domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012


Life is very odd. The Welsh Witch was busting my chops that i was going to a wedding where my date, a bridesmade and a third  woman (who shall remain nameless) were all people i had slept with. But she then said if anyone asked me anything about my love life, that they'd ask if i had slept with her yet (bitch, for being right!) Everyone asks if she and i are a couple. It does get old.

The funny thing is that on the way home my friend, who shall also remain nameless (Maria had left on the 2:00am bus, we took the 5:00am bus) kissed me. It was all very innocent and quite cute. We snogged a bit. It was quite lovely. She had just concluded a long, complicated break up, and said that maybe if it had been a different time, we might have been together. And that was that. I was blown away.  It was awesome. A lovely end to a perfect day.


i leave in 3 days! 

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