viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Message to Hosni

Stop your messing around,
Better think of your future.
Time you straighten right out,
Creating problems in town.
Hosni, a message to you Hosni.
A message to you
-The Specials (adapted to current events) Message to Rudy, The Specials

11:27 GMT+1


WTF? Give it up and broker a deal to get out of Egypt rich and alive while you still can. Otherwise you are going to face a firing squad. Remember what they did to Sadat? You were there! That'll look like a Mosque bake sale compared to what they'll do to you. Not to mention that the entire world is on a meat hook, praying that radical Islamists don't seize control. Or that there's not a military coup. As if that wasn't enough, Egypt's peace with Israel in the lynch pin for building peace in the Middle East. SO make like Nike and just do it.


- Jota

PS - We have discussed the situation in my classes a lot, and all the students think you're a douche bag

- - - - - - -

Viernes. Praise Jah.

Teach 7 hours, then meet up with Carolyn. 2 hours more tomorrow too with new students. It never ends. No complaints, though. It puts food on the table. But i am tired. So very tired.

It'll Pass.

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