domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Fin de Noviembre

What happened to the NY Giants? They are dropping faster than a quarter dropped of the Empire State Building.

Hawks have a huge game at home vs. KC, an old AFC West rival from my youth. HOME: KC, Atlanta, Carolina, St. Louis - AWAY: Tampa Bay and San Fran. If they win the 4 home games they are in the playoffs. The only loss at home came to the Giants.

The gig went well. Everybody loved it, but we only got to play 9 songs because the bar owners were a bunch of assholes and the DJ started to play over us at 00:15. The people who came to see us were pissed off. At least we play at a good place on Fri for our last show of the year, maybe ever. With Pete and Tamara leaving, who knows. And then one of the asshole bartenders started taking my drum stuff in the back room when we were obviously bringing it to the car. When he wouldn't listen to me i called him a Cabron. That got the lame ass' attention. He was like " I'm throwing you out!" And i was like, "you can't throw me out cuz i'm leaving you moron." I was waiting outside for Fernando and the bartender came out and was yelling at me, behind a giant bouncer. I was just waiting for Fernando to get his stuff, and my jacket, by the car which was right outside the door. After ten minutes of this, I called the bouncer a maricon (faggot) because he was hiding behind the bouncer. The bouncer ran at me and pushed me and i pushed him back. The bartender pushed me from the blind side at the same time (Faggot) and i pushed him back. I was just trying to wait by the car and mind my own business. Assholes. Then Fernando came out, called them both assholes, and we left.

footnote: Obviously, i don't have any problem with gay people. I just can't express myself as well in Spanish to say "You effeminate yuppie asshole."

That's the last time i ever play a gig with Juan's band. He was the one who booked Cats where i got mugged, where the bouncers where assholes afterwards and told the police a bunch of lies.

Juan is a doormat. If someone tells him how to jump he says "How high?" He was like, "They are really nice guys." I going to get a pit bull to chew Juan's balls off. Then i'll tell him, "he's a really nice dog."

And i'm just tired, in general, of all these Spanish assholes. They are morons.

I am looking for a new place cuz my landlady is a lying whore and delivered none of the things she said she would. I'd just finish in Dec and come home if it wasn't for the job at the University. But come Jul 12th, i will be ending my self imposed Spanish Exile. I am too old for all this bullshit.

But i will endure. We shall overcome...yada yada yada. Okay - time to clean my room and get ready to pack.

- - -

Here's the call by Steve Raible; "KC back to punt. Cox blocks it! Cox blocks it!"

Cox Blocks. Hee hee. Thomas recovered and ran it into the end zone. TD 'Hawks. 7-7.

- - -

21 - 17 and then Fatback throws an awful interception. Carrol is doing a nice job piecing a competitive team in a crap division, but it's time to draft a QB and rebuild. "I officially declare the Hasslebeck Era over."

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Ha. He trapped it! No INT. But they are still punting, which is okay cause i have John Ryan as my punter in fantasy football. All the same, Hasslebeck era done.

I hate Kansas Shity. The team. The place is a hell hole. They are St Louis' ghetto neighbor.

The Seahawks are an ugly football team. I am somehow able to watch them free on And STL is winning in Denver.


Seattle lost. St. Louis won.

I'll be in this flat til Jan 1. This weekend i can start looking again in earnest. I look forward to things being boring and quiet someday. Maria said i can always go back to Getafe with her.

I must be damned!

Never going to happen. Oh well. Just run with it i suppose.

I am better now. This is my life. It is what it is. I feel much better. I shall persevere as i always have.

And then i'm getting the fuck out of here.

Whew. That was cathartic. AT least i didn't tweet God that i hated him for dropping a pass like Steve Johnson of the Bills.

God already knows i hate him.

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