jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

The shape of things to come

Spring is coming. 60's all week and sunny. But rainy today.

I watched, LET THERE BE BLOOD. Daniel Day Lewis was amazing. He plays a cold blooded bastard. It's about the construction of a pipeline. I have written papers on the Valdez oil spill not once, not thrice, but twice. The Alaskan Pipeline has a history of lies and deceit, which i guess are the same thing, except twofold.

Vice president, Spiro Agnew, broke a 50-50 Senate tie, in favor of the Pipeline exiting in Alaska, according with Nixon's wishes of keeping the pipeline in the US to create more US jobs, even though trucking thru Canada would have been more environmentally sound. The agreement struck called for double-hulled ships in the Prince William Sound, to prevent against a spill. Since time the pipeline opened in 1977, not a single ship has had a double hull.

I have also seen some films and documentation that point to Nixon, George Bush Sr., and Haldeman having involvement in the Kennedy Assassination. Two weeks ago, at some the request of a student, i taught a class on the Kennedy Assassination.

Warning Signs for 1st Dates;

+Their phone number begins with 666! Patti's did, but it worked out okay. All mobile phones start with a 6.
+They say they never watch the Simpsons anymore. She said this too.

Future? I don't think so. But....

One never knows, do one?
-Fats Waller

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