sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2009

City of the Damned

There are times the past few months when i have thought that maybe i had upset the natural balance of things, that i should have died in May, but didn't. It's been a brutal few months since then. Surreal. Bad luck in bunches. I have gotten to the point where i don't want to get out of bed because i'm afraid of what new horrors await me on a daily basis.

And then i snap out of it.

I am moving again. This flat is a shit hole and the landlord is a slum lord. No Internet, and now even after i bought a cable, its dodgey. The electric circuits always blow. And the washing machine doesn't work. I just need to work out getting my money back for the deposit. He's been a dick about it so far. Maria's friend Fernando works for the Guardia Civil (police), so he's going to pay Charlie a visit.

Charlie! They took my thumbs!
- The Pope of Greenwich Village

I found a cool place to live with a friend of Joe and Susanna's, Don from Boston. He was listening to Genesis, Selling England..., when i walked in and seems like a nice guy. So that's the good news.

In 2.5 hours i will be at Vincente Calderon Stadium for the derbi between Atletico and Real Madrid. It's going be chilly!

Congrats to the Yankees. Thanks for not letting Philly win again.

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