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Can you name the 8 Head Coaches of the Seattle Seahawks? Anyone who can get 7 is an expert, as far as i'm concerned. I only got 7, because 1 was an interim coach after their 1st head coach got fired because they found out he was an alcoholic, thus explaining why the they often did fake punts on 4th and 10.

I had lunch today with Cara, which was great. All of Those Who Have Been Scattered have returned, which was basically just American Laura and Cara.
I have mixed emotions about leaving. I will miss it here. Yet, my time has come. I am ready to go. There's something else for me out there. I just know it.

I met a really awesome gal over Christmas. She's the first woman that has really interested me in a while. She's from Canada, from the New Foundland region. She's hip, cool, hot. So what's the problem?

Wait for it....wait for it..... She's 23. D'oh! One friend have told me not to worry about it. One told me, "Tap that ass once and then run like hell," and it was a woman!

I'm so confused

-Vinny Barbarino, Welcome Back Kotter

As if there was any doubt, Joe Theisman is a wanker. He called Rex Ryan, Buddy Ryan twice during the Jets / Bengals game. He's a moron. I am watching adds for Pepsi Throwback, made with REAL SUGAR. What the hell else would you make it with if it's not a diet drink. Honey? Panda dung? Crystal meth?

Confusion will be my epitaph

-King Crimson

J - E - T - S, Jets, Jets, Jets! I've never said that before. It didn't feel good. But i hope they win, for Mike. And i picked them. Someone shut Theisman up.

1. "Having timeouts is important."

2. "I don't qualify Sanchez a rookie. He's already played 17 games." Actually, this is his 17th game, you idiot. There are 17 weeks in the season but you only play 16. Didn't you play in the league? And it's his first season, which makes him a rookie. Am i wrong?

3. "The Jets not having their punter will really affect their field position."
It's a curse to be smarter than everyone else. A curse i say. It must be Mum's fault because my father never struck me as a genius.

Here's all 8 Seahawks head coaches. I forgot about Mike McCormack, although i do remember Patera being sacked. And i remember the excitement over hiring "Ground Chuck" Knoll.

Jack Patera

Mike McCormack
Chuck Knoll

Tom Flores
Scott Erickson
Mike Homegrown
Jim Mora

Pete Carroll

Will Carroll finally be successful in the NFL? I don't know. But its better than what we had. 9 wins in two seasons? Are you joking me? Playoffs??!!!
That never gets old.

NBC is already shilling the Olympics. With the exception of hockey, who cares? Oh yeah, i can't wait to watch biathlon! Shooting and skiing! Now that's a sport!
14-7 Jets. Sweet. Almost halftime. Streaming media is one of the greatest inventions of the last century. 17-7. Wait. Penalty. And another Jets penalty! WTF? That was ugly. Still 14-7. Uh oh.

The Bagels are starting to come back. Looks like pass interference on Ochocinco. That moron. It should be Ochenta Cinco. That's how you say 85. His name is "eight - five." It's like he's on Star Trek or something.
HA! The Bengals kicker just missed a FG. Jets are driving. 21-7.

24 - 14. Jets win. Nice. i am 1 - 0 in my prognostication.


Practiced with Carl today fro the upcoming concert. I'm starting to learn the songs. He bought his acoustic over the house.


Back to work. Por fin! (Finally!)

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