sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011

ebb and flow


Stayed over Carolyn's. Then got a cafe con leche y pan con tomate. Now shower. Then teach! What else is new?

I saw Jim Gray got booted from the Golf Channel. From his inappropriate questions to Pete Rose at the World Series to being in bed with Lebron James for all that crap last summer, he's unprofessional. Always was, always will be. Next up for Jimmy; interview Sarah Palin?

Last night's class at Uni was about the power of the Internet; changes in Tunisia and Egypt; how Obama won the primary and the Election by using it to get lots of small donations. The viral effect it had on so many supporters and how it got the youth to go out and vote. I showed three clips of Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin, which they loved. I even mentioned (since they are all under 30) how we used to wait in the cold for concert tickets or in huge lines to register for classes at Fairfield. Alack, me be old matey.

Rainy. Cold. It's rained all week long.

Shower - teach - then rest.

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