domingo, 27 de diciembre de 2009

New Year's wishes

Sofia, El Dude, and Meaghan on Xmas

The Seahawks and the Giants both got blown out. Both are eliminated. I also watched the Jets beat the Colts, which was nice. Even though the Colts rested a lot of starters for the 2nd half, i am happy Indianapolis will not go undefeated. After Indy won the Super Bowl, John Cougar Mellencamp was there to speak when they raised the banner on opening night the next year. As long as i live, i never want to see that again. If Mellencamp is the biggest star your state has to offer, your state sucks. And something about Peyton Manning just makes me want to bitch slap him.

Wishes for 2010;
  • Axe Jim Mora. Now. Name me Head Coach of the Seahawks. Por fin! (At last!)
  • Renewable energy that can power cars and is also an aphrodisiac
  • A low fat cure for global warming
  • Peace between Palestine and Israel. Couple's counseling perhaps
  • That all the muckity mucks who caused the financial crisis are forced to give 75% of their net worth to a fund that helps people who are losing their homes. And i get to beat each of them with sticks wrapped in a towel for ten minutes apiece
  • That i get to lick Jerry Jones' tears when the Cowboys are eliminated from the playoffs
The sun is blinding
dizzy golden dancing green
through the park in the afternoon
wondering where the hell i have been
-Suzanne Vega

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