martes, 22 de diciembre de 2009

Algunos del fin de ano

Here's looking at you

Across the inner cosmos he is flying
His tank is isolating
In his mind he's elevating
All the things that mean the world to Dr. John C. Lilly

Are you still floating Dr. John C. Lilly?


I am ironing and cleaning and washing (laundry) and also listening to the first of 17 albums, trying to Rank the best Albs of the DECADE (Mother of Pearl! Yes, I said decade, the 1st decade of the 21st Century. WTF? I thought we'd AT LEAST have
Jetsons {Los Spupersonicos en Espanol} technolgy by now). What a gip. Days go by. The decade counts down. It's been a wild one! I started married, ended single (Who's NOT your Daddy!). I can remember standing in the courtyard of school alone when i was in 2nd Grade (not many kids played with me back then, this is before Geeks were Hip in culture) and calculating how old i'd be in the year 2002, and coming to the conclusion that i would be 31 years old. It seemed like science fiction, that i would ever be so old! Ah, memories. My Mum always had the utmost faith in me, even though i think i was kind an odd kid. But even if i am odd - screw it. I have had, and continue to have, a good life. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe you could ask for a hip, hot chick who loved progressive rock, futbol, beer, meat and sex. I'm just throwing that out there even though i know heaven does not exist on Earth. Have i been typing for half an hour? Blah, blah, blah.... listen to me. Ugh! What do i really know anyway?

What i know :)

There are many fools
Who dare propose imposing limits
On my power
Those ungrateful who've been swayed by
Intellectuals in their ivory towers

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