domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Fin de Noviembre

What happened to the NY Giants? They are dropping faster than a quarter dropped of the Empire State Building.

Hawks have a huge game at home vs. KC, an old AFC West rival from my youth. HOME: KC, Atlanta, Carolina, St. Louis - AWAY: Tampa Bay and San Fran. If they win the 4 home games they are in the playoffs. The only loss at home came to the Giants.

The gig went well. Everybody loved it, but we only got to play 9 songs because the bar owners were a bunch of assholes and the DJ started to play over us at 00:15. The people who came to see us were pissed off. At least we play at a good place on Fri for our last show of the year, maybe ever. With Pete and Tamara leaving, who knows. And then one of the asshole bartenders started taking my drum stuff in the back room when we were obviously bringing it to the car. When he wouldn't listen to me i called him a Cabron. That got the lame ass' attention. He was like " I'm throwing you out!" And i was like, "you can't throw me out cuz i'm leaving you moron." I was waiting outside for Fernando and the bartender came out and was yelling at me, behind a giant bouncer. I was just waiting for Fernando to get his stuff, and my jacket, by the car which was right outside the door. After ten minutes of this, I called the bouncer a maricon (faggot) because he was hiding behind the bouncer. The bouncer ran at me and pushed me and i pushed him back. The bartender pushed me from the blind side at the same time (Faggot) and i pushed him back. I was just trying to wait by the car and mind my own business. Assholes. Then Fernando came out, called them both assholes, and we left.

footnote: Obviously, i don't have any problem with gay people. I just can't express myself as well in Spanish to say "You effeminate yuppie asshole."

That's the last time i ever play a gig with Juan's band. He was the one who booked Cats where i got mugged, where the bouncers where assholes afterwards and told the police a bunch of lies.

Juan is a doormat. If someone tells him how to jump he says "How high?" He was like, "They are really nice guys." I going to get a pit bull to chew Juan's balls off. Then i'll tell him, "he's a really nice dog."

And i'm just tired, in general, of all these Spanish assholes. They are morons.

I am looking for a new place cuz my landlady is a lying whore and delivered none of the things she said she would. I'd just finish in Dec and come home if it wasn't for the job at the University. But come Jul 12th, i will be ending my self imposed Spanish Exile. I am too old for all this bullshit.

But i will endure. We shall overcome...yada yada yada. Okay - time to clean my room and get ready to pack.

- - -

Here's the call by Steve Raible; "KC back to punt. Cox blocks it! Cox blocks it!"

Cox Blocks. Hee hee. Thomas recovered and ran it into the end zone. TD 'Hawks. 7-7.

- - -

21 - 17 and then Fatback throws an awful interception. Carrol is doing a nice job piecing a competitive team in a crap division, but it's time to draft a QB and rebuild. "I officially declare the Hasslebeck Era over."

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Ha. He trapped it! No INT. But they are still punting, which is okay cause i have John Ryan as my punter in fantasy football. All the same, Hasslebeck era done.

I hate Kansas Shity. The team. The place is a hell hole. They are St Louis' ghetto neighbor.

The Seahawks are an ugly football team. I am somehow able to watch them free on And STL is winning in Denver.


Seattle lost. St. Louis won.

I'll be in this flat til Jan 1. This weekend i can start looking again in earnest. I look forward to things being boring and quiet someday. Maria said i can always go back to Getafe with her.

I must be damned!

Never going to happen. Oh well. Just run with it i suppose.

I am better now. This is my life. It is what it is. I feel much better. I shall persevere as i always have.

And then i'm getting the fuck out of here.

Whew. That was cathartic. AT least i didn't tweet God that i hated him for dropping a pass like Steve Johnson of the Bills.

God already knows i hate him.

martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010


things i am Thankful for;

all my private students that pay me their hard earned Euros
music / drums / lyrics /
From Lost to the River
Wayward Platypus
Walkers Thai Sweet Chili Crisps (all natural!)
This spicy sardine sandwich


Whew! Got home at 23:15 tonite. Work at 9:30 manana. Then work til 7 and cook Tday dinner for Paloma y Maria. A busy good life.


lunes, 22 de noviembre de 2010

I am re-watching the new Battlestar Galactica, a year after i first saw it. It is incredibly elaborate. There's so much i didn't understand the first time. It's even better the second time, which is a hell of a boast.

Listening to:

The Final Cut - Pink Floyd
Wheels of Fire (disc 1) - Cream
Happiness on the Road (Tilburg, Nov. '08) - Marillion

When you're one of the few
And you land on you feet,

what do you do to make ends meet?
-Pink Floyd

Low 50's, high 40's everyday now, which isn't so bad.

The Giants lost yesterday too. What a bummer. But Michael Vick is the Story of the year i guess. He's paid the price, so i'm happy for him. Except i hate all things that combine Philadelphia/sports.

....Through anonymous windows...

I really think the next band i want to be in is a power trio. I think i'm ready and can hold up my end of the bargain. What i lack in chops i can hold up with weirdness.

domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

a week?

Has it really been a week since i blogged? Where the hell have i been? Saw Joe Satriani on Thursday with Paloma. It was a date. It was fun. We'll do it again.

Satriani was unbelievable.

Paloma was pretty awesome too.

And then band practice tonight. We sounded less than stellar but we'll work it out for the gig on Sat. I think emotions are running high with Tamara leaving. It's official that Pete will leave now too, which i knew was inevitable. No worries. Once Pete tells Fernando, he and Luis and i will carry on, or we won't. I'd like to be a power trio. Play instrumentals and i could sing the odd song.

Seahawks are being demolished by the Saints. Big surprise! The winner of the NFC West will have a worse record than the wild card. But St. Louis is losing to Atlanta, so the 'Hawks may stay in first place. A record of 9-7 will win likely win the division. 10-6 for sure.

lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

Ferengi Love Child, part two

Ok! Going to see Joe Satriani at La Riviera with Paloma on Thurs. It's a date i suppose. I mean i asked her and she said 'yes.' Do i know how to show a girl a good time or what? Take a girl to a Prog Rock show! I mean, if this works out, she'll have to accept me for what I am. And then maybe we'll be together for a dozen years ago and then she'll gone insane for a three year period and i'll change continents again. But this time i want to be the one with a love child.

Do i hear Asia anyone? Going once....

Just kidding, Mum.

We have all been here before
We have all been here before

-Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010

Tonight's the Night

Seattle's season rides on today's game in Arizona. Snap out of it and win on the road, or hand the division title to St. Louis. What the what?!! The running game has done nothing. The QB's have been like shooting tin cans on a fence for opposing defenders thanks to a porous O-line. And they are still in first place. What the what?!!


The above was contributed by Martin. The minute i leave my MacBook he's standing on it for warmth and typing gibberish from the weight of his pads. He's macabre bastard, judging by what he typed.

Seahawks are up 17-10 at half. They were stopped on 4th a centimeter (me so European) and Hass by be hurt. It's the thumb on the non-throwing hand so it should be okay. But if Charlie has to play the 2nd half we may be boned. Work at 11:00. 6 hours manana. Finish at 9. Back to the grind. No Grad School this week, but still about 25 hours or so, and just as many on the Metro.

Why is it so hot in my room? I had the heater on for 20 minutes, but that was 2 hours ago. Now over - toasty. That electric heater is amazing.

Hawks D looks good so far. They need more points. Whitehurst is in, but Hass is warming up. Weisswurst does not inspire me with confidence.

29-10 Seattle. Hass came back. Guess it was the wrist. Maybe The Forty-Whiners can beat the Lambs and Seattle will be alone in 1st again. At New Orleans next week. Then KC at home. Carolina t home as well. Then at SF.

SF scored. After having 3 TD's called back. Unreal.

20-17. Rams on the move. They are on the SF 38. Come on SF! Rams to the 18. Not good.

Good practice tonight. Gig in two weeks. No Tamara. She was in Mallorca so we just played them instrumental which is tough.

Rams win toss. 3 and out. SF just crossed the 50. The Jets and Browns went to overtime too.

It was idiotic for the NFL to go to 4 divisions per conference. Idiotic.

Speaking of idiotic, SF got a 22 yard pass interference call. Seemed like a bad call. At least the weenies on STL radio said that. Whiners win!

Seahawks in first. Cry weenies. Cry!

sábado, 13 de noviembre de 2010

The Sheriff and Omar Sharif

* First 4 classes of the Year at Univerisdad de Europea, Done.
* I am reading my first novel ever in Spanish; El Leon, La Bruja y El Ropero (The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe). Hooray for me! I am also writing a new erotic short story, The Liar, The Bitch and Her Bathrobe, only based on the original loosely, like the way the Bathrobe is tied. It should be done early next month. I know you're proud Mum. Thank you. We're all quite proud of me.
*Gig Nov 27th - headline
*Gig Dec 3rd opening, but we're actually better than the second band. Luis, their bassist, is the one who joined our band after the gig.
*And maybe one on the 10th, then bye bye Tamara. Bye Bye Pete.
*I had lunch with this Scottish Gal, Francesa, today. It was a date, but no real spark there. But she does have a girlfriend who sings and will send me her #. She's Scottish and Greek (Que Caliente!).
* I was out til 4:30 for Katrina's birthday. Then lunch. Now Shrimp and yellow rice, then Battlestar Galactica Marathon numero dos. Then sleep. Sweet, glorious, seductive sleep. Martin is asleep next to me on my comforter. He loves me. I love him, but he's no Fripp. He's never been trained properly. With me, Fripp learned how things worked by the time was a year old.

Then Josie drew his gun real fast
Gave the sheriff one big blast
And Josie was a song at last
A legend from the past
Nobody ever messed with the sheriff
-Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Also, for reasons i'll never comprehend, Fripp hates Omar Sharif. Also fans from all Philadelphia sports teams. But hell, that's just common sense.

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Everything in its right place (Coochie Coo)

Okay. I was grading a simple homework assignment. The young ladies last name is Borbón Cuchi´. They use two surnames, your father's, then your mother's.

Borbon is Bourbon, of which i'm a big fan. And Cuchi´ sounds awful close to Coochie, a word often used as slang for vagina, of which i am also a fervent advocate.

So her last name is Bourbon Vagina. I love both those things!

Sometimes everything is in it's Right place. I love teaching!

domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

Bad Sports Day

Seahawks crushed by the Giants. Luckily i missed it. But Atletico lost to Real in the Derby. Hijo de puta! Bad sports day. They happen.

It was Tam's birthday and Fernando had to bail out of practice, so Pete, Tam and i just tooled around all day from bar to bar. It was great fun. I shall miss her when she goes. She mentioned recently that she sees me as a mentor in music. I am flattered, and while i've tried to be, it hardly seems possible that i could do that for someone. It seems like just a few years ago i was learning how to play.

Time progresses faster than you fucking think it will.

sábado, 6 de noviembre de 2010

The Martinis Have Landed

We had a Martini night last night at Maria's. I worked, went to the fisio, talked with Ashley about singing for us, came home, showered and then went to Getafe. Maria and her friend, Paloma, are starting a business so i am helping them write a business plan. Back in the Machine! I really do love marketing though. And they want to teach Spanish to foreigners, so there may be some crossover and work for me if people want to learn English. And Paloma's awesome. Funny, cute, can hold her Martinis. These are all things i look for in a woman. Crazy, but the needle's not in the red. We shall see what happens there. If we were ever a thing it would drive Maria nuts!

Happy happy, joy joy!
-Ren, Ren and Stimpy

miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

California Screaming

The Republicans won the House. No surprise there. How quickly people forget.

So... Let us first remember Florida, who in 2000, under 'curious' circumstances, couldn't count their votes correctly, had hanging chads (at first i thought it was an STD) and made W Bush the president of the United States (who's brother was coincidentally the Governor), thus sending the nation on a colonoscopy of Satan's bowels

Hibbert: What you need is a good, long rest. I suggest Florida.
: Florida? But that's America's wang!
-The Simpsons

And the state of California, which i hate in my very core, has voted AGAINST legalizing marijuana. They are broke and need the tax money. It's basically legal there already. They voted AGAINST gay marriage in 2008 and now AGAINST legalizing marijuana in 2010. Yet they voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003 and 2006! And it's the state where i learned that my ex-wife cheated on me (and eventually that she got knocked up by another guy). Personally, i am looking forward to the future mammoth earthquake when California falls into the sea.

lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

All Saints Day

Today was a holiday. How surprising! Listening to Giants / Rangers. Come on Giants. DO it for Manhattan which you abandoned years ago. But i think Texas will win tonight. SF will finish them off at home. Maybe. Remember game 6 in 2002? The Giants blew a 5-0 lead in the 7th, i believe it was. And they lost in 7. No WS ring for Barry Boo-onds. Que Pena (what a shame)!

Come Giants. 3 outs away. Bottom of the 9th. i would have left Lincecum in.

K'd Hamilton. 1 out.

Vlad lines out. 2 out.

Struck out Cruz on a 3-2 pitch. Giants win.

And with the Cowboys sucking beyond belief, can we now just go back to pretending Texas doesn't exist?