist, And i do! IN YOUR FACE MEL GIBSON!

A Nightmare


i just want this all to end. I give up. I just want peace

Everyday is a war with this crazy Ecuadorian woman. She's evil. And crazy.

But i am hard to kill. I'm extremely difficult to battle with, probably because i've been at war most of my life (see: Father, Authority, Crazy Right Wing Conservatives.)

And i have my limits. Every time i poke my head out of my room this bitch yells at me for something. "Don't keep glasses and plates in your room!" I had one glass and one tiny plate that i brought into my room for a snack when i got in at 2:00AM. "I only brought it in this morning," i said. That shut her trap.


So, on Thursday, the crazy puta called the police! I am fine. All is well. But she's insane. Truly.

Long story short - I went to put my laundry in the washer. She was on the couch, on the phone, and started pointing at me and screaming "No! NO! NO!" I just looked away from her and saw Pelayo in the kitchen. He said she was using the watcher. So.... i brought the clothes back in my room. Later i saw they were almost done and started cooking pasta. I was reading A STORM OF SWORDS (awesome!) and her laundry stopped. She eventually took it out of the washer. I went to go get my laundry (as i knew she'd try to do another load before i did.) 1 minute later, i came back and she had stuffed the washer full. I explained that i had no boxers for tomorrow. She started screaming that she had been in Salamanca and had to do laundry. I explained that she already had some clean clothes and i needed to wash them before i left to go see flats at 19:00. She told me to get out of her house, pack my things and leave. I switched to English. "Fuck you!" DO you understand that word in English?" "It's not YOUR house because i pay you." She actually took a swing at me and hit me in the arm. Then she stepped back in fear. Luckily for her, i don't hit women under any circumstances. I opened the washer, threw her clothes on the floor, put mine in, and started the washer. She screamed that she was calling the police. I laughed in her face. "Vamos, tu puta loca (Go ahead you crazy whoor!) Smoke came out of her ears. "Te conoces que significa puta? (do you know what the word PUTA means?)" I responded, "Si, eres tu. (Yes, you.) Game set and match to me.

She actually called the police. They showed up about 15 minutes later. I had my driver's license and my passport. One cop looked at the stamps but not too carefully. He asked when i had come to Spain. I chose the answer, 6 months ago. Now before the cops came i caught her poking at her eyes so that tears were streaming down her face. I just stayed calm. I explained that she had lied to me about the flat, that i had wanted it til July but she told me to leave because her daughters were making a visit after just two weeks. That's illegal. It's also fraud. And that now i had to move again and that she was crazy. They tried to reason with her but she just kept crying and blabbering. "He's makes a mess of the house (not true). He doesn't speak Spanish" The cops had been talking to me for ten minutes. The cops didn't care and they left. At least there is a police record of it now, that she's nuts. They couldn't believe she called the cops over the washing machine.

I keep looking and haven't found a thing. People don't show up when they tell me to meet them to see a place. I saw one flat on Thurs. that was Hobbit-sized! I'll go look at the ads at the locutorios (Internet places.) i am so tired, so stressed out. i need a vacation. This has been a horrible year.

But i shall rise again. I always do. And over the next year i shall plot my return to the USA next summer. Stick a fork in me cuz i'm done.

So please keep me in your thoughts, as you are all in mine with Hurricane Irene.

jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

the endless quest continues

A place to stay
Enough to eat
Somewhere old heroes shuffle safely down the street
-Pink Floyd

Still looking for a flat. It's an impossible time to look. No one is here.

I had one of my students for the last time last night. She is starting a Cambridge First Exam Course to prepare for her First Certificate. I may get some future work from her sister and her husband. She said some really nice things about the way i teach. It's always a wee bit emotional when saying good-bye.

But that's why i'm here. That's why i do what i do.

Just need a safe place to live.

Everyone i know in VA/DC/MD is accounted for and safe. That's good news.

It's only as hot as hell now. Not 'hotter than hell." That's a start, right?"

Listening to;
Exit Stage Left - Rush
Duke - Genesis

miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2011

Quake in VA

Earthquake in VA? WTF? I spoke with Sue and she and Annie are fine. Sue said she was in a 12 floor building at Tyson's Corner when it hit. They thought an airplane had hit the building. Annie was at daycare/preschool and they made all the children go into the bathroom, get on the floor, and cover their heads. Poor Little Awesome Annie! I read it was felt all the way up on Martha's Vineyard, which is where Obama was with is family. Crazy.

First it was The Pentagon on 9/11. Then the Anthrax scare. Then the sniper who terrorized the DC Area for a month. In September, 2003, Hurricane Isabel hit Virginia with winds of 115 mph and became the costliest disaster in VA's history. 1.8 million were without power. I was one. No power for 4 days. I had to empty the entire fridge. Luckily, Sue was traveling so i just took care of it all myself. The DC Area has had 3 blizzards in the last two years, all over a foot of snow. And now, a 5.8 earthquake. So what's my point? Screw that! I am never living in that area again. That's only in the last ten years!

martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

the lunatics run the ASSylum

In and out of darkness, in and out of sleep
trying to keep my hands upon the wheel.
Never saw the corner in the driving rain.
I never saw her step into the street.

All my life you lie silently there
All my life in a world so unfair
All my life and only I'll know why
and it will live inside of me,
I will never be free all my life,
trapped in her memory all my life
Till the day that you open your eyes,
please open your eyes

dreaming while you sleep
dreaming while you sleep

Looking for a flat here is hell. I put a fianza (deposit) on a flat last night. She said it was 400 E a month. I gave her 400, had her sign a piece of paper and got the keys. She had said she'd give them to me, and then said, "No - you can have them on the first," to which i replied; No way. She gave me the keys. I said i'd move in on the 1st. She asked, "will you have the rent?" Yes, i said i'd bring 400 E. She said, "No, 600." I said "What?" She had already shown me a room that was 600 and i said it was too much. She had said the room i was taking was only 400. She was trying to pull a fast one. The deposit was one month's rent, so why did she accept 400E? I took the money back, tore up the paper and gave her back the keys.

Liars. Double-dealers. Spanish people are horrible to do business with.

Look at La Liga;

The top Spanish Football League is on strike. Players are owed up to 72m Euros!
From ESPN:

Spain's bankruptcy law is also a problem as it allows insolvent clubs to re-negotiate or delay paying player salaries -- just like other outstanding debts -- while under bankruptcy protection. Spanish legislation expected to pass through parliament next month would relegate any insolvent club into the third division, although that wouldn't go into effect until the end of this season.

There are six topflight clubs and a number of second-division clubs in bankruptcy protection.

When the postponed games would be replayed is uncertain, with no free dates for rescheduling on the Spanish calendar before May.

So, no football til at least Sept.10th. And it's a Euro Cup year (games start in June) so it's going to be a bitch to reschedule. I know several people who work for Real Madrid in broadcasting. It's a big mess. Just like this country.

Well, if i can't find a flat i'll just stay here another month. If her daughters have no place to live - that isn't my problem. It's criminal to lie to someone and ask them to move after two weeks. According to Spanish law, i won't even have to pay. I can only play the hand i'm dealt. Sometimes i really miss home. But i will figure something out. I always do. At least it's Bender Tuesday.

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011


30 pages edited.

Thanks to Mum for all the support. Seriously. I'm ancient - but i still have my Mum!

Where the hell are my pants?

Wait a minute. Took them off.. All is well.

My poor Mum!

domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

....to the dogs

Every time i am editing a 'finished novel' i think; how the f@*k did i ever write all this? Am i insane?

Please don't answer that. That's always what self asks me in turn.

16 pages out of 176 single spaced pages edited. The font changes from 12 to 10, because sections are from a diary and should be 10.

99F today. It's been hotter this past week than the whole summer. That happened last year too.

Looking for flats. Hard to do cuz EVERYONE is out of town. Excepting me. Hate it.

I wish i was the dog in Wilfred. Life would be so much easier.

- - -

I saw Maria last night. It was lots of fun. She did her best to take my mind off of moving again. She's working on starting the business.

Back to the flat search!

sábado, 20 de agosto de 2011

The Apocalypse in 9/8

Peter Gabriel dressed as the Magog

With the guards of Magog, swarming around,
The Pied Piper takes his children underground.
Dragons coming out of the sea,
Shimmering silver head of wisdom looking at me.
He brings down the fire from the skies,
You can tell he's doing well by the look in human eyes.
Better not compromise.
It won't be easy.

I still hate zealots. I hate looking for flats. More on that later. It's too frustrating to get into right now. Suffice it to say that this crazy woman basically needed this place rented for August. I was here two weeks and now she says her daughters are coming in Sept. and i have to be out by Sept 1. Fucking bitch. I will never live with another South American / Latin American person again. The one's i've met here have no education and no heart. They treat people like animals. The fucking inconvenience this whoor has caused me. I'm just sick of it all. So - i'm looking again. Just breathe, just breathe.


My new favorite show is Wilfred on FX. It's so over-the-top funny. Weeds is great too, as are the new Futurama episodes. All hail the Space Pope!

Speaking of the Pope, it's hotter than a sauna in Hell today. I'll meet Maria in Sol at 21:00, after it cools down a bit.

SO is there any good news? Yes. Mom, Mel and Janet are going to look into coming to Europe after Xmas. That'll be nice. I've never gone this long without seeing my family.

Also, i have begun the arduous process of re-editing Buying New Soul, my latest. It's a wee bit short, i think, so i'll try and beef it up a bit. When it's done i'll send it out to all of you. It's 87,206 words, and the minimum is usually 55,000. So it's kind of there. Probably about 100,000 would be perfect. Anyone who publishes it will probably cut the crap out of it anyway. Never ending editing.

666 is no longer alone,
He's getting out the marrow in your back bone,
And the seven trumpets blowing sweet rock and roll,
Gonna blow right down inside your soul.
Pythagoras with the looking glass reflects the full moon,
In blood, he's writing the lyrics of a hip brand new tune.

miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

The Zealots Descend

Above; Logo for JMJ and the Pope's Visit

Below; The only pope i recognize: the Space Pope from Futurama

But after a while
you realize time flies.
And the best thing that you can do
is take whatever comes to you.
'Cuz time flies.
-Porcupine Tree

Wow. I need a break.


"It's part of Satan, I think, to say that this is 'gay.' It's anything but 'gay.'
-Michele Bachmann

Well, because of society, i've never heard a gay person telling me that being gay is a picnic. But part of Satan? We can't ever have that crazy bitch in the White House.

1 million zealots have descended on Madrid since Monday. They are here for JMJ (Spanish for World Youth Day) and the Pope. Spain's economy is currently locked in the garage with an SUV's engine running, but they are spending over 100m Euros for his visit. Madrid has paid for thousands of extra police.

Luckily most folks are on vacation, but they are taxing the hell out of the Metro system. They are rude and don't get out of the way of working people even when you ask them nicely. I asked one group twice to please move (in Spanish) while i was trying to leave the Metro. In the end, there was a big dope standing right in front of the door. These people, all wearing merchandise that says 'JMJ 2011' and orange hats had been getting on my nerves all day. When i reached to open the door the moron just stood and looked at me. So finally i said, "Get out of my way, you fuck!" The sweet thing about the word 'fuck' (besides its many uses as a verb, noun, adj. adv) is that everyone knows it. He quickly moved. "Oh, you understood that?," i said and walked out.

I hate zealots. I hate dumb asses. This dude was both.

American Laura was trying to work from her flat but her neighbors were blaring religious music. In the bathroom at Barclays yesterday, i heard people chanting "Viva la Papa (Long Live the Pope!,) to which i can only say "Are you fucking serious?"

He arrives manana, so i have an IV drip of vodka infused with garlic set to go when the Pope gets here (Michael Jackson's ex - doctor rigged it up for me.) I don't like the Pope and he certainly doesn't like me. The Rastafarians believe the Pope is the Anti-Christ. I'm on board with that. He, for some reason, thinks i am the Anti-Christ. Hey, i'm not the one who condones priests raping kids. I'm not the one who was a member of the Hitler Youth. I'm not the one who tells people not to use condoms in AIDS ridden Africa and on a planet with over 6 million people when ecologists agree we are using the world's resources at a rate of 1.5 earths. I'm not the one who denies gay people their rights. Need i continue?

I'm okay with him thinking i'm the Anti-Christ. No worries. Way better than being one of those mindless zealots chanting for the Pope and walking by homeless people lying in the street. And why the garlic, you ask? To ward off evil. The Catholic Church is about controlling people. It's about telling the poor and disenfranchised to shut the fuck up and accept their fate. In the Spanish Civil War, the Catholic Church sided with Franco and the rebels who overthrew a democratically elected government. They sided with the rich, the land owners, who when the people voted to redistribute wealth in a more just way said, "Fuck that."

I have no trouble with Christians. I just see less and less true ones. And the ones who tell you they are good ones have termites in their soul. But as an institution, the Catholic Church is evil, corrupt and mad. Truly bat shit mad.

It's been a really rough week, but I feel better now.

And the days go by.....

Same as it ever was
-The Talking Heads

Bachmann Voter Turnout Override
It's difficult to believe how stupid this woman is. Yesterday in South Carolina, she wished Elvis a happy birthday. How sweet. The only problem is that it was the anniversary of his death. His birthday is January 8. If she can't get this right, how could she ever negotiate with other heads of state? Would anyone want to see her in charge of the USA's nuclear arsenal?The fact that she has any following at all shows that the country is indeed in dire straits.

And thanks to Mum who sent me an email about the latest misstep of Mrs. 'Pray Away the Gay.'

Hot. No work today but lots of crap to do.

And you may ask yourself, "How do I work this?"
And you may ask yourself, "Where is that large automobile?"
And you may tell yourself, "This is not my beautiful house"
And you may tell yourself, "This is not my beautiful wife"
-Talking Heads

lunes, 15 de agosto de 2011

New Hampshire, Cradle of the American Revolution

Bachmann (Voter) Turnout Override

Great article by The Onion. I truly hate this woman. Isn't there some place in Alaska where we can confine. I mean, that's what we did with Sarah Palin.

This is from the Daily Mail Online, March 16, 2011;

Clutching a tea bag in her hand, she told a group of students and conservative activists in Manchester, New Hampshire: ‘You're the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord.’

The brutal irony is that as a Tea Bagger, she should really know that Lexington and Concord are in Massachusetts. How stupid do you have to be to not know that. ALL the trouble leading up to the Revolution was in Massachusetts, which is why many colonists hated the state even then, before we all had coined the word Massholes.

Dog Days

I am the one who guided you this far,
All you know and all you feel.
Nobody must know my name
For nobody would understand,
And you kill what you fear,
And you fear what you don't understand.

I call you for I must leave,
You're on your own until the end.
There was a choice but now it's gone,
I said you wouldn't understand,
Take what's yours and be damned.

Well, i met Natalie and Josh at the park. We had a great lunch - churasco de tenera. They brought a little barbecue to our table and like 20 thin pieces of steak. Then you just cook'em as you go. She's nice. Very attractive. She's a tiny little thing. It was hard to get to know each other with a 4 year old in tow but we'll see what happens. And Joshua and i got along fine. So we'll see what happens.

Back to work manana.

I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It was great. It left a lot of questions which will be answered in future sequels. Hooray! It reminded me a lot of Atwood's novel; Oryx and Crake, about how mucking around with genetics and playing god can come back to bite you in the ass. The cinematography and Andy Serkis' work were incredible.

It's 18:32 and it's 97F. I'd stand up but i think my feet have been fused to the floor from the heat.

domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011


ABIFF: Always Be In Front of a Fan. Ventilator en Espanol.

So hot. Always hot. It's only 81F but it's so muggy. It'll get to 90F. That's 32C. It's always in the 30's. Every day.


Well, i can move back to my own place tomorrow. It's St. Paloma's Festival manana and is a holiday. A Puente (Bridge). That's how they say "long weekend."

Okay. Swept and tidied up. Will take out the trash when i leave the flat. Lolo is fed and happy. I must shower and then get a cup of coffee and pan con tomate (Bread with a tomato and olive oil sauce on it.)

And then i'm off to Casa de Campo, a park, to meet this gal, Natalie. A date. We met online after she sent me a message. Her pic is cute and we talked on the phone and she seems very down to earth. So, why not meet for a drink? However, she's a got a 4 1/2 year old boy. She couldn't get a sitter. I told her no problem. So, yet another interesting development in the world of dating; having a 4 year old on a first date. Things just get trippier and trippier. But i'm fine with it. I love younglings and it's a great age. Annie's that age now. They've become little people with personalities.

And we're going to a grill place in the park. Barbecue is the fast lane to my heart.

& *&*&

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

Iowa and Other Useless Things

Jack Ass Awards of the Week: Carlos Zambrano for cleaning out his locker after he was ejected for throwing at a batter and saying that he is retiring. He has $2.6m left on his contract between the rest of this and next year.

Bachmann Voter Turnout Override: She basically said nothing at the Iowa straw poll. While all of the other official candidates gave full speeches, she spoke for all of 2:22 (this is the new Number of the Beast, i suppose.) “This is where Barack Obama got his start,” she said. “This is where he is going to come to his end, in Iowa!” WTF? Does she hope to assassinate him? In Iowa? Why would the President go to Iowa? He already has his party's nomination. Is she an idiot?

Yes. Yes she is.

As she ran off to her next campaign stop, several people in the crowd made their displeasure known.

Hot and humid but we finally got some proper rain last night!

What to do tonight? 90F hot and humid. Yuck! Brutal. Summer is ending. Yeah! No more heat!

On another note; Iowa stole little New Hampshire's thunder by moving their primary up so that they would be the first one in a Presidential Election. Assholes! If it wasn't for grazing beef and the Creative Writing Program at the University of Iowa, what other purpose could it possibly serve?

jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

Eggs and Pluto

I am always amazed at how much cat's like music, especially progressive rock. I have listened to virtually the entire Genesis catalogue with Lolo. He's just like Fripp. He sits, listens and just digs it. Extraordinary animals. these cat. I accidentally called him Pluto once (that's H & K's cat.) Lolo didn't seem to mind.


It's fucking 97F at 21:12. Ha! 2112! Rush Rules. You probably noticed the banner ad i threw up for Steven Wilson's second album. He's the driving force behind Porcupine Tree. The PT website said, "Hey, we'd really appreciate it if you could put this on your website," so i did. It was easy. I didn't know i could do that. But i guess i didn't have a reason to. Now i do.

Must go on terrace or i might die. I leave the music on for Lolo. It's Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists - Intergalactic Boogie Express: Live in Europe 1991. 12 Acoustic guitars playing together. It's bonkers. It's busy as hell.

I still laugh when i think of Sue saying that Frippy walks out of Annie's bedroom when she starts playing Lady Ga Ga. The Force is strong in you, boy. Note: i do actually understand how a 4 year old likes Lady Ga Ga. What i don't get is how adults like her.

Egg in a pan. I'm frying like an egg in a pan.

martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

Epic Tales (three different ones)

the Kingslayer on the Iron Throne

Reading A Clash of King's by George R R Martin, the sequel to Game of Thrones ( i watched the series.) Very good, very dense, complex and it's a monster of a book at 1,000 pages. But who doesn't love war, incest, treachery, dragons and undead from the great winter lands to the North?

Speaking of epics; three hours of class today and then it's Bender Tuesday. Last night was so nice and cool. I slept without a fan. I taught Nicola how to play 31 at J&J's and it was so breezy we had to shut the side door to keep the cards from flying. I actually woke up cold. Oh joy, oh rapture!

No, not the Rapture, where the true Christians float up to heaven before the rise of the Anti-Christ.

Ascent! You're flying now! I hope I haven't missed the part where the three Chinese guys give perfume to the star baby.

Ah, I love your religion - for the crazy! Virgin birth, water into wine; it's like Harry Potter, but it causes genocide and bad folk music.

It's like the diaries of a madman!

-Roger the Alien, American Dad; in the parking lot of church on Christmas Eve, after Stan explains the Rapture to him.

domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

a quiet happy place


There's something solid forming in the air,

And the wall of death is lowered in Times Square.

No-one seems to care,

They carry on as if nothing was there.

The wind is blowing harder now,

Blowing dust into my eyes.

The dust settles on my skin,

Making a crust I cannot move in

And I'm hovering like a fly, waiting for the windshield on the freeway....


Hot. It's always hot. You start sweating in June and you don't stop til September. And this has been a relatively cool summer for Madrid. When i get back to the USA i'm setting up residency in Alaska. And then i'm going to run for Governor. I mean, how hard can it actually be? Look at recent predecessors (a quiet happy place..., i'm in a quiet happy place, yes i am...)! And cold. SO gorgeously beautifully cold up there.

Listening to;

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Genesis (have not listened to the studio album in so long)
Close and personal vol 1 - Suzanne Vega

Lolo is sleeping. Good for him.

Maria and i went to the San Lorenzo Festival in Lavapies. I had a Catalan sausage sandwich that was divine. Madrid is full of Saints festivals in August. Next week - Paloma in La Latina.

She's fine. She's really serious about starting a business together; teaching English. She wants to teach kids, what she went to college for. I'd just keep doing what i'm doing but we're looking into a way to legalize me. So, it's worth looking into.

She has good ideas. And she's attractive and personable. She just needs some assistance from someone with experience launching a business or product- and here i am. The government is giving all sorts of assistance to people starting businesses. It paid for Maria's web design course.

So, we'll see what happens. New Horizons await me. Today Madrid, tomorrow Juneau.

I am so lazy today. Damn heat. Damn Republicans. Damn refrigerator that keeps running out of beer.

Get moving!!!!!

sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Lolo and Stretch


Moved into Carrie and Alberto's for a few days. I am taking care of Lolo, their cat, who used to be Mary's cat (she's a bartender at J&J's.) So i call him Lolo, cuz that's his name, and he calls me Stretch because i am a lot taller than him.


Notice to Rick Perry, Gov. of Texas; you're an ass. A prayer service? This is how you help the economy? How about telling your party not to be self-serving at the expense of the nation? And you're thinking of running for Pres. as another whacko religious right candidate? Trying to out-Bachmann the competition? You're an idiot. A sham. A con artist.

I can't believe the things i read in the paper. Has the world gone completely mad? Moreso than before?

must get Nemo home
must get Nemo home


I felt like destroying something beautiful
-Fight Club

Well, S&P, for the first time in history, downgraded the USA to a double A plus rating.

“The downgrade reflects our view that the effectiveness, stability, and predictability of American policymaking and political institutions have weakened at a time of ongoing fiscal and economic challenge,” Standard and Poors said in a statement.
It described the decision as a judgment about the nation’s leaders, writing that “the gulf between the political parties” had reduced its confidence in the government’s ability to manage its finances. -NY TImes

The other two major firms, Moody's and Fitch, have not downgraded the USA at this time.

My hatred for the GOP has never been stronger, and i've lived through Reagan and two Bushes. I'm sick and tired. Pull me off the barbecue, cuz i'm done. No mas. Fuck it. I'm going to watch Finding Nemo and try to forget about all this shit for 90 minutes.

viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011


Give blood
But it could cost more than your dignity
Give blood
Parade your pallor in iniquity
Give blood
They will cry and say they're in our debt
Give blood
But then they'll sigh and they will soon forget

(we're heading for the day of reckoning I'm telling ya,
Its all building up to something,
Something that can be repeated with fire)
- Pete Townshend

Reaction of President Harry Truman to Loyalty Investigation, “News Conference at Key West,” March 30, 1950; From; http://historymatters.gmu.edu/, Thank You George Mason University!

Q. Mr. President, do you think Senator McCarthy is getting anywhere in his attempt to win the case against the State Department?

The President. What’s that?

Q. Do you think that Senator McCarthy can show any disloyalty exists in the State Department?

The President. I think the greatest asset that the Kremlin has is Senator McCarthy.

Q. Would you care to elaborate on that?

The President. I don’t think it needs any elaboration—I don’t think it needs any elaboration.

Q. Brother, will that hit page one tomorrow!

Q. If you think we are going to bust down the fence on what you have got later, that’s a pretty good starter. [Laughter]

Q. Mr. President, could we quote that one phrase, “I think the greatest asset the Kremlin has is Senator McCarthy”?

The President. Now let me give you a little preliminary, and then I will tell you what I think you ought to do. Let me tell you what the situation is.

We started out in 1945, when I became President, and the two wars were still going on, and the Russians were our allies, just the same as the British and the French and Brazil and the South American countries. And we won the war together.

We organized the United Nations in April 1945, and one of the first questions that was asked me, after I was sworn in at 7:09 o’clock on the 12th of April, was whether or not the San Francisco conference on the United Nations should go ahead. And I said it certainly will. It went ahead and we finally succeeded in getting a charter and getting it agreed to by I think 51 nations, if I remember correctly.

Then our objective was to—as quickly as possible—get peace in the world. We made certain agreements with the Russians and the British and the French and the Chinese. We kept those agreements to the letter. They have nearly all been—those agreements where the Russians were involved—been broken by the Russians. And it became perfectly evident that they had no intention of carrying out the fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter and the agreements which had been made at Teheran, Yalta, and Potsdam. And it became evident that there was an endeavor on the part of the Kremlin to control the world.

A procedure was instituted which came to be known as the cold war. The airlift to Berlin was only one phase of it. People became alarmed here in the United States then, that there might be people whose sympathies were with the Communist ideal of government—which is not communism under any circumstances, it is totalitarianism of the worst brand. There isn’t any difference between the totalitarian Russian Government and the Hitler government and the Franco government in Spain. They are all alike. They are police state governments.

In 1947 I instituted a loyalty program for Government employees, and that loyalty procedure program was set up in such a way that the rights of individuals were respected.

In a survey of the 2,200,000 employees at that time, I think there were some 205—something like that—who left the service. I don’t know—a great many of them left of their own accord.

Q. How many, Mr. President?

The President. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 205. Does anybody remember those figures exactly? It’s a very small figure.

Q. Very small.

The President. An infinitesimal part of 1 percent. We will get the figures for you.

And then, for political background, the Republicans have been trying vainly to find an issue on which to make a bid for the control of the Congress for next year. They tried “statism.” They tried “welfare state.” They tried “socialism.” And there are a certain number of members of the Republican Party who are trying to dig up that old malodorous dead horse called “isolationism.” And in order to do that, they are perfectly willing to sabotage the bipartisan foreign policy of the United States. And this fiasco which has been going on in the Senate is the very best asset that the Kremlin could have in the operation of the cold war. And that is what I mean when I say that McCarthy’s antics are the best asset that the Kremlin can have.

.... They are trying to create an issue, and it is going to be just as big a fiasco as the campaign in New York and other places on these other false and fatuous issues.

With a little bit of intelligence they could find an issue at home without a bit of trouble!

Q. What would it be, Mr. President?

The President. Anything in the domestic line. I will meet them on any subject they want, but to try to sabotage the foreign policy of the United States, in the face of the situation with which we are faced, is just as bad as trying to cut the Army in time of hot war.

The markets are getting worse. Italy is fucked and will have to be bailed. So will Spain. A Guardian poll (newspaper UK) has a poll where 53.7% felt the Euro is doomed as a currency. And the US looks like it is heading for a double dip recession. And all the ridiculous Debt Ceiling showdown did was exacerbate things. So, Obama needs to get "Hard Hat Harry" on the GOP's ass and call them out. Because enough is enough.