lunes, 4 de enero de 2010


Sharing a dream on an island, it felt right

-David Gilmour

Not sure what to say. Snot pours out of me in buckets. A flu? Allergies? I see no sign of nasal infection yet.
Yo no se (I don't know). One class tonight at 19:00. One more holiday to get past. I am so burnt out on holidays (you know, it's considered correct to use both burned or burnt, stupid English language). It's 48F but so wet and rainy it cuts through you, like a hacksaw. Damp and raw. And the forecast for tomorrow; more rain. Snow for the weekend they say, but the temperature would really have to drop.

2010. Wow. When i was a kid, i thought cars would fly by now. And that we'd all be a lot more intelligent - W. Bush winning TWO presidential elections has set the human race back 100 years. It's 100 years we might not get back.

I have watched a lot of sci-fi lately; the remake and the original of ON THE BEACH. EQUILIBRIUM and ABSOLON which were very Orwellian. And classics like BLADE RUNNER.

I am thinking that the next novel may be science fiction. It's an old idea that i think i could tweak and polish into something relevant. A tentative title is TERRA NOVUS (New Earth, from Latin), about a race of people 200 years after they have relocated to a new planet after a cataclysm struck their original world. We'll see. My goal this week is to start marketing the last one. And be less snotty. Stay dry everybody!

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