domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2009

looking at you, part II

Everybody got to deviate from the norm -Rush

Barcelona won, 1-0, so i was happy. Real Madrid is Atletico's arch enemy. Don and i watched it at the flat of a friend of his. It was very animated between Barca and Real fans. It was fun.

Steven Jackson, RB for the Rams is a moose. Seattle is winning 17-10. I wouldn't let Jim Mora lead a girl scout troop, let alone an NFL team. Paul Allen, what were you thinking?

Seahawks went for it on 4th and centimeters and got it. Touchdown Forsett. Even when Jones, comes back, this dude will be the main RB.

I am tired. Twas a busy weekend. I love sleeping.

The Titans just went 99 yards and got a TD as time expired to beat the Cardinals. I hate the Cardinals.


Back to work!

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