sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2009

Boxing Day

I had an absolutely awesome Xmas. I talked with Mum. I chatted on Yahoo with Mel. Saw about 20 friends and ate more beef and turkey than one could imagine. We had a secret Santa too, so it was really fun.

I went to my friend Polly's on Xmas eve. There were all sort of gypsies begging on the Metro. We watched BAD SANTA and had pizza and wine. Then they went to mass. I walked them to the door and decided to bail. But i was punished for my sins as the Metro was closed (what?). Everything shuts done on Noche Buena, even the Metro i guess. SO i got a cab but the driver was deranged and was driving 100km an hour on streets where you should go 50km! He hit a bump so hard that his Led Zeppelin 1 disc didn't play for two minutes. I also thought i was going to hit my head on the roof. Asshole. He also took the long way and it was 16E for what should have been a 10 or 11E ride. I wasn't going to argue. He was in his 50's and looked like he wanted to take his life because he was alone and working on Xmas. I gave him the 16E and he told me it was wrong. I pointed to the meter that read 15,80E "Noche Buena, suplemento seis Euros" he told me. So now he was demanding 21E! I said no way, you took the long way. I got out of the car. He got out of the car. i was not paying this crook 21E! I walked back towards him and said FUCK YOU! He backed away. "Quieres a llamar los policia, muy bien. Venga!" You want to call the police, go ahead. He got back in the car, like i knew he would. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

So i got home and watched the 2000 remake of ON THE BEACH. Not really a happy Xmas movie, but i loved it. Apocalyptic stories make you appreciate all you have.
In an attempt to use less chemicals and save the environment, i bought a ball that washes your clothes without soap. It has little magnetic balls and ionizes the clothes clean. My purchase was prompted by the fact that the laundry machine doesn't rinse well. So i went new age. I am going to watch THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO after dinner. I read the book this summer and it was great. I am halfway through the second book.

Christmas, i went and fed the birds and then went back to Polly's at 15:00 for a great day. It was relaxed and chill. Just what i wanted.

What a long strange trip it's been
-Grateful Dead

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