lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

Route 666

Sies de Agosto, 2012,  16:58

Google Maps tells me that from Madrid to Ansonia is 3, 666 miles. Ha! See, Satan is my Father. And if you had ever met my paternal grandparents, you never could have doubted. Bad people. The grass upon which they walked wilted. Scary, hateful, cold people.

I feel like it's a natural segway into the Republican Party, but i'm gonna classily walk away and not say anything derrogatory about Mitt Romney. 

Ha. That's what his Mom, Lenore, always says!


People are saying such nice things about me. I can't wait to come home and be treated like crap again. My sister brought a 32 inch screen for my room up to Mum's. Thanks Mel! You rock. 

Why do i have to clean? I have 3 cans of petrol. Can't i just burn down this place and take these morons with me?

The Cercanias train has been paralyzed by several days of strikes.  Madrid will be engulfed in chaos by November. Things are going to get hella-worse before they get better. And things will never be the same here. This is España's worst crisis since the Civil War (1936 -1939.) They are completely and utterly fallado (fucked.) 

Open the car door slow
Don't think you'll ever know my name
Get all that you deserve, in this world
-Steven Wilson

This is unbelievable. judo olympian expelled for eating marijuana

i'm only going to say this one more time; unless you are a musician or having sex, marijuana is NOT a performance enhancing drug. Got it? Can we go home now?

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