martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

38 ½ Hours

i still recovering fromm the weekend, but alas, tomorrow should be the day i am fine again. It all started like this;


Ashly had the semaforo party. A semaforo is a traffic light. You wear green, red, or if u are unsure, yellow. Carolyn has been a friend for a few years. She 'd been seeing this guy, Jesus (she doesn't say Hey -Zeus, she says Jesus), on and off for quite sometime. And i always thought she was cool, but i'm no home wrecker.

Nobody fucks with the Jesus!
-The Big Lebowski

She told me she was bummed because they had broken up in Dec. I really don't remember how, nor does she, but we ending up kissing right at the bar. She came back to my place and we just kissed, snuggled and then slept. The next morning was a bit odd for both of us but it was all so innocent. I had a smile on my face all day. And she's cool. She can hang.


My student canceled our Tues evening class so i swung by J&J's since i usually work every night. Friends walked in all night, and then Carolyn. I walked her home around twelve and she invited me up. We spent the night together. It was a good bit less innocent.


Then i met her after class on Friday night at about 23:30. Went went back to my place around 2:30. She left 38.5 hours later at 16:00 on Sunday. It was really great. In between we drank beer and watched the the Simpsons, Team America, South Park and Bob's Burgers. I did actually leave the house for about 5 minutes to get more beer. I cooked pasta. We just hung out in bed the whole time.

What about Paloma, you ask?

Well, after dinner Thursday night i was beginning to think she MIGHT be just as crazy as Maria. We'll see what happens, but i'm not very invested either way. Life rarely plays out the way you think it is.

So i'm not sure if Carolyn and i will continue or if we are Friends with Benefits. No idea. But i don't expect it to be weird, whatever we decide.

I do know that i have been horribly sore since then. Abs killing me. I got a charlie horse in the middle of class last night. But i'll live, oh yes.... i will certainly live. With a smile.

She's from Long Island. How weird is that? And she's 35, so she's surprisingly age appropriate.

So there you have it. All pretty cool. We listened to Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd (Echoes and Atom Heart Mother- now that's hard core!, Creedance, Adrian Belew.) And any woman who likes to spend the whole weekend in bed with me, drinking beer and watching cartoons in between, is just alright by me.

Jesus is just alright with me, Jesus is just alright, oh yeah
-The Doobie Brothers

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