lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009

A month in the life....

The last ice age

I am listening to the
Tom Petty Live Archive which came out this year. Live from '78 -'07 it's both massive and remarkable. Very diverse. The first time i ever saw him live was many moons ago at MSG with the Seester and Stabile. What a night!

What a difference a month makes. Last month i was homeless. Twice! And now i have not one flat to myself, but two. Don left for the holiday this morning. And i have Cara's every other day when i feed bird Verde and bird Azul. Parakeeta Verde is friendly and likes to sit on my finger. Bird Azul won't come near me and may be plotting against me. So it goes.

I had no classes today. 4 tomorrow. 2 on Wed. Then that's pretty much it. Doing laundry. Then cook some burgers. Hope the Giants win tonite. They need a win badly.

We had snow last night! Just enough to make it messy as hell. I had to dig out my boots which were still in a box from moving. Things just get more and more surreal this winter. First bitter cold, now snow. We may be in for a long cold one. Maybe climate change is causing a new ice age. Have you ever read Maggie Gee's The Ice People? It's bleak as hell, about a new ice age that settles in after years of increasing temperatures. Great book though.

the waiting is the hardest part

-Tom Petty

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