jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Bear and Tree

Oso y Arbol, Puerta del Sol, Madrid

There ain't no bears in there (cache cache)
Not a single bear in there (cache cache)
-The Who

I am slowly re-watching the new Battlestar Galactica (aka Battlestar - smoke - cracktica, cuz you can't get enough). I cannot recommend it enough it. Best Sci fi TV series ever. Just lights out! I can't feel my legs i am so tired. But it was a good day of teaching, from 13:00 til 22:00. I just love teaching. What can i say? I am what i am. It took me 38 years to figure that out, but i finally did. I love everything about teaching. I am a geek. I was born to it. I'm thinking about getting married and having some kids and becoming a beet farmer in Mayapur, India. I just need to find the right woman. And the right child. Or i'll find one there. Indian chicks are hot.

I am overwhelmed with nostalgia, that i might be leaving in 6 months. It's February 2010 and we don't even have flying cars! Bite me. I'm so disappointed! This was my oasis from a bad time. It wasn't perfect (what is?!). But it was good enough. I had a great weekend. I helped Cara clean her house on Saturday because her lame ex-husband would not help her clean out his stuff before her new flat mate moved in on Sunday, so i helped. And then my friend Lola had an art exhibit premier. It was great. I bought a picture. It may be the album cover of our first album.

Some days suck ass. Some are lovely. The past few have been lovely and there's nothing cooler than gratitude.

Things that pass, pass like crowds. The days and the night have all become one. Work is constant and fun. I am teaching the Tylenol Recall Case of 1981 for the 3rd or 4th time. Students love it. It is the best primer on marketing of the last 40 years. Next will be the New Coke marketing disaster . It's another fave of mine.

I have seen much. It's all been enlightening. The things i remember are the thongs i will never forget.

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