lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

The Apocalypse on 8/8


Crapture |ˈcrap ch ər|  noun
( the Crapture) (according to some millenarian teachingthe transporting of a believer's crap (i.e., possesions)to Connecticut at the second coming of Jay.

Music to be Craptured by:

What Have We Sown - The Pineapple Thief
Clockwork Angels - Rush
Henry Fool - Henry Fool
E. Pluribus Funk - Grand Funk Railroad
Ghosts - Frequency Drift
...Laid to Rest - Frequency Drift
Snakes and Arrows - Rush
Somewhere Else - Marillion

LUNES 1:22

The Whore of Babylon

The book i'm reading, The Rapture, is fantastic. Chilling. Can't put it down.

The Washington Nationals continue to win.

The American women play Canada in soccer mañana.

I have to return books to two academies mañana, get my clip on sunglasses from the eyeball place, clean, take clothes to be donated and then head to J&J in the eve to say good-bye.

Got to back up my hard-drive too.

Haile Selassie, proclaimed to be the Messiah by Rastafarians

I'm leaving. It's August 6. 

67 years ago  the 1st atomic bomb was dropped on a city in Hiroshima, Japan. Two days later one was dropped on Nagasaki. 

This is an awfully dark blog entry. Here's happier news: 

The Summer 2012 Repatriation Tour
Aug 8, 9 - Ansonia, CT
Aug 10 - Wilton, CT
Aug 11 - Newtown, CT
Aug 18 - Newtown
Aug 30 - Sept. 4 - Washington DC


The last two companies have paid me. Woo hoo! 41 HOURS TO GO. Still got to take clothes to donation box. Then get sunglasses. Bring a humidifier and my printer to J&J's for Carrie and Vicky. And then, Bender Monday. Good-bye to me. This time it's for good.  

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