sábado, 13 de noviembre de 2010

The Sheriff and Omar Sharif

* First 4 classes of the Year at Univerisdad de Europea, Done.
* I am reading my first novel ever in Spanish; El Leon, La Bruja y El Ropero (The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe). Hooray for me! I am also writing a new erotic short story, The Liar, The Bitch and Her Bathrobe, only based on the original loosely, like the way the Bathrobe is tied. It should be done early next month. I know you're proud Mum. Thank you. We're all quite proud of me.
*Gig Nov 27th - headline
*Gig Dec 3rd opening, but we're actually better than the second band. Luis, their bassist, is the one who joined our band after the gig.
*And maybe one on the 10th, then bye bye Tamara. Bye Bye Pete.
*I had lunch with this Scottish Gal, Francesa, today. It was a date, but no real spark there. But she does have a girlfriend who sings and will send me her #. She's Scottish and Greek (Que Caliente!).
* I was out til 4:30 for Katrina's birthday. Then lunch. Now Shrimp and yellow rice, then Battlestar Galactica Marathon numero dos. Then sleep. Sweet, glorious, seductive sleep. Martin is asleep next to me on my comforter. He loves me. I love him, but he's no Fripp. He's never been trained properly. With me, Fripp learned how things worked by the time was a year old.

Then Josie drew his gun real fast
Gave the sheriff one big blast
And Josie was a song at last
A legend from the past
Nobody ever messed with the sheriff
-Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Also, for reasons i'll never comprehend, Fripp hates Omar Sharif. Also fans from all Philadelphia sports teams. But hell, that's just common sense.

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