domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

Scenes from a wedding

> Maria and i had a blast at the wedding. I'll post pics at some point. Right now i am in recovery mode and then must pack. It never ends. The place was almost two hours away in Ayllón. It was  all old ruins of buildings and was stunning. The food was top notch. It was a wonderful day. Tim and Laura were so happy and had guests from all over the world. 

>Andy Murray wins the gold in tennis at Wimbeldon. Nice job, Great Britain. 

>The Paterno Family is appealing the NCAA sanctions against Penn State. Give it up! Joe Paterno was not great. He was not a saint. He cared more about the fucking football program than he did about a grown man forcibly fucking boys. Fuck you, Paterno Family. Joe Paterno was a monster and a coward for admitting nothing of his complicity before he died. Shameful! I intend to enjoy the next 4 years of seeing the PSU program gutted. I smile every time i see another high profile transfer out of PSU. I have a friend of a friend here who i unfriended from BookFace because she was always getting on her soap box defending Joe Pa and PSU. Fuck you, apologists. Fuck you, Penn State. You should be banned from NCAA Division 1 football FOREVER. If i never hear about Penn State again it will be too soon.

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