sábado, 3 de julio de 2010

Not Ghana fly

Ghana had a chance to become the first African team to ever reach the semifinals of the Copa Mundial (and more importantly win me 40E), but they cracked like the free wine glasses they used to give away in Pathmark when you bought lots of groceries in 70's. Ghana would have scored in the waning seconds of extra time, but the Uruguayan defender, Luis Suarez, used his hands like he was the goalie. He kept Adiyiah's ball from going in. It was blatent cheating. He got a red card and Ghana was awarded a penalty kick, but Asamoah Gyan clanged the ball of the top cross bar. Uruguay won on penalties. It was brutal. Some of the guy's who work at Peor are Uruguayan. So the bar erupted when they won. That was fun.

So Laura and i got a hotel Thursday so we could actually sleep. It was hell trying to sleep in the heat on Wed. without a fan. And then the penlight i was reading by crapped out, so i was reading by candlelight like I was a much shorter Abraham Lincoln.

Power came back yesterday. Hooray. No more cold showers. No more shrunken balls. They were so small when i got out of the shower the other day that all i needed was a bottle of vodka and a bottle of vermouth and you would have thought i was making a martini.

After my time in Jamaica, cold showers and dance hall reggae music have the same effect on me that the sound of helicopter blades had on newly returned Vietnam Veterans in the 60's and 70's.

Must wash clothes. Clean. Buy food. We have to chuck everything in the fridge.

Here i go.

And here's six tunes from the gig at Hangar 19. Let me know what you think. Play it on auxiliary speakers if you can. It'll sound better, but not bad for a room recording. I have another five or so to upload.

From Lost to the River, 6/5/10

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