viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

The Rapture

How I prayed just to get away
To carry me anywhere
Sometimes the angels punish us
By answering our prayers

No one tells me anything. I think there are now 2 new people living here, one in the living room. Dumb and Dumber were at Eduardo's parents last night. Two new people moved in yesterday and they never even warned me. So now i think Maracondes is going to share a room with Eduardo so that will make 5 people and one bathroom. And the two of them are always in the bathroom, always. It's disconcerting. But i'm out of here. I'm in the wind baby! 

Maracondes was just mopping at 1:45 am. Truly he is special needs. He mops every day. It's an obsession. They are both so OCD. 

Wedding mañana and then i'm virtually out of here. It is time to go. I look forward to never thinking of these morons again after Wednesday.

I am reading The Rapture by Liz Jensen. It's great. Haunting. Freaky. 

In a merciless summer of biblical heat and destructive winds, Gabrielle Fox's main concern is a personal one: to rebuild her career as a psychologist after a shattering car accident. But when she is assigned Bethany Krall, one of the most dangerous teenagers in the country, she begins to fear she has made a terrible mistake. Raised on a diet of evangelistic hellfire, Bethany is violent, delusional, cruelly intuitive and insistent that she can foresee natural disasters - a claim which Gabrielle interprets as a symptom of doomsday delusion. But when catastrophes begin to occur on the very dates Bethany has predicted, and a brilliant, gentle physicist enters the equation, the apocalyptic puzzle intensifies and the stakes multiply. Is the self-proclaimed Nostradamus of the psych ward the ultimate manipulator, or could she be the harbinger of imminent global cataclysm on a scale never seen before?

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