miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

Insominia, Strikes, No Electricity, Homelessness and Zombies

My new group of short stories, From Lost to the River, writes itself. Metro is on strike because ALL gov workers had to take a 5% cut because the gov is broke. No one likes that, but atleast they have jobs when 20% here don´t. So what do they do? They crush all business for two days by having an ILLEGAL full strike. They are required by law to maintain minimal service. That was Monday. Today and yesterday were a nightmare. I´ve had to cancel 3 classes already. The buses suck. And their website crashed today. Nice to know they are prepared. So i´m just gonna walk the 4km home at 9pm. It can´t take more than 1.5 hours, which is how long it took me to get here by the train that does run and bus.

Then the fact that Laura´s landlord didn´t pay the electric bill and we have no power, and won´t til Friday. The shower i so cold you think your face will rip as it it stretches across your
cranium in the cold. And as for my balls, when they haven´t been that small since i was eight.

None of this was helped by the fact that i couldn´t sleep the night before.

At least Spain advanced in the Copa Mundal.

And then there´s those goddamned Zombies. I couldn´t get to the dentist. Cabs were all full. Couldn´t get to work (if i could find a cab, to and fro, would eat all the money i got paid) so i cleaned and then read World war Z, about zombies. I didn´t know why the power was out yet. And i thought, no Metro, no power - Zombies!!!! It´s the end of the World! i called Luara to warn her of this undead menace, and that´s when she explained that the land lord sucked. I was duly relieved.

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