domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010

Tonight's the Night

Seattle's season rides on today's game in Arizona. Snap out of it and win on the road, or hand the division title to St. Louis. What the what?!! The running game has done nothing. The QB's have been like shooting tin cans on a fence for opposing defenders thanks to a porous O-line. And they are still in first place. What the what?!!


The above was contributed by Martin. The minute i leave my MacBook he's standing on it for warmth and typing gibberish from the weight of his pads. He's macabre bastard, judging by what he typed.

Seahawks are up 17-10 at half. They were stopped on 4th a centimeter (me so European) and Hass by be hurt. It's the thumb on the non-throwing hand so it should be okay. But if Charlie has to play the 2nd half we may be boned. Work at 11:00. 6 hours manana. Finish at 9. Back to the grind. No Grad School this week, but still about 25 hours or so, and just as many on the Metro.

Why is it so hot in my room? I had the heater on for 20 minutes, but that was 2 hours ago. Now over - toasty. That electric heater is amazing.

Hawks D looks good so far. They need more points. Whitehurst is in, but Hass is warming up. Weisswurst does not inspire me with confidence.

29-10 Seattle. Hass came back. Guess it was the wrist. Maybe The Forty-Whiners can beat the Lambs and Seattle will be alone in 1st again. At New Orleans next week. Then KC at home. Carolina t home as well. Then at SF.

SF scored. After having 3 TD's called back. Unreal.

20-17. Rams on the move. They are on the SF 38. Come on SF! Rams to the 18. Not good.

Good practice tonight. Gig in two weeks. No Tamara. She was in Mallorca so we just played them instrumental which is tough.

Rams win toss. 3 and out. SF just crossed the 50. The Jets and Browns went to overtime too.

It was idiotic for the NFL to go to 4 divisions per conference. Idiotic.

Speaking of idiotic, SF got a 22 yard pass interference call. Seemed like a bad call. At least the weenies on STL radio said that. Whiners win!

Seahawks in first. Cry weenies. Cry!

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