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SB Flashback


My Pick is GB 24, Pitt 17


FEB 7, 2011, 0:37 GMT +1

Pitt Ball

Violence in SB ads - lots of people getting hit in head with beverages. Is that funny? What the hell is wrong with our culture?

2 for pepsi WTF?

Luckily Carolyn and i took a siesta and slept over two hours.

TD For the Heebie GBs. Rodgers to Nelson. And a 42 yard return by PITT call backed.

If GB wins then Favre becomes just another good QB.

Pick! TD GB!!!!!! MeisterBurger Roethlisberger, ha ha, charade you are!

The Steel Crouton will need to play very well to save this game for PITT. It's difficult to come back from a big hole in a Stuper Bowl. The Berger just ran 18 yds for a first down.

John Madden sitting next to W. Bush at the SB. What in the name of hell?

Berger may be hurt on that slip. Yikes. GB Defense is dominant.

if i stop blogging will i see to exist? i blog, therefore i am? "O' Brave New World...."

GB finally stops PITT On 3rd Down. Nice drive by PITT.

Motorola Tablet. I've heard it's nice by one of my students. BMW with two nice ads. Bowie's Changes is overused, but so be it .


Already prepped my book bag for manana. Got the articles, etc. Talking a lot about the changes in Egypt.

Nice Darth Passat ad. Shittsburg on the march again, Big Ben is a tough MF. He's a large one.

Another Pick on the Berger. BG marching! Brett Favre who?! Brett Favre who?! TD Jennings!

21 -3 Baby!

Mike Homegrown who?! Mike Homegrown who?!

No more free cheese and beer for you fat man!
-Wisconsin Cheese, Beer and Bratwurst Council

i had no idea how many ex-Packers i reviled. Just when Pitt looks done, a big pass play to Randle El.

First and Goal PITT. TD to Ward. PITT Staying alive.

21 - 10. GB over PITT.

Joe Buck sucks. He's moron. He's the first person i've ever wanted to beat with a shoehorn. But i want to. I really do.

Black Eyed Pees. Guns and Roses plus I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE. Are you kidding me? And did they finish with a Miley Cyrus song? And why did the male singer look like Wesley Snipes / Tron / a Welder all in one. Fergie just yelled half the time.

Tablet mania takes the USA.

2nd half starting. But first, sing along with me

Fuck you, Brett Favre, Eat me Homegrown!
Fuck you, Brett Favre, Eat me Homegrown!

Car Warriors- the Reality Show. Really?

Rodgers in the lead for MVP. Favre doesn't have one of those. Woodson OUT for GB. That's a big blow.

Jones drops a TD.

This is PITT's chance.

Seeing ads for AMERICAN IDOLATRY with Steven Tyler and J Lo make me what to commit random violence. Idiots.

Mendenhall runs for a TD. 21 -17. PITT comes out slugging. Well done, assholes.

Rodgers. Loud Steeler fans. Sacked. Man! What a fucking momentum shift. Steelers have good field position.

Lotsa laughs with Carolyn this weekend. We had a great time. We went to Alcala Fusion. Unfortunately there was a drunk guy and the waiter i know had to call the police. Then they had to take him down and had him immobilized. I think they had refused to serve him any more. It was bad. I've never seen anything remotely like that at this place. It's a family place, Neighborhood joint.

Berger sacked! Suisham missed a 52 yarder by 52 yards. It was so far to the left it almost left the stadium.

18 yds to Nelson!


TRIVIA: Who were the 3 other Packers to win the Super Bowl MVP?

FIrst and ten, from the Pitt ten. PITT's got to punt.

TRIVIA: Bart Starr (2) and Desmond Howard.

If GB gets one more FG and the score holds, my prediction will be right. Personal foul on GB. They are backed up.

Who will win the Yellow Pants Bowl? 4th Q coming up -

FUMBLE! Matthews with the hit, Bishop picks it up. I love the Package!

Nelson drops another pass! Rodgers looks for him again. Nelson to the 1! Sack. TD Jennings! Wide open.28 - 17. That could be it for the Pittsbergers. 3 Turnovers for PITT and 3 TDs for GB. 2 INTs and a Fumble.

PITTs chestnuts are in the fire. Roasting. Bush sacks the Burger! PITT to the GB 25yd line. Madre de dios! What a catch by Wallace. And a tricky play for the 2 pt CV

Sack. Off Sides. Ugh! 3rd and 10.

To jennings! 1st down. Four minutes left. Pass to Jones! 1st and goal. INC pass. Crosby FG. 31 - 25. Down to the wire. Great game. PITT's mistakes have been costly.

4:01 Ugh, i am still a slave to US/EST. It's 22:00 by you all.

GB wins! Rodgers is the MVP!

Brett who? Brett who?


Change is here. Losing classes, gaining classes. It'll all work out. Lotta classes today, worked til 22:00.

Went to J&J's as i usually do on Tues. It's always fun to see everyone. Tues is a chill night.

Tired. Not sure i have recovered from the Stupor Bowl. Was up til 6am and had a class at 11:00. I'm getting too old for such silliness.

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