miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

the White and the Green

The rain is lashing against the window. We are only on the third floor. We have had three days of rain and are back to much cooler temps. But the unusual heat at this time of year always drive the pollution levels very high. But i wasn't affected. The clothes i hung still smelled clean. Except where some bird bastard pooped on my clean bath towel. I was drying off and i was like, "Aw dude." It was white and green. But all else is just fine.

I freak out when i think about going back to the USA. It's going to be an awfully big change. Jah have mercy on this middle-aged white boy. But all will be revealed..., sooner or later. I 'll let you know when i 've had a revelation.

So tired. Constant motion. Never ending. Never ceasing. Like everyone i guess. Friday will be 9C and sunny. That's like 48F. Things really warm up with the sun and the altitude, The altitude is another reason why we have pollution problems every Feb when we have a week or ten days of warm weather. We are 4/1o of a mile above sea level, the are highest in all Europe. 655m.

Okay, so hope all is well with all of ye! Let's do this again soon. Without the bird shit.

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