sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

The Window Thru The Window

View from my flat

The Window Thru the Window


Where the hell am i? It looks like home but it's not. The sunlight looks the same. Im looking through the window. The buildings are all wrong - too old. I've been here before. For a long time maybe. Familiar yet foreign. Terrifying really. It looks real but somehow, it's not. At least i don't think it is. There's something about the shadows and light that's untrue. It's like looking at something's reflection in a large calm pool of water. It's accurate but not real. I close my eyes for a moment and open them, but it's still there. I see it but not clearly. Not actually. And it feels like the blood in my veins has stopped. Like my lungs are taking in air but I'm not getting any oxygen. I open the window and I immediately know something's wrong. There's a bright light and a whirring in my ears. I suddenly feel like someone's punched me in the ribs. I can't breathe. The pain is brutal. The tears run down my eyes. I can't get a breath. It's like the calle below is breaking into tiny particles and then it dissolves before my eyes. My ribs are broken and the pain is excruciating, electric and pulsing. Everything goes white. All sound has evaporated. Where the hell am I? Things go red, and then black.

This is a new experiment which i call a 'blog novel,' which will come out like a serial in pieces. I just thought i'd try to spice the blog up a bit. Stay well!

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