viernes, 9 de julio de 2010

Sun and Rock

Losing my insanity again
-Ronnie James Dio

Went to the pool today with Cara. After the dentist, after laundry. Then I went with Fernando (our lead guitarist) to a DIO tribute concert to mark the passing of the master. It was at a bar and was all just people who gig at bars like us. Many different lead singers (men and women). They played songs like Holy Diver, Rainbow in the Dark, Children of the Sea, and Rainbow classics like Long LIve Rock and Roll, the Man on the Silver Mountain, Kill the King and Catch the Rainbow. It was awesome.

Watching Mets/Braves. This is an enormous series for the Mets. Winning the series means trimming the Braves' lead. Losing it means they are 4 or 5 games behind.

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