sábado, 3 de abril de 2010



Went with Caitriona (Irish: sounds like Katrina) to Mosteles, south past Getafe, to see a Sonic Youth exhibit. It had their music and their art. They sometimes sound a lot like King Crimson. It was awesome. Lots of crazy music, lights and art. Tomorrow night it will be roast lamb with Caitriona, Brian, etc for Easter. It was 62F today. Sunny and really nice.

Singing, oh! The Hazards of love!
-The Decemberists


I am drinking all natural fruit juice. Good stuff. Anti-ox stuff is very popular here now. I understand why the Spanish love pigs - you can buy pig faces, ears, feet - they eat the whole damn thing. Buy why are they all so anti Oxes? They don't have oxes and beef because there is no grazing land in this entire country! Is that the Oxes fault? Racist bastards.

Started applications for S. Korea. Thailand and Prague too.It also looks like Belize is alive again. That's my first choice. I miss the water and the Caribbean. It's April! Holy crap! Time goes so quickly. And i am just a planet being pulled in its orbit around the sun.

To make matters worse, the only person at ESPN who picked the Mets to make the playoffs was Joe Morgan! My cheap Samsung mobile phone is smarter than Joe Morgan! Ugh! The Mets are doomed!

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