lunes, 25 de enero de 2010


I've got sunshine in my stomach
like i just rocked my baby to sleep

4 Viking turnovers! Wow. 6 fumbles and 2 INT's in the game. A too many men in the huddle penalty and then Favre throws a pick when he could have run to set up a winning FG. It was an awful play. It might cost him his last trip to the Super Bowl. It's 4:15. Must ... go ...sleep. Saints are in field goal range. Just kick the damn ball and win so i can go to bed. But i don't work til 13:00. 40 yarder. It's good. Ha! I wish i was there to lick Brett Favre's tears. He cost them a Super Bowl appearance! Atleti lost to Getafe and the Jets lost to Indy, but Minnesota lost, and that's good enough for me.

My new class was cancelled because a student was sick, but i still got paid half for a late cancellation. So it goes. Last lunes in Enero, which means that it soon will Febrero. My sister will celebrate a milestone birthday and the Mum will not believe she could be this old. I miss all that fun family stuff.

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