viernes, 23 de julio de 2010

What's a nerd to do?

I told a few folks that Mel, Brendan (her friend from work) and i were all going to see Rush tomorrow. "That's so COOL!" was the general answer from various and sundry. When did Rush become cool? Where's the geeky eggheadness i've experienced my whole life? Scary. Frightening.

Maggie Sheridan is a big Rush fan. Pretty cool, but look who her Pops is.

So....., i sit here watching the Mets, in my Mum's house (who i'm living with) - she's out, i'm in on Friday night, with my diabetic cat and his effusively talkative brother, sending pictures of the two of them to my Wex's daughter, who is my surrogate child. I live in Madrid and visit the American Northeast once a year. And i'm waiting for Mum to come home so she can give Frippy his insulin while i'm still here if she needs help, dirty stay-out that she is.

Question-When did my life become a become an bizarre Showtime sitcom?
Answer- October 14, 1967, the day i was conceived.

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