jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

The Sleestack

The Seester is doing well. Recovering, back at work, driving. Her knee gives her trouble now and then but it will pass with time. She's in great shape. Always very athletic. I'll always remember John McMahon and i driving Mel down to Chapel Hill, NC so Mel could try out for the US olympic team. It was the first stages of tryouts, but she survived three rounds until she was cut in the last one. Quite impressive. And three of us had a great time. Mel worked her ass off. And when it was over, i remember her seeming okay with it. She had gone farther than we had thought she would. And kudos to Mum for funding the whole thing. She wanted Mel to go, just because she was invited. I have such great memories of all that. i remember it like it was yesterday. 

SO it was great to chat with Mel. I haved missed all ye so much! It'll be good to be home. Home.

in a different direction;

August 2012
POLICE OFFICER: Do you have ID? What state are you from?"
ME (checks his wallet and pulls out license.) I am from... Connecticut."
POLICE OFFICER: Do you not know what state you are from? Have you been drinking and driving sir?"
ME - No i haven't been drinking..., it's just that.... (thinks about it) You know what, just give me a breathalyzer, it's easier than explaining.
(Me passes test)
Well, you're fine. You were just acting confused.
ME - No problems, officer. I just get confused sometimes.
POLICE OFFICER- (looks puzzled for a second but then goes back to his car)
ME (Nods, starts the car, and continues along 34 
past the Housatonic River, on way home to barbecue.) 


LA 1 NJ 1 - start of 3rd period

Ha! They are replacing the glass in NJ. That always used to happen back in the Meadowlands too. Ah.., like old times. 

Parise is a Dbag. He blatantly pushed the puck in with his hand. No goal. He should get a penality. 

Bugger! It's going to OT. I tap out. I go sleeping.


LA 2 NJ 1 F OT.  LA Leads Series 1 - 0

miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012


The weather this weekend was great - 81F and dry. But it is almost June and starting to get hot. 90F today. And then it stays hot. Forever. Til you fantisize about Hooters girls pouring a cool pitcher of water down your throat, and that's all you fantasize about. 

Trying to enjoy my own 'hood and all of Madrid in the time i have left. It all seems so surreal. But i am happy.

We have a good Japanese place and a good Thai place. And the Asian places just give you much better service. 

June 1 Marcondes is leaving for London to go work as a cleaner. I don't understand how he got the job, i'm just happy he'll pretty much be gone until i leave. He's always home because he hasn't worked since Dec. and he's annoying because he's as stupid as a pillowcase full of doorknobs. I fucking hate when i come home to try and eat lunch and he follows me around the kitchen speaking a Portuguese Spanish that is incomprehensible. 

Stanley Cup Finals begin tonight in NJ. I say LA in 6.

Great Bender Tuesday last night. Okay - time to go shower and go to work!

martes, 29 de mayo de 2012


End of the year evaluations! As much fun as a fork in the eye! Most of my students are great. But then there are the other ones;

Jorge still hasn't grasped the concept that English is different from Spanish, and still, in May, is asking me to translate. DO i look like i'm a fucking Google ap? Just learn in it English! You're an engineer at Euro Copter so i am going to assume you are not a moron. Yet, after having class with you for a year... 

Deep breathes. Middle-aged and bitter is no way to go thru life, Jay.

LINK - Euro Isn’t Loved, but Few Want to Drop It, Poll Says. NY TIMES

This is not surprising. Few voters would choose to throw themselves into the financial wilderness. I've read some articles about what might happen if Greece goes back to the drachma, Δρ.
It could be apocalyptic, with small retailers struggling to pay their vendors in Euros, €. Social unrest. Extremism. So much to look forward to. 

And me? I feel like i am a blogger at the end of all things.

I have become comfortably numb
-Pink Floyd

But fuck it. It's Bender Tuesday! Teach at Barclays at 17:00. Teach the twelve year old devil child at 19:00 (she is has deep emotional issues.) I really look forward to a drink after that class, so i will have one. Or two. 

domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

Half Light

My students, Menchu and Fernando got married yesterday. They invited me but it was 2 hours away in Avila so i passed, but it was very sweet of them to ask me. So, i wrote this poem for them.It's been a day since i wrote it and i've decided i like it.

Half Light

the sun was falling like a stone
I couldn't really see
In the half light

my throat was dry as a bone
there was somewhere I had to be
in the half light

I resigned myself to being late
the new designs would have to wait
in the half light

a thought of tomorrow
and the day after
a past joy
a past sorrow
and the things that matter

then I thought of you
and I could finally see
in the half light

storm on the horizon

It was then I knew I'd had enough,
Burned my credit card for fuel
Headed out to where the pavement turns to sand
With a one-way ticket to the land of truth
And my suitcase in my hand
How I lost my friends I still don't understand.
They had the best selection,
They were poisoned with protection
There was nothing that they needed,
Nothing left to find
They were lost in rock formations
Or became park bench mutations
On the sidewalks and in the stations
They were waiting, waiting.
-Neil Young

Every day the news gets worse. I've never experienced anything like this before, and i've been through a lot of shit in my days. But all the time the news about Spain's egg fragile economy gets worse. I worry about all my friends here. Things are going to get a lot worse before they turn the corner.

Personally, all is well. But at the end of the day, it's clear to see that civilization could unravel quicker than we ever could imagine.

I really need to stop reading so much post-apocalyptic fiction. But i'm currently reading  The Postman by David Brin and it's very good.

sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

€ € €

Finnish Civilian gas mask, 1939

Sorry fi Maga Dog 
Him turn around bite you 
And if you jump outta fryin pan 
I know you jump inna fire yeah 

-Peter Tosh

Bankia, Spain's 4th largest bank (which was the result of a merger of 7 troubled banks last year) asked the government for €19B. Right now the Spanish government could not afford to buy me lunch.

Did you ever have the feeling that everything around you was crumbling? Raining down in pieces? 

Europe is a continent with a terrible history; the legacy of colonization, two devastating world wars, genocide and Eurovision; the worst talent contest on earth (which is tonight.) 

Perchance it is time to pull the plug.

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Close to the Edge

Down at the end, round by the corner
Close to the edge, just by a river
Seasons will pass you by
I get up, I get down

LINK: Bank Transfers in Spain Spur Future Concerns

Fucked. Jodido. Fallada. Baisée. Befickt. πατήσαμε. Whether it's in English, Spanish (2x), French, German or Greek, it's all the same. Europe is on the brink of disaster. My fellow expats and i are fleeing in a massive exodus. Come on baby, just hole together for just hold together for 73 more days! New World, here i come!

jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

1,047 Days

August 8, 2012. Mark it on your calendars. I'm sure Interpol, The CIA and the FBI already have. This day marks the end of my Spanish Exile, all 1,047 days of it. 

I just went to get a some water and Eduardo was cooking completely naked. I told you he was stupid, right? He was frying stuff. That's an awesome way to singe your nuts or your torch your schlong with hot grease. This is one of the few problems of socialized health care - people do more stupid shit because going to the doctor is free. 

Call me old fashioned, but even if it doesn't cost me anything, i'm going to do everything in my power to not burn my balls or penis. That's just me. Besides, are there any real advantages to frying something naked? Fuck me. August 8 can't come soon enough. Fire up the nuke launch codes!

Lookout mama cuz i'm coming home tonight
-Neil Young

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012


Just another Andy Warhol Wednesday. They all blend into each other. On the spur of the moment, i saw Cara tonight after class. She is usually at her boyfriend's a ways away. But we sat on a terrace and caught up. This time of year, all the bars have outside service.

Joe Satriani is a fantastic guitarist. A monster. Ridiculous technique, but with soul. Sometimes the technical masters lack soul. But Satch, he has it. The song, Revelations, is a masterpiece, played all on a delay, which is unreal. I've seen him do it live. My mouth was agape. I heard angels sing. 

Teach Juan manana a las 8:00. He's a very interesting guy. He works for a large construction company. He's come a long way in a short amount of time. We just free-style talked on Tues. about current events. I had all sorts of stuff prepared but I mentioned something at the coffee machine and he just ran with it. He is quite knowledgable and a pleasure to teach. 

I'm going to miss so many of my students. But that's a nice thing. Forward. Things are always moving forward. Time moves on. More or less, it's evolution.

martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

Omnipotently Incompetent

22:12 LUNES

What a day! Got to the substitute class at 9:00. The receptionist came out and told me that it was supposed to start at 8:00. I said i was sorry but that the email i had been sent said 9:00. Then the lady at the Academy scolded me for being late because it was the president of the company. I apologized and explained the email had said 9:00 and that i can only be places when they tell me to be places. When Esperanza walked in she checked and admitted she had made a mistake. Just annoying.

Then the whiteboard wasn't working at the school where i teach the teachers. It wouldn't erase. In between classes i got some napkins and water and that did the trick. 

Three classes canceled between today and last night, but two of them will be made up. It's like living on an active fault line - you never know how much things will shift in 24 hours. It was cold today, like 46F when i left the house. Has not been that cold in a while. But the heat will come back by week's end. High 80's Thurs into the weekend. But may have to put on the heater tonight. When i woke up this morning at 7:30 it was really cold. 

Work at 8:00 manana. Buenos Noches!

14:54 MARTES

More of the same. I went to the bank today for the 2nd time to try and get access to my Spanish account. I spent 30 minutes Friday, got home and it didn't work. I spent 45 minutes today. It STILL doesn't work and they said they'll call me next week. 

I've always been in favor of euthanasia when the situation is clearly hopeless. Thusly, i say we give Spain one more year to get their house in order (it'll never happen, just give people time to flee like rats a sinking ship [kind of like me!].) And if they can't (and they won't) just nuke the whole peninsula. Portugal isn't much better, so no loss there. Hell, nuke Greece and Italy too while you are at it. If detonation takes place above the earth, radiation will disipate more quickly. Imagine all that beach front property in ten years time (after intial removal of everything that was fried, of course.) Southern Europe is sorely in need of a makeover.

I believe this is the best way to solve the EU crisis.

 "The desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy"
Guy Fawkes, 1605

Point me at the sky and let it fly
-Pink Floyd, 1968

domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

a Bunch of British Stuff


Jai Guru Deva.
Jai Guru Deva.
Jai Guru Deva.
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world

-The Beatles

This past week i have been listening to all of my Beatles albums, in order. It started with Rubber Soul on straight through their catalogue. Fucking hell. I just had to look that up in the dictionary! I spelt Catalogue the British way. American English spells it catalog. I remember it, but it still looks quite funky. 

Anyway, i am listening to Abbey Road right now. Their best album. 


Only Let it Be remains to be listened to. 

Printed some end of the year forms for students to evaluate themselves, and me. Then i evaluate them. End of the year stuff. 



The Kings lost to PHX, so the Coyotes are still alive.

I have to teach at 9:00 manana. 

Good night to ye, and a pleasant manana.

sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

Speaking Greek

sabado 19:30

What will happen with Greece, which has become Europe's version of Snooki? I think they will leave the EU. It's a bad situation for everyone involved, including the USA. The entire global market will be affected. 

Okay - off to have dinner by the Welsh Witch and watch the Champions League final. As a Spurs fan, i abhor Chelsea. Vamos Bayern Munchen! And my friends Gabby and Volker are Bayern Fans. He might be at the game.

domingo 3:25

Vicky made some great pizzas and we watched the game. Bayern was the better team all game. They scored about the 80 minute mark. And then Chelsea scored in the 86th minute. It went to an excruciatingly boring extra 30 minutes and then Chelsea won on penalties. Bastards. 

Sleepy time. 

viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012




Work manana at 9:00 and then not til 18:30. No worries. I have much to do during the day.

The Mets and the Nats are doing well in the NL East. I've been told that things are happening in the American League, i just don't care until October. But i hear rumors that the O's are in the lead in the AL East. But that can't be true. What.., was i born seven minutes ago? Am i to believe the Anti-Christ (Peter Angelos) rises in the AL East?

Still, the prospect of the Orioles in 1st does frighten me. I don't believe in a Biblical god, but if i'm wrong, i always figured he hated Baltimore too. I know i do.

We always create God in our own image. The Sumerians, Greeks, Romans (ripped off from the Greeks), etc. Ever since we first evolved out of the primordial ooze*, people have held the idea of a god to explain the things we cannot comprehend.

Okay. Good night, Sky People.


It was just one student today at the morning class, so we just talked about articles. It's a great class. All three of them are quite interactive. 

Devils tied up the Series with the Rangers, 1-1. I think the Devils will take the series. Brodeur is 40 and has something to prove. Devils in 7. And the Rangers will cave in for Game 7 because would be their 21st of the playoffs. Playoff hockey is grueling.

And my Western play off dark horse, the LA Kings are poised to sweep Phoenix and get to the Cup Finals for the first time since 1993, when they still had Gretzky. They lost to Montreal. I saw a Kings game back at Staples center when i thought we were moving to LA. It was cool. A lot of good hockey fans. 

Okay, i have a lot of stuff to do the size of my arm with an expiration date of August 9th. 

* I am required by legalities to state that this view is still contested in Kansas and Arkansas. These states claim that God had a starter kit and that the earth was assembled in 7 days. ¡Viva la libertad de expresión!

jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Strange Stories


Elizabeth Hurley as Beelzebub in BEDAZZLED 
Fallen angel

Who's your saviour tonight

You're surrounded
by these walls
and neon lights

Hungry people
move like waves
behind the beat

Where's the big drum

Where's the feel
of body heat

Where's the big drum

Where's the feel
of body heat

-Neil Young

Sabado, 12 Mayo 14:00

It was a day that will live in infamy. Or another day that will be infamous, at least.

They started at 14:00. I saw them at 18:30 and Bayside, American L Babylon 2 and the others were hammered. The Welsh Witch and bunch of others were all fine. A few of the gals had already barfed. Then a bunch of Spanish guys wandered in to the bar - it was a bachelor party. It was pandemonium. And then Babylon 2 asked if The Witch and i were 'together.' We both told her 'no.' Later on, she said to me as she and i were walking to the next bar, "i thought you were together! You have to make a move. You have to this..." She grabbed my face and thrust her boobs and crotch into and pinned me against the wall. She is not a petite girl and i was pinned. "I think i can handle it!" i said and eventually got her off me. Then i quickly made an excuse to leave and went home. 

When will someone love me for my mind and not my smoking hot ass?
- - - 
Okay, for this blog (deafdrummer), here's the all time stats;

Pageviews by Countries


United States 9401
Spain 1814
Russia 400
United Kingdom 397
Germany 261
Canada 199
Ukraine 82
Mexico 73
India 70
France 68

Russia? UK? Germany? Canada? They must be from Internet Spiders that search the web, or people who randomly find the blog.
I haven't given the address to ANYONE here in Spain, so those are either all me or more random folks. Intriguing. I never knew the blog had this feature.

In very good news, my long time student and friend, Monica, and her husband, are pregnant with their first child! Due in November.
She's awesome so that made me very happy. I will really miss her when i leave. She's been a student for 3 years. 

I have about 5 major tasks to do this weekend that i have been putting off for a few weeks. 

miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012

San Isidro


Is that no or yes?
We'll have to guess
Mysterious eyes let you see what you want
Half the time you didn't know any better
But half the time you did
Hanging around like tomorrow doesn't apply to you

-Liz Phair

San Isidro manana, the patron saint of Madrid. So only one class at 13:00 and that's it. SO manana is another holiday. It never ends. 


It's too hot in here. I'll go for a walk til the sun goes down. Then i can use some sleep. The WSH/NYR series took its toll on me. And the Europa Liga Final. Too many nights where i was up til 5 am.

I go walking.


Yesterday was the holiday. The Welsh Witch and i worked on editting the novel and then we're going to go to J&J's but it was closed! They forgot to tell me they were closed. How did no one think of that? So, the Welsh Witch and i celebrated it on our own. 

traditional dress for San Isidro

Had class at 8:30 am. Two more this evening, starting at 17:30. We have mercifully cooled off and it's lovely after a blistering 90F / 30C weekend.

domingo, 13 de mayo de 2012

Riders on the Storm

Caps lose. Bummer. 

Lots of protests yesterday in response to budget cuts. The country is a madhouse. People marched through the streets drinking beer and then throwing them on the ground. Not sure how that helps the recession.

It was also Laura's bridal shower and i met them afterwards at JJ's. It was more like a hen party/ bachelortte party. It was crazy! The things my eyes hath seen. 

And that is a story will tell manana. I still have to understand how to explain what actually happened. It was surreal. 

Sleep well my friends. And happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there. Especially mine. I suppose the woman will be sainted when the time comes, but Mel and i believe her Will might state that she rejects it and refers to the Pope as a wanker. 

Bless you Mum!

Spoke with Mum, Mel and Janet today. That was fun. Mel is doing quite well and is without crutches. She barebcued a pork loin.

Hung out with Maria in the park this evening. That was very fun. It had finally cooled off and was lovely out.

Time moves by. Time to finally rest my eyeballs. 

sábado, 12 de mayo de 2012

Bring it


Tonite at 19:30 EST, 1:30 GMT +2, Washington and New York square off for game 7.  I predict WSH 2 NYR 1.

And then manana at 20:00, Atletico play the final game of the season with a chance to grab a Champions League spot if Malaga draw or lose. 

6 Reasons the Caps will win Game 7 (from Bleacher Report):

1. The Caps Have Been Better 5 on 5
2. Braden Holtby Is Not Going to Crack
3. The Rangers Defenders Are Getting Tired
4. The Pressure Is All on the Rangers
5. The Caps Are the More Resilient Team
6. The Caps Are Due for a Lucky Break

viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

apocalypse now


Last night was surreal, walking with Amanda thru the streets after Atleti lifted the Europa League Cup. There were SO many people in teh street. It was warm like summer. It was surreal. It kind of felt like the country had just won a war, but yet fans had made a hell of a mess of things, so it seemed a bit post-apocalyptic. Kind of like, we're going to be paying to clean this up for quite a while. 

The ice age is coming, 
the sun's zooming in
Meltdown expected, 

the wheat is growing thin
Engines stop running, 

but I have no fear'Cause London is drowning, and I live by the river
-The Clash

This afternoon there was a huge celebration at Plaza Neptuno, where fans and the team always celebrate. So..., it was YET another day off (call in sick - style) in teh country with 25% unemployment. I understand they needed something to celebrate cuz things are really tough. But riot police where everywhere and of course there was violence and destruction, just as there was last week when Real Madrid won La Liga. 

It's very strange. I don't want to destroy things because my team won a championship. It never even enters my mind. Call me a freak. 

We saw one baracho (drunk) shaking the living hell out of a young tree growing on the sidewalk. People shouted at him to stop and he said "Bleehk, growl, Gleebk!" and got in some girl's face. She verbally tore him a new A-hole. People were staggering around blind drunk, unaware of every and all things around them. It was kind of like a zombie movie except no one tried to eat our brains. 

Life here is a trip. But going to CT for some normalcy sounds quite inviting. I am going to be 44. I have to stop living like some time-traveling, interstellar adventurer, ninja. A little security. A little continuity. A smart phone. 

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

Europa League Champions

Atleti won 3-0 over Bilbao on 2 first half strikes by Falcao.

6 hours later, Washington won game 6 to force a game 7 in NY on Saturday evening. I got to sleep at 6. It was mental. The city went bonkers.

miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2012

Victory in Europe, part ii

EC (21:45 hor 
Europa League Final tonight! Atletico Madrid vs. Athletic Bilbao. Hoping Atleti can lift their third European trophy since i got here.

And the Caps win in DC tonight or they are done. 

It's going to be 81F today. Manana 87F. The heat is coming.

martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

Victory in Europe

MARTES 15:40

67 years ago Nazi germany was defeated by the Allies in the European Theatre. Hooray! SO much sacrifice on the part of so many. After 31 years leaders in Europe making terrible decisions, Europe is at peace. WWI paved the road to hell for WWII. Militarism on the part of the USA would change forever. It would become the world of the Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan (for the Sovets as well in the '80's,) Iraq (2x). 

And now something way less serious, but still heart smashing;


Game 5

It was an NHL Playoff miracle! My 8:30 class was canceled but i still get paid. I like it. This game is HUGE. I don't the Caps can win the series unless they win tonight. Holtby has been sensational in goal, but Lundquist may be the best in the league.

Rangers have controlled the play. Dbags. Rangers have out shot the caps 

13:41 1st

WSH 0 - NYR - 0

Shots - WSH 1 NYR 7. Not good. Opposite of Saturday. Time to reverse the polarity!

11: 11 1st

9:07 1st  Rangers score. Stalman. Holtby was screened and fooled and Hendricks made a mistake. Life's a bitch then you die. 

WSH 0 - NYR -1 

WSH has not won a game they have not scored first in. Hogwash!  I don't believe in such garbage. But i may put my Caps jersey on. 

I did. Reverse the polarity the only way i know how. Chimera shoots, save Lundquist. 


Power Play Caps. Tirpping, Del Zotto.   

WSH 0 - NYR 1 End 1st

Shots: WSH 4, NYR 17

The Caps are to come out of that bloodbath only down 1 - 0. It's been a brutal Eastern Conference defensive series. Over 184 shots block through four games for both teams combined. 

I am watching CBC from Toronto. I've also watched the playoffs on NBC, MSNBC and some Russian Station that was in the Cyrillic alphabet. 

Don Cherry is this crazy CBC color man who is on Coach's Corner during the 1st Intermission. He's like watching your obnoxious / drunk Uncle talk about sports for 5 minutes. Don Cherry always runs over his allotted time. 

Now they show a video tribute to Dale Hunter, the Caps coach. He was a bad ass player, a thug, sometimes dirty, but a game changer. But he did do some horrible things, like in 1993, the cheap shot on Pierre Turgeon (after he scored) in the playoffs versus the Islanders. That was despicable. He was suspended for 21 games, at the time the longest ban ever.  It was a disgusting play and a severe blow to a Isles that would be without Turgeon. 

2nd Period 

Caps need more shots on goal. 

Fuck. Green takes a penalty. PP NYR. Yikes. So many changes for NYR. 

It's 2:35 CET +2  time. 

i'm getting to old for this. I need sports to be on at a sane time. After August, they will be.

Laich scores! Yeah, my bitches!

WSH 1 - NYR 1.

OT WSH 2 - NYR 2 Richards scores with 6 seconds left to tie it up for NYR.

4:29 CET +2

Fuck me. NYR score. Stahl on the power play.


The ward double minor killed them. Wow. The tying goal was a power play goal and the winner was on the PP in OT. They will really have to show some balls to win this series. A devastating loss. But this is the Caps. I've seen it all before. Now i sleep.

Holtby after Overtime loss Monday in game 5.

series: NYR 3 WSH 2.