domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

in the Sun

Oh i don't know anymore What it's for I'm not even sure If there is anyone Who is in the sun Will you help me to understand Cos i've been caught inbetween All i wish for and all i seem Or maybe you're not even sure What it's for
Anymore than me
-Peter Gabriel

Domingo. Must shower. Then lunch with Cara. Then a date with some woman i met online who seems nice. We'll see. Oh....the perils of online dating. Well, at least she lives in Madrid and it seems like we are much more suited than the slack jawed, gay bashing, bible thumping yokel who emailed me from Tennesse. Tennesse? Seriously?

It's been sunny and warm. It was 66F the other day! Go away winter!

Don't come around here no more
-Tom Petty

Atletico advanced on Thurs to the quarter finals of the Euro Liga where they will play Valencia. That will be good. Brian, Catrina and i watched Ireland lose to Scotland in 6 Nations Rugby, which cost them the Triple Crown, when they beat England, Wales and Scotland. France won the whole thing.

Time to set things in motion!

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