domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2009

After The Fall

It's been one hell of a week. I woke up at 6am on Thursday to pee and Chema was leaving. But he had said we would go on the 5th 0r 6th to sign the contract. He was leaving me a note marked URGENTE! and it said to fax the owners of the flat (which is the city) my details immediately. I was half asleep. I don't get up for work til 6:45. When i got back after work there was no phone number nor the agency name. What a jack ass. I called Maria and she said she'd go with me on Friday. She found them on the Internet thru the fax number. I went in with her on Friday and they said that Chema never mentioned i wasn't a citizen and that i had to be out by tuesday. It is city owned and has to be to a Spanish citizen.


Surprisingly i didn't vomit. And Chema, cheap son of a whore that he is, had the Internet cut even though he said that it would be on til Monday when they came to put it in my name. So i couldn't even use the Internet to find a place. So i went to to a locutorio and looked at some places and wrote down the phone numbers. Then i went to band practice. Then i got a wee bit drunk. And i called a place the next day, saw one it and took it. Big enough to hold my drums and i have two private rooms and my own balcony. Viva la barbecue!

It never hurts to have some blind dumb luck. Never.

I'd rather be lucky than good.

There's 2 other guys (Italian students) who seem nice, and then maybe a fourth. But it's like my own place except i share the kitchen and bathroom. It's Metro Palos de Frontera(edge of the frontier!). Very central and close to the bohemian neighborhood Lavapies (wash feet!). Cara is now my neighbor. So now i will have lived in the North, East, and South. I'm not gonna live in the West. Fuck that. When i move out i leave Spain. Probably in July. The clock is ticking. The Spanish Exile is coming to an end. It's time. I'll have a great time til then, but it's time for a change. It's been almost three years.

Three years! What the what?

21 - 10 Dallas. Frak! I am in J&J watching cuz i have no internet. God damn you Chema. But Karma will catch up with you. It always does.

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