domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

Bad Coordination

I got bad coordination
Stuck a pencil in my eye
I can hardly wait to get back home
Why is everybody gettin' paranoid ?
I's only havin' fun

Scum bags and superstars
Tell me your names
I'll make a bet, you're
both the same
-Talking Heads

Domingo! me so tired. Fernando (our guitarist) recorded the gig on Thurs so i am loading it and will show you how to find it soon. Will try to post on Facebook too. Man, Tamara can sing! Unreal. She seems to almost have Joni Mitchell range. I really like the 8 or 9 songs we have. Pete, Tamara and I all write lyrics and Pete and Fernando both write songs.

Fun weekend. Lots of fun with good friends. But time to get back to work!

Sorry i don't have more to say of late. Things have been gloriously sane. Hope that keeps up.

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