martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

the motherland

so many things i think about
when i look far away

Here in NJ with Mike and Mima. Lots of miles behind me this week. About 600 miles since Sat. Keep rolling.

Mike and i took Megan and Lindsey to QUE PASTA in Saddle Brook, close to Lodi where Sue and i lived for 6 years. Awesome pasta.

Annie is the cutest thing ever. Inexplicably, she appears to be crazy about me.

This drives her mother bonkers to no end.

and i just have to laugh...
it seems with can't be parted
from the other half
-Wayward Platypus

home to Mum's tomorrow. That'll be good.


thanks for borrowing Frippy.
Frippy was playing with his brother, Mug-a-lin! (she meant Mulligan, but it was a valiant effort)

I am road weary. But it's been blast..., and this journey ends soon. Summers rock.

Smithstock 2010!

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