lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

Goodbye to Me


Shelter me from the powder
and the finger Cover me with the thought that pulled the trigger _Neil Young

Today is day 48. Tomorrow is day 49. Back to Spain. Hard to believe

Great moments of Summer 2010

Spain wins the World Cup
That blonde chick tapping me on the shoulder and then kissing me after the WC Final
Kayaking in VT and CT
Rage 11 in VT
Smithstock 2010
Jenny the Sasquatch
Little Awesome Annie
Road tripping with Frippy
Raw Oysters
Rush at Jones Beach
Cape Cod with the Tyners
My 5 summer families; Mom, Tietjens, Smiths, Sheridans and McFaddens

The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved. -Jeremiah 8:20

Fried chicken for lunch from Big Y. How American!

Songs of Summer 2010
  • What have we sown - The Pineapple Thief
  • In the sun - Peter Gabriel
  • I just dropped in (to what condition my condition was in) - Kenny Rogers & the First Edition
  • Another Tricky Day - The Who
  • Arriving somewhere but not here - Porcupine Tree
  • Rainbow in the Dark - Ronnie James Dio
  • Stargazer - Rainbow
  • Mary - Robert Fripp
  • Powderfinger - Neil Young
  • Brunch with the RiverMan - Wayward Platypus


Jay not so good with electricity. Tried to change a light fixture in Mum's hall for 2.5 hours to no avail. Time to call an electrician.

Toyota's (Uncle Blackie) trunk cleaned out and parked in Mum's garage.

One little victory -Rush

Time to scour myself. Laundry in progress. Then finalize my package. Mum still at HRC Golf Outing with Seester.

I am conflicted. Psyched to go home. Sad to leave home.

I bought some Logitech speakers for my computer today. Sweet mother of pearl! They sound awesome. Ridiculous! $29!

America been berry berry good to me.

Okay scour. Then more fried chicken

Day 49 1:55

Sleep. Pack. Plane. Spain. In that order.

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